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Luck in the Natal Chart

girl messy chess boardCan you see luck in the natal chart? YES Can you see everything in the natal chart? Yes.  Dave gave me the idea for this article.  First of all, when the subject of luck comes up, we go right to Jupiter. Jupiter is the fairy godmother. Where she sits in the natal, you will be blessed, as if fairy dust blew on you. Look to Jupiter’s House in your chart and that is where YOU will be lucky.

It is true that some people are luckier than others. Lets examine why. If Jupiter has good aspects, the person will have natural luck. If there are hard aspects, luck may be thwarted. If these are severe enough, luck could keep eluding the person, such as Pigpen with the dust cloud of doom over his head.

There is an interesting phenomena with Jupiter in the 12th House. This native may have many near misses and near death accidents, even, and emerge unscathed.

We cannot talk about luck without talking about the sign of  Sagittarius. Saggi’s seem to have a rakish, boyish charm and seem to be teflon where  trouble is concerned. So, if we take just the sign alone, Saggi is the luckiest sign.

If one has many planets in Saggi’s House, which is the 9th House, one may  have a natural  good luck, as well.






5 thoughts on “Luck in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannLovingMystery

    Fools believe in luck. All is karmic ally attuned, negatively and positively. Luck is a kind’ve insult to the presence of God.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hey you. Gorgeous Boo 😀

      Well,I see what you mean about luck but we are speaking in purely human terms and some people do have more luck that others. Check.

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