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Sun/Moon Combos

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People seemed to really like the Venus/Mars combo, so I will do some articles with combos. The goal for the Astrologer is to make a 3D person from a 2D chart. The degree to which one can do this is the degree to which one is an outstanding Astrologer. If you are reading this, you care about Astrology. Hence, I hope this article will help in the goal which we all want to achieve—to make a full flesh and blood person from the symbols on a piece of paper which is the natal chart.

6 thoughts on “Sun/Moon Combos

      1. amiannMel

        Aries Sun & Libra Moon, Scorpio Sun & Taurus Moon, Leo Sun & Aquarius Moon, Gemini Sun & Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Sun & Pisces Moon, and Aquarius Sun & Leo Moon. Just a few!

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