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The 12th House

The 12th House is akin to the 8th House. These Houses are spoken about in whispers. The 8th House rules death. The 12th rules prisons, mental institutions, the hospice, the hospital, addictions and obsessions.The 8th could rule obsessions, too. There is some overlap, as each House rules underground things, taboos. If you cannot talk about it at a cocktail party, it is ruled by one of these Houses. The 8th House rules underground emotions and passions. The 12th House is the doorway to the next dimension. It rules the womb, as it is the dimension before life. It rules the after life, although the event of death is ruled by the 8th House. Where one goes AFTER death is a 12th House domain. A person with a strong 12th House is a very spiritual creature, as he must be. Either that, or he will fall in to addictions. There seems to be no other way to navigate a strong 12th House. One will be a sinner or a saint, as the saying goes. Some of the most deeply spiritual people have heavily occupied 12th Houses. Some of the people who end up in prisons and mental institutions have heavy 12th House influences, too. The answer to the 12th House is found in God, as the earth does not provide the level of comfort needed to navigate life, to those who inhabit the 12th House regions.

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