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The Final Battle

Students of the Bible are not surprised to see current events. They know what is coming because the Bible tells of such, in detail. The student of the Bible is dismayed because he is a human being and sorrows hurt him. However, he is not surprised as people who do not know the Bible are.

The Weather

In these current days( the last days of the earth) the weather will get worse and worse. It is not global warming or other silly theories put forth by faux scientists. The weather problems will escalate and intensify as in labor pains which is the metaphor used in the Bible. Each individual event is devastating to all human beings with a heart. However, God’s plan has a greater purpose and that is God’s plan for redemption of the earth and each man on the earth who will humble himself to seek God, the actual God, not a God of his own making.Remember, Friends. God gave man a paradise. Man was created into a world with no death, no suffering, no ego, no pain, no sickness. Man made the choice to allow all these things to come in through disobedience. Please do not blame God for what man did. God is love. I will try to add Bible verses to back up my assertions.

4 thoughts on “The Final Battle

  1. amianncatman90

    This article sounds really interesting Ami i can’t wait to see the finished result.Do you think these events are going to happen really soon like in a matter of days or weeks.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Yep, and I recall about a year ago when some Pastor set two dates in the year for the
    return of Christ. The first date (May 21) didn’t pan out so he set another one (Oct. 21)
    I wish these people who claim to speak with the authourity of Almighty God would stop
    making these predictions, or stop claiming to be God’s mouth pieces.
    “If a prophet makes a prediction and the prophecy does not come true, that prophet is not
    from God, and you don’t have to fear him.”

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