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Uranus Retrograde

A color girlI have a love/hate relationship with Uranus. Uranus has been easy on me. I have Uranus conjunct Jupiter and that is my only aspect. Uranus rules electricity. We need electricity but it is scary. There is little room for error or misstep. If one does not respect it’s power, one will pay, perhaps to the point of death. Even the movement of electricity is erratic. It moves in fits and starts, not a steady stream.

Uranus is the planet of shock. It is the planet of rebellion. It is the planet of the iconoclast. Think of Lenny Bruce. He told the truth. He told it in a real and authentic way. He eschewed social conventions and let the pure light of his genius shine forth. This is a picture of Uranus. Currently, there are many Lenny Bruce wannabes but he was the first and the original, other Uranus traits.

Uranus scares me because it breaks bounds. A person with a strong Uranus cannot be counted on to follow social conventions. Social conventions make us feel like things are safe. That is why we like routine. Routine is another thing that Uranus hates. As such, Uranus is the original wild card. For that reason, he is exciting. He is as far from predictable as one can get. We love him for this, but we fear him, too. Uranus shows us who we are. He tears down the masks. Hence, we have a love/hate relationship with him, as I mentioned at the beginning.

This article is about Uranus Retro, so let me add that and continue. The mechanism of the Retrograde is an inner winding toward the end. The end is the understanding of the planet. A native with a Retrograde will have a deeper understanding of the planet. Hence, he will be able to use it more creatively. That is my personal opinion. The Uranus Retrograde native will, probably, struggle with being his own person. He will, probably, really want to conform, on the one hand. On the other hand, he, probably, CANNOT conform. The Retro will propel him to find his own uniqueness. It will not be an easy journey but if he sticks with it, he will have a unique voice, the voice of an individual, which is in short shrift in this society of cookie cutter pop outs.

Uranus Retrograde is a rare one. Hence, there are not many personal reports. Please, comment if you have one or if you would like to discuss it more.



** The lovely picture is courtesy of our resident picture guru, Biblea




20 thoughts on “Uranus Retrograde

  1. amiannBiblea

    I am surprised this is your absolute fave, Ami! And I think you are very creative to use it here! The angular-dewy odd shaped face of the model really does seem Uranusy! And these bright colours in a muted dated look is very befitting, A. Very cool. I liked the other one with the colorful lids, too 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I liked the lids too but this much better. I love to live around bright colors, especially pink. Right now, I have my favorite bright pink wool Ralph Lauren sweater on. I have a black turtle neck under it and black pants with UGGs boots.

  2. amiannhedda

    Hi! I have uranus retrograde! (Plus 5 plus other ones) idk really know very specifically how it affects me, but in every choice I make whether it’s “unique” or “sth everyone else does” always factor in strongly. I guess I can relate to what you’re writing 🙂

      1. amiannferryleaf

        I don’t know anything about it. *awkward blush*

        I feel like giving the gradeschool essay test question response when you really don’t know the answer:

        “Umm…It’s when Uranus goes backward.”


        (I really just haven’t learned to recognize its activity in me yet, I guess. I won’t be offended if you feel like pointing anything out that you notice, if you do.)

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          That is cool that you don’t have the words to explain it, Ferry. Do you struggle to stand up and express your differences? Do you struggle to be unique. Do you feel you HAVE to fit in? We all do. However, do you really struggle with a great kind of fear of sticking out as a different person i.e. not the same as what is considered the norm?

          1. amiannferryleaf

            No, not at all.

            I tend to generally march to the beat of my own drummer, more or less. But perhaps in more personal, private ways. I do tend to be self-conscious of the ways that I’m bucking the norm sometimes…but I still do them, anyway. I just don’t make a big loud fuss about it. People still notice it, though.

            And I don’t have trouble standing up & expressing my differences with others, unless it’s with my mother or father, and only about certain issues.

            I only fear ‘sticking out’ due to the unwanted attention it attracts to me. I usually resent the attention; I’m just being myself or doing things my way or doing what I believe in.

  3. amiannferryleaf

    I feel like the fear of unwanted attention restricts me from being as fully unique/me as I am, inside.

    (But I think the extreme privacy/hating attention thing is my Pluto up front on the ASC.) Like this guy said, here:

    “Yet despite this acute self awareness they are not ones for attention seeking nor being the centre of attraction

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think you and I are saying versions of the same thing, Ferry. Do you see what I mean? There can be lots of subtle layers to a person. Some can seem as if they oppose but they really don’t because a person is very complex.

  4. amiannaquilla little

    I also have Uranus Retrograde in the sign Scorpio 8th house. Im not sure how it effects my life. I do notice that I tend to be a leader however, once in love I tend to pick up their bad habits.

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