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My dear friends asked me to write about Pluto in the houses. First, I would like to talk about Pluto, on it’s own. Pluto rules Scorpio. Scorpio is unique in being the most passionate sign of the Zodiac. Some planets do wonderfully in Scorpio. They fit, as a hand in a glove. Others squirm under the intensity as if held too tightly in a suit which is too small. Each planet rules a part of us. Pluto rules our passions. I was listening to Bolero by Ravel. That is Pluto. Music expresses Pluto best. If you listen to an opera with your heart and soul and put your mind in suspended animation, you will touch Pluto.


As one can imagine, some people are in touch with their Pluto energy. Some are not. If you have Saturn in Scorpio, your primal passions may seem like aliens. Everyone has a Saturn in some sign. As such, some energy will be harder for each of us. I did an article on Saturn in the signs. You can check out yours and see if this is the case. However, back to Pluto. The Mars sign which deals with Pluto the best is Mars in Scorpio. They seem to morph in to a feral animal with the grace and majesty of a tiger in the wild. Mars in Scorpio deals with primal passions as a Gemini deals with words, effortlessly, naturally. Many other signs stumble in these places that have no direction but the drumbeat of one’s own soul.

Pluto is a force to which one must deal,either willingly or forcibly. If one does not embrace one’s own Pluto, one will be brought to one’s knees when Pluto comes by in transit(in the present day skies). If one thought one could live in the cerebral realms,one will be disavowed of this notion when Pluto comes by. Pluto is akin to the Three Little Pigs. Each house fell at the hands of the wolf except the one built with bricks. One’s life will be torn down, in the same way, if one thinks Pluto can be consigned to the attic or the basement while one goes out in to the world in a tailored suit with carefully placed diamond cufflinks. Pluto will blow all houses down except those constructed of bricks, which is reality, a true understanding of what is inside of ourselves, and hence, what is in others.


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