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The Charts of Players

Can you believe there are aspects which show a player? The fifth house is usually prominent. The fifth house is the house of fun, sex, creativity and romance, When you do Chart Ruler Analysis, the player’s chart will show that he channels many other parts of life in to the fifth house. In other words, he takes the energy one might spend on career(10th house) or getting to know a person in a deep way(8th house) and channels it in to the fifth house( romance). Often, the player will have his 12th house(deep mystical leanings and spirituality) channeled in to the 5th house.

Player will often have element voids. There are four elements–earth, fire, water and air. Strangely enough, many players have a void. I don’t know why. Voids are rare.

Players will, usually, have a tenderness aspect, too. How can they get the woman if they do not have a sweetness? They may have a Cancer ASC which is the sign of the mother, home and nurturing The ASC is one’s outer self, so this man will appears tender in his outer mannerisms . have seen the Asteroid Ceres prominent in the charts of players, too. Ceres is unconditional love.

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