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Nessus—Fated To Abuse?

The subject of fate always comes in to Astrology. There are some charts which have been pronounced a 110% Sociopath by the highest echelon of astrologer. Is this true? When you have Jesus, nothing, of this nature, is fated. One can have proclivities and one does. However, the concept of fated goes out the window when one has Jesus.

Jesus is the Name above all names. If anything on the earth can be named and a sociopath can be named, then Jesus can make him new. There is no question about that. Jesus trumps any chart.

The asteroid Nessus is the abuser’s asteroid, you could say. If someone has a strong Nessus placement, they will have to deal with the darkest of human passions. They will be drawn to dark things. They will have darker urges than a person without a strong Nessus. However, that person can put those urges in to something positive. I have a friend who is a nurse anesthetist. She has confronted her own darkness. She will be the first to buck a crowd and stand up for someone who is being abused. That is because she has dealt with these dark forces and is not afraid of them. So, someone with a strong Nessus does not have to abuse. However, they will HAVE to go to the center of these dark energies and come out as a hero.

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