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Saturn has been met with fear and trepidation. It was thought to bode hard times. Jupiter, its opposite, was thought to bring the opposite, good tidings. However, as Astrology has evolved out of the Dark Ages to present times, one must re-evaluate Saturn. Astrology is an all inclusive system, in that it covers all aspects of life. Life has both sweet and sour, difficult and easy. Life is not one note–Middle C. Life is all the notes with the sharps and the flats. As such, Saturn tempers us. Jupiter makes us enthusiastic. We feel as if we could fly to the clouds. Saturn says” Put on your mittens. It is cold.”

Saturn, in the chart, may represent one’s father. A good father will be strict. He will not allow one to think one is the center of the Universe. He will not allow one to bound out,unbridled in a Jupiter-like fashion, throwing caution to the wind. A good father will be stern, as it is for one’s best interest. Saturn is like this. We don’t like Saturn to spoil our fun. However, if you eat too much candy, you will get a stomachache. Saturn would have told you to be sensible.

As such, Saturn makes one work for one’s career, ones money, one’s rewards, one’s prestige, one’s place in life. If one works hard, one can achieve. Saturn rules the tenth house, which is the house of career and society.Saturn knows that one must build one’s reputation slowly, but one can lose it, in an instant. As necessary as Saturn is, Saturn CAN get oppressive when placed in strategic places in the chart. Then, Saturn may squeeze one as a python around one’s neck. Can one get out of the choke hold? I am not sure. I hate to sugar coat life. I find it hurts people, more than helps them. Cold hard reality can be more of a peace than the fluff of cotton candy which seems to be delicious, but does not satisfy.

As such, I am a realistic Astrologer. God can overcome our charts, to a degree, but one must define overcome. We will never be perfect. Life will never be perfect. It comes down to working with the energies we have been given with as much grace, as we can muster, in my opinion.


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