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Is a Christian supposed to have rage? Is a Christian supposed to have emotions like fear, jealously, envy and ego based lusts. I think the Bible says that we will have these things. However, we are not supposed to let them build nests, I think would be the way to look at it. I was taught to be above primal passions. However, I don’t think that is possible because they are part of the human as a foundation is part of a house. When we are born again, our spirit is changed to be identical to Jesus ‘ spirit. However, our flesh is still there, while we reside on the earth. The flesh is mainly the ego, I think. We will be aroused to all sorts of passions. However, it is wrong to let them torment us. It is wrong to separate ourselves FROM them by throwing them out and trying to become just a head or just a spirit. We can’t. If we do, we become someone who is not approachable, and more importantly, someone who is not real.

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