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The Tenth House

The Tenth House includes the MC, in most charts. The MC is one’s public face to the world. One’s public face may be very different from one’s private face. The Tenth house is the more dominant parent. It is, traditionally, the father. However, in charts when you have a dominant mother, it is the mother. The Tenth House rules one’s career, if one is a professional, versus a hands on trade, which is ruled by the Sixth House. The Tenth House rules our reputation in the world. People with a strong Tenth House are serious about their place in society. He would not enter into scandalous behavior, easily, as he would be forward thinking to the consequences. Capricorn rules the Tenth House. Capricorn eats his vegetables before his desert. His face to the world is as such. One can count on a Capricorn to have strong shoulders. He is, often, found in leadership positions, as he can handle loads which would break lesser men. Capricorns are accused of being too serious. However, he is simply gathering experience and wisdom, with which to hold up more skittish signs, such as Gemini, which will come to him, when the world gets too hard to handle.

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