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Kaali Asteroid

This asteroid is our basic, most primal energy called Kundalini energy. What it touches in our natal chart is important as our energy will be melded with it. In synastry, it gets even more complicated especially if your Kundalini energy touches someone’s dark asteroid(s) One can see abuse if someone’s Kaali conjuncts a persons Hekate, for example, as was the case in a child who was abused by her mother. Hekate is the shadow self. Kaali is Kundalini energy. If the mother did NOT own her shadow self, it would have been energized by the Kundalini energy and hurt her child, which it did. If a person has Pluto conjunct Kaali, the person can have great power in his passions, as Pluto is one’s passions. Kaali gives energy to what it touches. If Kaali touches something dark like Nessus, one may be very abusive as Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. Kaali works in this way, in my experience.

47 thoughts on “Kaali Asteroid

  1. amiannDanielle

    I have Kaali conjunt my north node exact in Scorpio…any idea how I can interpret that?

    Also, as Mercury is about to go retrograde I found myself looking up an ex’s chart and realized his Venus is 2 degree orb from that same north node Kaali conjunction I have… hmmmm

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Kaali is one’s basic life energy. I am not sure how it would manifest conjunct the NN. I really am not lol
      Is your ex Venus a natal placement or a transit? Thank you for writing.I appreciate every comment!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      You have Kaali conj the NN. Hmmmm I never saw this in a chart. Kaali is one’s basic Kundalini energy. How would this effect one’s goals and purposes which are the NN? Actually, I cannot feel out how that would work. Actually, I had a thought. Are you very very focused on a goal or goals in general? All your energy could be put toward a goal in a laser like way. That would be my thought. What do you think?

      1. amiannDanielle

        hmmm… well natally I have Mars rx opposite Neptune… I can’t seem to get motivated or function in this 3rd dimensional plane. lol …but I would say I have an obsession with finding my life purpose…and most of my energy is dedicated towards my evolution… somehow if I feel if I spiritually evolve than that will manifest itself in the material world. Hence my astrology addiction. 🙂

        Btw, I am a 12th house Cap Sun, Cap rising, Cap moon, part of fortune and Capricorn Mercury. 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Wow is your Sun within a 10 degree orb of your ASC? If so, this is taken not to be a 12th House placement? What did you think of my articles on 12th House planets.People seemed to be helped by them.

          1. amiannDanielle

            Sun is 11 degrees and the ascendant is at 16 degrees so that is a 5 degree orb. So would you consider that a first house sun then? Only thing is I def fit the descriptions of a 12th house sun. I will search for your articles.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            That would count as conjunct the ASC and not 12th House which is good lol. 12th house is the single hardest placement in Astrology imho

          1. amiannDanielle

            Venus is 1 degree Sag 11th house but 12th sign…. and Mars is 16 degrees Gemini 6th house (Equal house system).

  2. amiannDanielle

    Thank you for the response. 🙂 There isn’t too much online regarding Kaali…but I read a bunch on a forum from an asteroid astrologer talking about Kaali conjunct North Node is common in the House of Windsor bloodlines etc. I am so intrigued.

    It is his natal placement…and Saturn rx on my south node.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Danielle, so your b/f has Kaali conj the NN? I did not know that about the House of Windsor. That gives me the chills for some reason. Which of the Windsors have this? Now, for the Saturn Retro conj the SN, is this his placement or in synastry?

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I know about not much info online about asteroids. That is why the best teacher is doing charts and asking people how the placements impact their lives.

  3. amiannDanielle

    I know it gave me chills also. Pardon, my ex who we had a mutually obsessive off and on relationship… thought I was over him and then with this mercury rx is now back in my head. lol …so I was looking at our synastry charts. (When I was with him, I had yet learned to read astrology charts). My Kaali is conjunct my north node & his natal Venus is conjunct that in Scorpio…and his Saturn rx is conjunct my South node in Taurus.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok I get it about his chart vs yours. That is really fascinating as the SN is our comfort zone and the NN is our aspiration. So, he was bringing you a discipline to your life and also a pure love. With his Venus conj your Kaali, his very love nature merged with your most vital energy. I cane see why you would be obsessed with him. I never saw this aspect in synastry before. On top of it all is the NN. That sounds very intense Danielle.

      1. amiannDanielle

        Unfortunately during one of our off times he got someone else pregnant… and I wasn’t able to get over that. Still miss him though. Okay going to search for that thread now.

  4. amiannDanielle

    Re: The Windsors… I am just repeating what I read… I have no first hand knowledge. But the Kaali conjunct North Node appeared in many of them. I can try to find the thread and post it here.

  5. amiannDanielle

    Also, his name is iQ and you can find a vast amount of his informative posts on (astrology forum) he is a respected asteroid expert it seems.

    1. amiannDanielle

      Oh I’m so sorry…. I’m not familiar with that site… was just sharing the content of the discussion. Yes please delete it then.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Lolabelle
      Well, your Kaali may be more problematic with his, as you may feel you are “fighting” his basic energies. Is that true? He, however, may feel you very close to his life breath and very much a part of him.What do you think?

  6. amiannmamipisces

    I have Kaali exactly conjunct my ascendant. I go into trance easily and kundalini yoga was easy for me even at 280 pounds. I lost 70 pounds practicing kundalini yoga alone. I want to believe my kaali energy is positive but it scares me because of what ive read.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, I did a chart with Kaali conj the ASC and the girl felt her energy going out from her. I do Kundalini Yoga and I am fine. I do an hour or more a day. I can do the dog pant breath straight for over 20 minutes. I have had no problems.

      1. amiannmamipisces

        The Yoga soothes and centers me. I think the Kaali attracts vampiric types. I attract the worst men ever. Usually powerful, many wealthy and all of them are dangerous. I also have an exact venus pluto square and neptune asc desc square. Guess relationships are my life lesson…

  7. amiannOllie

    Hi, Amiann,

    can you let me know your opinion of kaali-Nessus conjunction in synastry (exact orb)? does this intensify the other’s abusing behavior?

    on the other hand, his kaali was 3 orbs from our venus-chiron exact conjunction. I read about kaali-venus could mean something in synastry, but I don’t know how exactly it works, can you please explain to me? does 3 orbs to wide for consideration?

    thanks a lot!

  8. amiannAzaboveSobelow

    I have Kaali conjunct Sun and Uranus@ 19,19&20 degrees Leo in my Tenth house. Sekhmet conjuncts my MC @ 22degrees Cancer. Astarte@23 Libra conjunct AC@20 Libra. Innanna@24 Aries conjunct DC@20 Aries. Fun With Asteroids!!:)Brightest Blessings!

      1. amiannAzaboveSobelow

        Yes, amorphous could describe my ego. Nebulous is what Ive said. Not to forget to mention autocratic(absolutely). Just this morning I overheard myself called a “Diva”.I am also mother of 8….I’m not all that tech savvy, but I’ll see if I can figure out how to post my chart. Thanks

  9. amiannAzaboveSobelow,how? Me and the Librarian are having trouble figuring this out. I’m using an I-pod.and a public library computer.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Put it on my Forum. Go to the front of my website and you will see Ami’s Soul to Soul Forum. Join and then put up your chart. Come back and ask if you have problems xx

  10. amiannlolabelle

    What would you say about someone’s Kaali conjunct their Mars which conjuncts their spouse’s Moon/Amor? Thank you and thank you for this site!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Lolobelle for the kind words. The Kaali conj Mars person may find it hard to reach goals as his energy may seep out. OTOH, he may take energy from others. Which would you say it is? If it conjuncts your Moon, you may feel he wants you to lead him. What do you think?

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