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The Seventh House

The Seventh House is ruled by Libra. Libra is all about balance and harmony. It is the sign of the interior decorator and the diplomat. If you want a friend who will bring sunshine in to your life, consider a Libra. They seem like they radiate sunlight, from an inner light. Libra men will help around the house, without feeling emasculated. If you want a friend, who will keep answering your call, after you have talked about the same thing a hundred times, befriend a Libra. A Libra makes you feel special, as they seem to know just how to compliment you. Each sign has it’s good and bad. Usually, both stem from the same root, and are opposites of the same coin. Such is the case with Libra.


Libra loves to please. Conversely, he may please when he should pull put an Ouzi, figuratively. Libra wants harmony so badly, that he may sell his soul for it. This brings us to the Seventh House. The Seventh House is the House of partnership in a committed relationship. Short term romantic relationships are ruled by the Fifth House with Playboy Leo, on the cusp. The Seventh House represents marriage. People enter in to marriage because they want enduring traits shared between them. They want loyalty, fidelity and commitment. They want to make a home, together. The Seventh House is a serious house. It reflects all that goes on between people who value being a couple, as much, or more than their own autonomy.

To address House Rules in this discussion, one must understand the nature of the Seventh House, as the Ruler of the Seventh House will travel to another House and bring his nature, therein. He may stay in the Seventh House, too. When this happens, the Seventh House will be a focal point for the native.

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