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Name Asteroids

Has anyone read the Bible Code? if you have not, you should. It is utterly fascinating. One’s life is predicted, in advance in the pages of the Bible. However, one must know the code. The code is the pattern. The pattern stays the same for any given story/person. There is always an equal skipping of letters until the entire story is told. For example, one’s story may be told by taking the tenth letter of every word and using that as the first letter for your story. In other words, once one finds the spacing, one’s life is revealed. The spacing could never have been found without the computer. The Bible says that one sign of the Last days is technology exploding i.e. information exploding in Biblical terms.

However, back to asteroids. Asteroids show the same precision as the Bible Code. I just had the honor of doing a chart in which the person’s brother and father were listed in the chart by name. They names were not common names. They were not highly unusual, but not very common either. The story of her life with these two men were shown by the placement of these name asteroids in her chart.

I had the strangest experience, to date, with a name asteroid in my own life. I joined an on line group which turned out to be life changing for me. I used a name that came to me , out of the blue. One day, when I was doing someone’s chart, I decided to look up this name, for the heck of it. It was exactly conjunct my Mercury, the planet of the mind.

I am going to start using name asteroids in all the charts I do. Geographical places show up, too, such as someone’s home town. Check out your own chart with the names of pivotal people in your life, whether they be for good or bad. Let me know, by writing on my Comment Form.

One thought on “Name Asteroids

  1. amianncatman90

    Hi Ami i not sure if you have heard of this asteroid or not but when i saw it i thought i should mention it to you. Its asteroid Amelia number 986.I checked some of my own personal asteroids out. I thought i was fitting that asteroid Flynn was in my 4th house.Flynn is my surname. I thought it was interesting that it was there because the 4th house is associated with a person’s roots.I also checked out asteroid Erin it is used as a girls name but it was originally used as a name for Ireland.I noticed i had it conjunct my Jupiter and Amor in Cancer in the 9th house.

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