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“One and Only” Synastry

ghost tree greenMany people have a “one and only” love. If one waxes poetic about one’s life over a glass of wine with old friends, one will talk about this love. Not everyone has this, but many people do.

What would the chart show, in these cases? I think one would need to look to Pluto, first . Pluto sweeps us off our feet. He leaves us breathless, at the edge of the roaring tides. There is nothing like Pluto. If you have experienced it, you know what I mean.

In “one and only” synastry, I think the main player would be Moon/Pluto. Moon/Pluto is the quintessential love aspect. It is the love of classic romance novels. It is not vanilla love. It is not dark love. It is the love of the oceans as they roar. It is the love for which one would give up all to be next to the beloved. It is the love in which one whispers the name of the beloved as one dies. There is nothing like Moon/Pluto. It holds the position of fated love, passionate love and pure love, all at one time. I have seen people go a lifetime holding this love close to their bosoms.

Second to Moon/Pluto would be Venus/Pluto.Venus is love. Venus is pure love, not sexual love, just love. Pluto is primal passions. When pure love meets primal passions, we have once in a lifetime love. Moon/Pluto is more intense but this is second.

One wonders what makes for this kind of love in which lovers would die for the beloved. Is it the yearning for home, as ET pointed his finger toward heaven. Does our beloved represent home, our search for the place where we can stop this harried running?

I suspect that our love includes all this. If not, why does it seem like we will die if the beloved does not love us, too?





42 thoughts on ““One and Only” Synastry

      1. amiannMoonChild

        I don’t know what o tell Ami, so far so good, very intense, mutually nourishing, adorable. Atleast for now, someone tell me “I love you” from her heart. Nice experience! Free flowing!

          1. amiannMoonChild

            Outer is the Girl, Inner is me.

            My Venus Conjuncts her NN.
            My Mars Conjuncts her NN.
            Her Sun Sextile my NN.
            Her Moon Conjuncts my NN.
            Her Jupiter Squares my NN.
            Her NN Sextile my NN.
            Her ASC Trine my NN.
            Her NN Sextile My ASC.

            And I hope whatever I mentioned above is right! haha with my limited knowledge in Astrology.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Let me think. If one person puts his planets in impersonal houses like the 2nd,3rd, 9th, 10th and 11th. He may be thinking friendship. If the other person puts planets into personal houses like 1st, 4th,5th,7th, 8th and 12th, he may be thinking love.
      If one person’s venus does not touch another person’s chart, that person would not find the other person attractive.

      If one person does not touch the other person in deep places, basically, this will happen.

      I am having a block on how to explain it but with a chart in front of me, I could see it.

  1. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    What is the maximum orb you allow for a Venus-Pluto conjunction in synastry (within same sign) What is that orb strength like compared to say a Sun-moon conjunction in synastry.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would say 7 degrees for a Venus/Pluto conjunction. The orbs are like a fire. Really tight ones are a roaring fire. Wide ones are like ambient warmth but can still be felt but without the intensity.

  2. amiannmarion

    Sorry Ami it’s me again.

    Remember the Cigar man with Casanova/Cupido on his MC. He and i have,

    His Venus conjunct my Pluto (6 degrees)
    My Venus conjunct his Pluto (3 degrees)
    His Moon trine my Pluto (4 degrees)
    My Moon square his Pluto (3 degrees)

    In addition,
    My Sun conjunct his sun (7 degrees)
    My Moon sextile his moon (exact) and sextile his Sun (4 degrees)

    Does this qualify to be ‘the one and only’ kind? Who feels things stronger?

  3. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Yeah seems like it. The man’s the smoothest i met.

    But you know what, this man’s Nessus is conjunct my little son’s Ascendant EXACT. So do i want to make him my son’s step dad? HELL NO….Thanks to you i know what Nessus can do.

    You have a good day girl. Thanks for the great service.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Marion. You made my day. DON”T make him the stepfather, in my opinion. It would be a true disaster. I can’t think of anything good coming from it. Thank God, you were warned. Wth this Nessus/Sun thing, the Nessus person cannot seem to help himself from abusing. It is like a compulsion, really. I have seen that, so you are very wise to heed it, Marion!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Beyond powerful. he brings her both unconditional love and raw sexuality. I have felt that before and it is intoxicating! this guy is totally charming but he has a dark vibe to him to, which adds to the charm. Lets face it. Tell me the degrees of the Moon to Moon aspect. If HER Moon does not make aspects to his chart, there will be no soul. However, short term, I think she would be addicted to him. If they have Moon trine Moon, which I can’t tell from this synastry chart, I would say soul mate, all the way.

      If not, I would say that they would be addicted to each other but it would not work, long term. Now tell this Gemini the story 😀

      1. amianncaprilady

        lol ami her moon is 13 cancer his is 5 pisces. everything you said is right on. he was addicting. he was so nice one minute and then intriguing the next. i couldnt figure him out all they way it was like he was a mystery to me. he brought out the vulnerable side of me. it was like i saw myself in him. i guess with his sun in my 7th i wanted him more than he wanted me he saw me as a friend. but the sex was very intense.

      1. amianncaprilady

        that’s surprising thought i would be the only one who felt it sense i find myself still thinking about him day to day. Would you be able to explain why we don’t communicate no more?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Chris! No, I would not add Sun/Pluto because the Sun is the ego, not the depth of the heart(the Moon) or the love nature(Venus). This is a powerful placement but not one and only, in my opinion, anyway.

  4. amianntombone

    What if Neptune was added to the list. Hear me out. Again its like romeo and juliet.
    When you meet someone and feel a pull then you start having fantasies (first date ideas, bedroom entanglements, wedding dates) that’s typical of neptune. Guess you already written article bout Neptune but yea

  5. amiannvirgal

    I know it is an old post, but happened upon it, now. I am the moon and he is the pluto conjoined closely by 0 degrees and 57 minutes. Also read your other article on moon conjunct pluto, the one about love of a mother to her child. Felt very deep and much like that. But we broke. Excruciating existence. So, was he not ‘ the One and Only ‘ of mine….?

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