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POLL—Betrayl or No Betrayal

I wrote my article on loyal Moons. I got hate comments and like comments. What gives. Tell me what you would do in this situation and what is your Moon.


You help a friend out of a serious depression. You help a friend get into a group of friends. You talk about your enemy. You confide your immense struggles with a person who treats you terribly. You did not deserve it. It was done from the evil nature of the person. Then, this friend becomes friends with the enemy. Would you see that as a betrayal?

68 thoughts on “POLL—Betrayl or No Betrayal

  1. amiannPadre31

    Whatever someone may tell you, keep it quiet, this separates honest people from the slugs that so inhabit this world today. For me, it is a Duty to not spread rumors and gossip. Thye came to you in trust, keep that trust…period.

  2. amiannEva

    Yes, it would be very disappointing Ami. It would be hard to confide in someone who becomes friend with someone who really hurt you. So yes I would take it as betrayal.
    I have Sagittarius moon.

  3. amiannBlackSeraph

    Yes, knowing myself I would absolutely see it as a betrayal, especially considering my past experiences in general.

    Taurus Moon conjunct Chiron, opposite Scorpio Uranus, just transited by the recent Scorpio Solar Eclipse.

  4. amiannbobo

    I’d say it’s a subjective judgement. The way another person’s actions make you feel is something entirely your own and completely valid. It’s difficult to speculate on other people’s intents, but that’s not to say that we are not aware of them on some level. My Aquarius moon in the 3rd house drives me to be as objective as possible and to always suggest a new perspective in the interest of objectivity. But ultimately these situations have to be interpreted subjectively since they pertain to our emotions. I don’t believe people have “evil natures”, but people do have malicious intentions at times, and some people get in the habit of being this way pretty consistently.

    This makes me think of another situation I’ve experienced lately. A close friend of mine, whom I empathize with on many levels, has a Taurus moon in mutual reception with her Venus in Cancer. This, no doubt, affords her some Cancer moon traits.

    She had a recent falling out with a friend and the situation lead to battle lines being drawn. But she is like me, and not the type to want that drama to affect the relationships with their mutual friends. Unfortunately this is not the same manner with which her former friend handled the situation. It becomes unfair because if a person takes the “high road” and doesn’t expect those uninvolved in the situation to take sides, that person’s perspective is often kept to themselves and judgement is passed with uninformed bias.

    As it was, my friend feeling hurt or unfairly judged was completely valid in this situation. It led to a conflict of principals. Does she hold true to her principals and not draw others into the conflict by imposing on them to choose sides? Or does she stand up for herself and make sure any judgements made by those uninvolved are done so with her perspective in mind? Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a right answer.

    I chose to keep the “enemy” in the situation as an acquaintance. But in the same respect I don’t think I could ever feel right having a friendship with this person, knowing that it may feel disloyal to my friend who’s feelings matter much more to me than this other person. So I respect the other person as I would any other person, I don’t get drawn into the conflict, but I try to make sure my friend knows that her feelings are what are most important to me in the matter.

    This differs somewhat, it sounds, from what is described above. From the sound of it, a person was identified as an “enemy” before the person in question pursued a friendship with them, which sounds to me like a situation where the feeling of betrayal is entirely valid. My objective stance is that I cannot speculate on the person in question’s intentions. Perhaps they did not feel the reasons for the person being an “enemy” denoted that they refrain from associating with them. Perhaps they had some selfish or malicious or passive aggressive reason for wanting to hurt you. It’s hard to say without knowing those involved whether or not this person was simply not wanting to “choose sides” in someone else’s drama, or if they had malicious intentions, or if this feeling of betrayal was completely unintentional or even accidental.

    In any case, it is important for anyone, but most especially a Cancer moon, that your subjective feelings be validated and that your friends at the very least have the consideration to attempt to empathize with them. But many people, being subjective themselves, are unaware of this importance. The situation may call for bringing your feelings to the attention to the person in question. On the other hand, it may be more appropriate to take their lack of empathy as a sign that they are not worth your emotional investment in keeping them as a friend. It’s ultimately your choice, and so long as you can objectively recognize the possibility (and I stress the word possibility) that this person’s act of betrayal was unintentional, then I think that your feelings will ultimately guide you to the right course of action.

    1. amiannferryleaf

      Basically, my attitude is very similar to what Bobo just said.

      While I know that I would personally feel hurt if my friend suddenly (AFTER the fact) took up a friendship with that person who hurt me, and that I would struggle to make peace with it and understand it, I don’t know that I could say that I would view it as a betrayal. It really depends on the circumstance, and how close & deep of a friend, and how long they’d been my friend, they were. If it was more of an acquaintance-friend, I wouldn’t take it as terribly personally. If it was my BFF, it would be…yeah. Extremely hurtful.

      However, my mother (an Aries moon, Virgo sun) always taught me to judge each individual for myself, and not to go by what others said of them. And that has served me very well — because sometimes, what other people have said about another person has been wrong. In fact, many times it hasn’t been the whole story. However, at other times, what others have said about another person was largely accurate. However, if I had not taken the time to make my own judgment, how foolish would that be? I might condemn a person whom others had merely slandered, and miss out on knowing a lovely person. I know I would want to be treated objectively by every person who met me, so I struggle to treat others that way. No matter what I hear about them from other people.

      Now, that Is NOT in any way to say that in your situation here, Ami, that you are slandering the person who hurt you, or that they did not do you wrong. I could not know that, because I was not in the situation (on either side). But, as a stranger (to BOTH parties), I would want to listen to and hear both sides before making my own personal judgment.

      And even when a *friend* tells me a thing about a person I’ve never met and don’t know, I listen to my friend, I empathize with them…but, internally, there’s always an objective part of me that realizes that I am only hearing one side of a story. That doesn’t mean that I think my friend is fibbing or exaggerating necessarily; and it doesn’t mitigate my support, care, or love for them. It just means that I might try, as much as was possible, if I ever met the person who hurt my friend, to hold at least a little bit of room, in some part of me, to NOT see them as entirely evil and as a necessarily “bad” person.

      And I almost never think of anyone as an “enemy.” To me, that is just such a loaded word. My life was effectively destroyed at one point in my life by a small group of people acting very selfishly, callously, and wickedly (if not illegally) for a time…and yet, I don’t call them my “enemies.” (I called them plenty of names in private… lol – but not enemies.) To me, they were, and are, sick, wounded, and gone-astray people. But it would take someone truly evil and predatory for me to label them “my enemy.” Like, Satanic-evil.

      I have a Virgo moon, and have Mars in Cancer too.

      1. amiannferryleaf

        *Edit to add:

        The same Aries moon, Virgo sun mother I mentioned who “taught me to judge each individual for myself” would probably still agree with Ami on the “my friends should consider my enemies their enemies too” issue. xD lol

        -Well, when it is an issue that has to do with her, personally, anyway. If it has to do with someone else, it’s good for me to make up my own mind. When it has to do with her, I’m to side with her and not allowed to make up my own mind. lol (But that’s kind of an Aries moon, in my opinion, for ya.)

        1. amiannferryleaf

          🙁 I’m sorry you had to go through that, Ami.

          I take a very, very dim view of people who deliberately set out to hurt others. And I wanted to say too, I do understand why you’d feel gutted, betrayed by a close friend, someone you ‘let in’ – who turned around and befriended someone like this who hurt you so badly. I just can’t even see the reason or an explanation for why a “friend” would do this.

          If for nothing else, than just for the simple reason of knowing that them befriending this enemy of yours would make you at the very least, really uncomfortable–and at worst, gutted and stabbed in the heart.

          While I may personally believe in keeping a somewhat open mind about others until I’m able to measure them up for myself, for my friend’s sake, I would see no reason or need to befriend this ‘enemy,’ certainly!

      2. amiannamiann Post author

        I am going to have to re-think the Virgo Moon based on your comment. Please, don’t take this as a personal diss because it is not. However, you make my point about some Moons “think” about loyalty and some “feel” it. The Virgo Moon thinks about it. This is not a good match for the Moon who feels it. Mars is a factor, too, but a lesser one, I think.

        1. amiannferryleaf

          I don’t take it as a personal diss. 🙂 Though, being honest, it bums me out that you would think of we slightly more “rational” moons that way. (In what I take as a negative way.)

          But it’s okay. We all have our personal preferences and likings and dislikings. I just hope it can be avoided to put labels which have a negative connotation or sound to them, on differences that may simply just be “not my personal preference.”

          So, for this reason, for me, the term “disloyal” is a dicey one. I think it’s clear from Bobo’s posts and mine (the Aqua moon & Virgo moon) that we don’t feel, see, or consider ourselves that way (disloyal, or lacking in feeling or empathy for our fellow man). We simply define and express loyalty in in some different flavors and ways from the Cancer moon (and other moon) types given as your examples.

          I think of it this way: Just like with the MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type) function preferences (i.e., Extraversion/Introversion, Intuiting/Sensing, Feeling/Thinking, and Judging/Perceiving), There are no “good” and “bad” functions. God made all the varieties of flavors of His creations – human beings; and He every creation “good.”

          I see these different astrological components of human beings the same way. They all please God, in different ways, to have them exist.

          It’s just we humans who don’t and can’t always appreciate every other flavor out there that there is. 😀

          But we all have a purpose, and God made us like we are for a reason.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Thanks for being so willing to be real, Ferry and for allowing us to still be friends. I have really defined this issue for myself. I have seen why I have taken things as disloyal when it was simply the person’s way. However, I see that I will always do this, at a gut level, and so these Moons are probably not good as really close intimates for me.

  5. amiannHulmired

    You can only do what is in your experience. Celebrate with person whom you have helped, pay no mind to anyone that hates. So says my Virgo moon.

  6. amiannbobo

    what no thank you for me? 🙁 okay, maybe I get pretty wordy sometimes, but I felt like I was giving you a pretty honest perspective while remaining personally objective. I hoped this was an accurate depiction of my Aquarius moon, and thought it may give you a new light on the “cold moon” view, as I assure you I am not a cold individual, though sometimes remain detached in the interest of objectivity.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Awww I am sorry. Let me go back and study what you wrote. I went out in between comments so lost my train of thought! Sorry, to make you feel a sad face, Bobo 🙁

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok I went back and read yours, Bobo. I am totally honest on here. Why lie and not have integrity with my readers? . Your response is what I cannot stand about Aqua and why I wrote this article. I am NOT dissing you, personally, so please don’t take it that way. I am talking about how Aqua thinks. Your post made my point. You went into the realm of the head. You tried to figure out all the whys and wherefores, rather than feel with your heart how betrayal felt. That is my point of the article. Do you see what I mean, Bobo.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Back to my article. The Libra Moon who betrayed me “thought” that there was no need for him not to befriend someone just because they were my enemy. He did not FEEL how it felt to me. Bobo made my point. Libra is a thinking Moon. Aqua is, too. For me, that Moon will not have the same compass that I, as a Cancer Moon, have. Do you guys know what I mean?

      2. amiannbobo

        oh no diss taken at all. In fact I’m glad you’re comfortable being honest. Although what you’re saying is that I think instead of feeling. This isn’t true. I think from as many angles as possible (hoping to be objective) because I feel for my friends and want to act in their best interest.

        Now you having a Cancer moon, Cancer is generally very driven by subjective emotions. You are feeling, but when you feel in that sense you only feel from your own perspective. I guess air signs often look to rationalize emotions, which may seem like a contradiction to some. But the reason for wanting to rationalize these things if because of our understanding that our emotions aren’t the only ones that are affected by situations like this. I don’t know that I know a Libra moon, but I have a Libra sun who’s rational I disagree with when both of our emotions are in play. I guess in those cases I feel lucky to have so many Aquarius placements, because I can detach myself from my personal, subjective emotions, and that helps me see different angles.

        I want to stress though, that it is not that I don’t have a strong emotional or moral compass, it’s merely that I recognize that my own emotional perspective isn’t the only one in play. But sometimes people see this as not having strong feelings, and sometimes that leads to my feelings being neglected, so I just want to stress again that my desire for objectivity does not mean that I do not have a feeling moon. I just use rationalization and reach for objectivity as a means for dealing with emotional situations in the most fair way I can. But my desire to do that is because of how strongly I feel, not because I do not feel.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I just use rationalization and reach for objectivity as a means for dealing with emotional situations in the most fair way I can.

          I am so glad we can be honest, too. The above statement has caused me so much personal pain from Aqua’s who would simply not take my side. I needed a person to say, ‘I have your back. No questions. No thoughts. No nothing. Pure love for you” That is love to me. You have my back because you love me. I have your back because I love you. No questions asked. No thoughts.What is your Moon again, Bobo. Sorry, I am confused between doing charts and checking comments 😛

          1. amiannbobo

            I’m an Aquarius moon in the 3rd house. I also have sun, and mercury (in retro) in Aquarius in my 2nd house. I can understand how the “no questions asked” aspect can be crucial to one’s feelings of loyalty. Like the friend I mentioned above, feeling as though a friend has your back unconditionally is obviously extremely important to you.

            I guess my way of rationalizing emotional situations is a sort of safe guard for me, to make sure I am taking the emotions of my friends into account with my words and actions. The goal is to validate their emotions not to question them. Though sometimes it’s misconstrued the other way. Also, my way of trying to encourage objectivity can sometimes feel like that I’ve realized. It’s simply another way of trying to do the right thing for the people I care about.

            For me, if I lose my objectivity and work purely from emotions, I sometimes become too subjective (with my own feelings) and fail to show consideration for the people I care about. So in a sense, for me thinking through a situation like that is the best way for me to empathize with my friends. If an Aquarius is not careful everything they do and say can seem to only be self-serving, and were I in a situation like that as your friend, my initial emotional reaction would probably make you feel as if I cared more about myself than you. That’s essentially what I am trying to avoid by analyzing things objectively.

            haha, we are the water bearers, which means we do have a lot of emotion, but without the airy aspect of reason, those emotions appear to others to only be for ourselves, and at least for me that is never the real case.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I am glad we can talk about it, Bobo. To me, if someone had to analyze their loyalty, it would be over for me. They have to feel it. It goes to show how certain Moons should be with other Moons. Thanks for being so honest and allowing me to do the same! I think I could not be with a Libra, Aqua, Virgo or Pisces Moon.

  7. amiannamiann Post author

    I took out the Pisces Moon based on comments and my thinking back on my own experiences with it. I knew two people who did not have the core strength to be loyal, when it came down to it. For Pisces, it would not be a lack of feeling ( i.e too much reason) It would be a weakness in gut level strength to stand up imo.

    I took out Virgo Moon because they analyze when they should feel imo

  8. amiannLon Spector

    I think one of the Psalms talks About Judas Iscarot when it says: “I trusted you.”
    “We took sweet counsel together, in the house of the Lord, and you betrayed me.”
    The worst stab in the back, are the ones delivered by “friends.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great point, Lon. Do you have a cancer moon? I think you said you do. I have an instinctive trust of Cancer and Taurus Moons. Cap and Leo would be next, in that order.

  9. amiannKayla

    I have aquarius moon in 6th house, but I have so much water in my chart. I go back and forth between feeling my feelings and rationalizing. So at first I would feeling my feelings, and then I rationalize myself out of the feelings. But then it goes back and forth until I eventually end up rationalizing them in the end.

  10. amiannStella

    This exact thing has happened to me. Culprit was my 6th house Lunar cancer friend who remained temporarily close with the man who ruined my life.
    I’m 10th house lunar Leo. And I was heartbroken. Even more so that I had to explain why I saw it as wrong.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, I have had betrayal from a Cancer Moon, too. This person had Cancer Moon and Mars in the 12th. The person was too weak to stand up. It was not because this person did not get it. He did get it but he was too weak. This seems to be the case with the Pisces Moon, too.

  11. amiannT

    Moon in Aries – as I said on facebook, I can’t say that it’s betrayal – people are going to do what they want to do and I’ve come to realize that the way you treat others isn’t necessarily how those people will treat you. I can’t bring myself to be upset because one of my friends becomes friends with the ‘enemy’. My moon opposes pluto also, if that matters. I don’t tell people much – there is always much that I keep to myself. I’ve met many people and yes, it happens that I may know the enemy of another friend but that has nothing to do with me and there is NO reason why I should talk to one about the other. If there is something that I don’t want to get out – I don’t tell people really. So, I feel it’s your fault if your business gets around like that. I think the things you listed are a lot to do for someone – I mean, I’m not going to tell someone who my “enemy” is and I’m not going to push someone to get in with a group of people I know just because I know them. It’s just unrealistic. The only thing I can give and sometimes I slack on that – is just being there for someone. I CAN tell you that I’ve had friends (most stressful time with that was in high school) – many of them didn’t get along with one another. That’s their problem, pretty much. I almost had a heart attack, at such a young age, trying to juggle everyone. I mean, I had a schedule book and everything. It got to be too much, really. It was tough, to say the least. When someone popped off with they don’t like this one and that one – people pretty much knew I don’t want to hear that sh*t.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      So funny you wrote up here because I wanted to talk to you about your comment, T. I feel differently as a Cancer Moon. I am just being real here but if someone betrays me and does not truly say he is sorry, I cut him off. If someone is truly sorry, I will always receive it.

  12. amiannT

    I’m glad you wrote a response too – you just gotta be careful what you tell people, that’s all. Just because they listened to you vent about someone or something going on in your life, doesn’t mean they won’t repeat it OR that they don’t already know the person you have beef with OR that they are your friend. You have to be careful…………you should be careful.

    Question for you Ami – I actually know a Cancer Sun/Cancer Moon person. When you say you ‘cut’ someone off – do you just cut them off and every time you see them act like they aren’t there or do you say your piece to them and then cut them off? Also, do you tell others business or speculate about other people and say out loud to others, what you ‘think’ you know of the person (behind the persons back) rather than ask what you want to know to the actual person? The second question, the Cancer Moon person has done and the first question, the Cancer Moon person took the ‘act like they aren’t there’ stance.

        1. amiannT

          I’m not really cool about speculating about others – if I want to know about someone, I’d ask them. Not ask around them, you know? The Cancer Moon person asked everyone else but me, questions about me and I see them quite often. I lost some respect for them, because of that.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            I see. Yes, the Cancer Moon could ask others. Cancer Mars could, too. Cancer can have a hard time being assertive. Aries is the best at this. Cancer can do things behind the scenes rather in a direct, out front way. That would fit with Cancer lol

          2. amiannT

            See – this type of thing affects me, I guess, as much as the ‘my friend being the friend of my enemy’ affects you. Something like this is how lies get spread.

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            List your placements here, T, Asc, Sun etc
            Your situation would not upset me as much as the other. I would feel like it is just what people do lol

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            Your situation sounds like it has many layers. Do you care to talk about it some more, as I feel it is different than the one I had?

          5. amiannT

            I’m actually trying out the whole flipping my chart around because I’m left-handed, thing. It’s kind of working out and seems more ‘true’, so instead of my Asc being Leo, flipped around, it’s Aquarius, same with DC, IC and MC and everything else:
            DC Leo 24

          6. amiannamiann Post author

            I wonder if your Jupiter in Cancer figures in here. Jupiter is conscience. Just a thought. I am not sure how it would play out. I think the Aries Moon likes things said straight and with honesty. This may be the reason you hate talking behind your back so much. You have Sun and Merc in the 11th so you vibe Aqua, too, Aqua likes everything “fair” in a way that makes intellectual sense, not emotional as much, These 2 placements may be why you hate this. This would not bother me as much as the situation I put forth. It prolly would not bother me too much, I don’t think. It depends on how much I cared about the people, too.

          7. amiannamiann Post author

            With your Mars in Leo, you can be direct. With your Moon in Aries, you can be direct. You don’t understand how scary this can be to someone with a lot of Cancer imo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Totally separate

      NO, I try to act with integrity at all times. I feel I need to do this more so because I have been given an opportunity to have a website and an opportunity to counsel people. More than this, I try to honor God. I don’t try to act perfect because I am not. I share my struggles with anger, hatred, ego etc because one of the worst things there is is a person who believes in Jesus who is holier than thou lol

  13. amiannLuci

    I HAD a friend like this and I just checked her chart. I don’t know her time of birth but her moon is smack dab in the middle of Libra using noon. She would without a doubt betray a friend like you wrote about and think nothing of it.

    When we were in university she would try to befriend guys that I dated as soon as the guy in question and I decide not to continue to date. The worst was when she became friends with a serious 4 yr boyfriend of mine right after we broke up when she knew it was a very difficult break up for both of us. That would have been fine if they were friends before, but throughout the whole 4 yrs I was with him she didn’t like him and didn’t want anything to do with him. To this day, she is still friends with him and his wife.

    I have a Sag moon, and frankly after that last episode I cut her out of my life. Good riddance.

  14. amiannMarble

    I wouldn’t think she as a betrayal, if she didn’t want to use me from the start or if she isn’t using my stories against me.

    Friendship is just meeting of minds and feelings, not a desperate trying to adopt each others worlds fully or merge together. I do not own my friends and have no right to decide with whom they spend their time. It’s not a running contest:

  15. amiannLon Spector

    People betray others out of percieved self-interest and the profit motive.
    There’s honor among thevies as long as it pays off. Then, the theives will have a
    falling out as soon as the profits fall off.

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