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The Eleventh House

The Eleventh House is ruled by Aquarius. Aqua is accused of loving humanity, but not people. Aquarius is accused of being aloof, emotionally. Who would feed the world, beyond one’s own borders, if not for Aquarius’. Honest politicians, of which there are a few, are Aquarius, often. Aquarius is global in it’s thinking.It is cause oriented. It it group oriented. An Aquarius will not be a loner. However, he will not need to see your baby pictures, or hear your tender stories. Truth be told, he looks down on too much emotion. He would look askew at a Cancer who was emoting, as Cancers do. These signs are quincunx, for general interest. Quincunx signs are not understood to each other. The Eleventh House rules charity work, helping others on a global scale,membership in groups, and forward thinking hopes and dreams for ideals beyond one’s ego.

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