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Capricorn Ascendant

When Saturn touches anything, there will be a modicum of a pain. Saturn is like child who sits outside the group, wishing to join, but holding back for fear of rejection. Saturn wants to jump in the middle and play like the other children, but he wonders if he will look silly or be ridiculed. This ASC is, often, the “old man” Ascendant. He is the child who seems like an adult. He may have had to assume adult responsibilities .If he did not have to do so, in reality, he may have taken them on his own shoulders. Even his appearance may look stern, as if he has the weight of the world, on his shoulders. This ASC is a special ASC, in that he takes his responsibilities very seriously. One can trust this ASC to do a job well. He will be a responsible friend or parent. As he ages, he will come in to his own. Strangely, as he ages, he may become more childlike, as he will have gained precious wisdom, as children have naturally.

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