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Neptune Retrograde

Each retrograde planet has the same way of inner working even though the domain of each planet is distinct. . The planet Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and the Twelfth House of the Zodiac .Neptune is the planet of spirituality, mysticism, God, creativity, drugs and alcohol. Lets think about Neptune for a moment. Neptune rules any state which takes us out of our earth bound existence. This may be as simple as a day dream or a fantasy. The perfect life to a strongly Neptunian person would be a life lived in a musical. Neptune loves sweet things, kind things, warm things. Most especially, Neptune does not like harsh things. Hence, the reference to musicals. How nice to live inside a musical such as Cinderella or My Fair Lady. Neptune is a real part of life, just not all. The strongly Neptunian person must find some way to make life meet his ideals as he cannot part with them. Can a tiger change his stripes or a leopard his spot?. Such is the case with the strongly Neptunian soul. He exists in another age, IF it has ever existed. He is a fine gentleman dancing with fine ladies. There exists no sorrow, no ego, no pain, no death. In Neptune’s world, it is all about superceding this earthly existence. He does it through love, but transcendent love, not the cheap variety. He does it through the arts, transcendent music and art. He does it through meditation and spirituality. He does it through service to others. The Neptunian person can transcend.There are well worn paths tread by both saints and sinners.They call him to follow for he must choose—-the heights or the depths. For the Neptune Retrograde native, he has a deeper relationship with Neptune . He is not content to attend a church service and bolt out the door at the end. He wants to KNOW God . He is the antithesis of a superficial person. He is as deep as the oceans which Neptune rules. The Neptune Retrograde native approaches Neptune’s domains as the church goer in the previous example. He must imbibe them. That is the hallmark of any Retro planets. They must dive into the deep end. They are not content to splash in the shallow. They were made to find out what makes that planet tick or die in the doing.



2 thoughts on “Neptune Retrograde

  1. amiannJody Gomez

    Hi Ami,
    It’s JoJo from LL – My Neptune is retro and your description is very true. I am not satisfied until I KNOW things. I am very deep (very).

    I have always wondered why I was this way, and your description of retro Neptune makes it all make sense to me.


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