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Moon Square Moon

A dear friend asked me about Moon square Moon. I will give my opinion. The more I learn about Astrology and the more I can match Astrology to my current relationships, the more I am a proponent of the Moon, in synastry. The moon is one’s deepest heart. The moon is one’s most intimate planet, bar none. One’s intimate relationships are JUST that : intimate. Hence, our intimate relationships are Moon to Moon.If our intimate relationships do not have good moon connections, we are missing something. We may decide to pass over good Moon synastry, in favor of good Venus synastry, for example We may get blown away with the attraction of Uranus touching our personal planets, as Uranus is that lightening passion which sends you to your knees. However, when the passion has waned( and it always does) we are left with friendship and soul. This would be Moon to Moon.

Since I have been studying Astrology, I check my relationships with the charts to see what I am feeling. I have had many relationships with Moon opposed to Moon. This person will have a very hard time understanding what you are feeling. Moon square Moon will be much worse, as the square is more of a lock. I don’t think I could have a relationship, any relationship, with Moon square Moon. I would feel it before I even looked at the charts, as I can feel what is going on: which planet is doing what. If I had to have a relationship with a Moon square Moon, such as in a boss, I would have to deal with it. First of all, I would know that we would not see eye to eye. Just understanding that can take pressure off the relationship.

If I did not have to have a relationship with a Moon square Moon, I would probably not. At most, I would have a friendship and it would not be that close. If one gets i n touch with one’s Moon, one realizes how vital a part of oneself it is. It is the heart of a man. One cannot go too far afield of one’s heart. Can one?

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