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Pisces Ascendant

Pisces is unique in many ways. It is the last sign of the Zodiac. The Zodiac wheel represents the stages of life from utero to death. Pisces rules the 12th house which is both the fetal state and death. One begins in a Piscean state and ends in the same . The sign of Pisces is amorphous. It dissolves. It knows few boundaries, as boundaries are for the earth state. Once we leave the earth, we leave our finite bodies. Pisces rules the next dimension. One can get there in may ways. One may have a religious experience which transcends the earth. One may have a Near Death Experience or an Out of Body experience. One may go in to an altered state of conscious with meditation or with drugs. Pisces rules all three. The person with a Pisces Ascendant is a creature of the other world. The Ascendant is our outer manner, so it is not as deep of a Pisces influence as the Sun or Moon. However, ones bearing in the outer world will be of a Piscean nature. One may be sensitive to harshness, in any form, whether that be in smells, sounds, odors or loud noise or coarse behavior. The Pisces Ascendant is a gentle soul, or is his outer bearing, at least. Inside, he may be very different, if he has a Scorpio sun or moon, for example. However, the outside will belie this.The Pisces Ascendant will be intuitive. Neptune intuition is in “knowing” rather than gut feelings which are Cancer’s domain.Neptune’s intuition comes in a flash, seemingly from nowhere.It will, always, be right, however. It was gotten from another realm. In that realm, all answers are known. The Pisces Ascendant probably loves water. Water energizes him.He may look as if he is dreaming of other worlds, beyond this carnal one, and he is.

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