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YOUR Themes In Your Natal Chart

A pink reclineWhen I do a full professional chart, I will spend up to three days on it. I look in every nook and cranny. I am an earth void. This is the only area in my life where I am anal, but I am. I want to exceed the client’s expectations. I say this to say that when an Astrologer does a chart, certain Themes will emerge. My favorite Astrologer, the late and great Howard Sasportas, says that Themes will repeat themselves so that the Astrologer can grab them.The clients destiny lies in these Themes.  If a person can identify his Themes, he will be on the way to accepting them. Self acceptance is where it is at. Without it, life is grey. With it, life is pink, my favorite color 😀

When I do a chart, I have no idea what  the Themes will be. However, several will repeat. I will give some examples. First of all, one needs to look at the House of Chiron. That will be a Pain Theme. If the person has his Chiron in a House with no pain, I would think he has the wrong birth time.

For the beginners, just knowing the House of Chiron will take you a long way in understanding yourself and others. Of course, you have to know the meaning of each House, but this is not hard. I have several easy to understand articles on this. Check out my Search Engine or ask me and I will get them for you. So, we have one Theme and that is the House of Chiron. Let’s move on to  another.

One will be defined by any aberrations. By aberrations, I mean anything out of the normal. By normal, I do not mean normal in the way of a normal person but an average chart. Let me explain.If there are four elements and most people have a smattering of each and you have none of ONE element, that will be a Theme for you. These are called Elemental Voids. The lack of one of the building block elements of the world  defines a person to a large extent. These are hard, in my opinion. Some are harder than others. I will explain.

I am an earth void so understand the concept of voids, personally. I feel very high strung because the  earth  element grounds a person. The earth void craves to be near the earth. I love to dig in the garden.The earth void is missing a part as are all the  voids. Houses can compensate to a small degree but it is  small in comparison to the large influence of the void. Let’s look at all the voids and see how they would be Themes.

For the Earth Void, she will never be good with details. She will not be practical in terms of figuring out how to organize cabinets or closets. She will hate all the details of weddings, such as invitations, flowers, seating etc. Some woman glory in that kind of thing but to the earth void, it is a form of hell. Bodily speaking, the lack of earth does make for a strange feeling of never being able to touch the ground. This can feel a bit panicky  if one thinks about it, but it is the nature of this void. Each void has it’s particular struggles.

For the Fire Void, he lacks inherent get up and go. Think of an actual fire. Think of the warmth and the sheer energy. The Fire Void must overcome an inner kind of coldness. He tends to depression and it is not his fault.

The Air Void has a hard time expressing himself. He may feel like a volcano, ready to blow but with no outlet. I have found that the Air Voids are super sensitive to criticism. It is as if they cannot detach. They have a hard time pulling back and assessing a situation. Air is logic and detachment. They do not have Air.

The hardest Void is the water Void, by far. Their emotions are not readily accessible to them. They do not process emotions the same way as other people. They may appear to be clueless. They may appear as if they do not have empathy.  I am not a Water Void, so cannot speak from an inside perspective. It seems as if they miss subtle emotional cues. It seems as if they don’t understand subtle humor, too. I suppose this is because humor is very nuanced.

Onto another Theme.  Stelliums are another Theme. There are Stelliums by House and Stelliums by Sign. A Stellium is three or more planets in a House or a Sign. Just find out what the 12 Houses mean and you will have a Theme in the House of your Stellium. I have a 9th House Stellium and fit it perfectly. I love intellectual pursuits, which is a 9th house domain. I searched for God from the time I was a child. God is a 9th house domain. I love studying languages, again a 9th House domain. Hence, I am defined by the House in which my stellium resides. You will be, too.

Stelliums are in Signs, as well as Houses. My Stellium is in Gemini and makes me a super Gemini. Your Stellium will make you a nuclear version of that sign.

Onto another Theme. On the little graph on the sides of each chart, we can see the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable qualities of each chart. Cardinal is the leader. He is the most dominant. Fixed sticks to the job. He is the most stubborn, in good and bad ways. Mutable is the most easy going but he is the weakest of the three in tensile, core strength. In other words, he could be pushed around the most. See what is predominant in your chart and you will have yet another Theme.

Onto another often overlooked Theme. That would be masculine and feminine planets. This is quite interesting and quite true. I have many masculine planets and people tell me I think like a man. This is a compliment to me  because masculine thinking is rational, logical and detached. It is interesting that I have many more men who read my website than women.  The signs go in order from Aries( masculine) to Taurus( feminine) to Gemini( masculine) etc

The masculine quality is what the Chinese would call yang. The feminine quality is what they would call yin. Yang is hard driving and what we think of as typically masculine. The yin is receptive, yielding and what we typically think of as female. Count up your masculine and feminine planets and you will get more insight into your self.

Another Theme is Extrovert/Introvert. If you were born during the day, you have more top half planets. If you are born at night, you have more bottom half planets. The top half planets make for an extrovert. The bottom half make for an introvert.

I will end with a last Theme. This would be Unaspected Planets. These will define the native. They are a gift and quite rare. These are planets with no major aspects including the quincunx. I use an 8-10 degree orb. The Unaspected Planet is a genius in his own right. He is like the kid in the Advanced classes. However, he may be the kid who won’t apply himself. Then, his genius stays buried. He may be the go-getter kid. Then, his genius will arise.

With the Unaspected Planet, one has a solitary journey in the DOMAIN of the planet. For example, with the Sun, it is identity. More Hollywood stars have Unaspected Suns than any Unaspected Planet. With the Moon, we have the kindest and more gentle of people a la a Micheal Jackson, who had an almost Unaspected Moon. With Mercury, we have a person who seems to imbibe words and all things related to words. With Venus, we have the traveler who must learn about love. This is mine. With Mars, we may have a genius in sports. Mars can also make one have an unbridled anger. To me, Mars may not exhibit as a gift but I have only seen a few people, so cannot make a doctine. Unaspected Jupiter may make for great luck and wonderful opportunities. I have not seen many, so am going by guess here. Unaspected Uranus makes for an out of the box creative genius. This is one of my favorites. When you find them, they will be a delight but hard to manage because they are such quintessential independent thinkers.

I will stop there so this article does not get too long. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something of value!



42 thoughts on “YOUR Themes In Your Natal Chart

  1. amiannShen

    How do we count which sign is Masculine or Feminine?
    What’s about Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius? Since my Sun is in Virgo, Stelliums is in Libra, and my Asc is Sagittarius 29 deg., Critical degree!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Shen. This is very easy to answer. The first sign on the wheel is Aries. It is masculine. The second sign is Taurus. It is feminine. It goes on like this, all around the wheel. So Aries–M, Tuarus, F, GeminiM, Cancer F etc For your ASC at 29 degrees. Do you feel you are stuck in life and kind of get frozen? Air and Fire Signs are Masculine. Water and Earth signs are feminine. Virgo is Feminine. Libra is Masculine. Saggi is Masculine

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Excellent article that hits the spot!
    I’m also mostly Earth void. My only earth sign is my Sun sign of Tauras. You can see
    my spelling is lousy because I just couldn’t pay attention in class. 9 to 5 is a dreadfull
    bore! My Sun/Moon Virgo father just couldn’t get me. I have Jupiter opposite Sun so
    you can tell what our relationship was.
    I especially can relate to a song from a few years back called: “If I Could Fall Into The Sky.”
    Neptune opposite Sun. I’m here but I’m not. Poor Casey Anthony. She has Neptune
    SQUARE her Sun.

  3. amiannShen

    Glad to know u, too and reading yr. journal, Ami
    : )
    I’m a woman but having a lot of planets in 1. Air sign and follow by some are in Earth, and Fire sign.

    stuck in life and kind of get frozen….Yes, I am. My working life does not smooth at all. Now, I’m still not success in work as it should be.

  4. amiannShen

    Then, now we are good friend, shares same thing. Hehe

    A bit wonder. From yr next journal, my Asc actually is 28.53 degree. Do u count it’s 29 deg.?
    One more thing, if Vertex is 29 degree, this point was frozen? If yes, how it effects Vx?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t count anything less than 29 as 29. I think the Frozen degree is specific to 29. I am not sure about the vertex at 20. I really don’t know. My feeling is that the vertex would not be frozen cuz it is kind of a reference point for our life rather than an action planet etc

  5. amiannLon Spector

    I once had a chart done by a person who interpeted Jupiter opposite Sun as having
    dissagreements with one’s father.
    If the Sun in the chart represents one’s father, to have a planet opposite the Sun
    might indicate friction with the father. Jupiter opposite Sun might indicate that the person
    is self indulgent and undisciplined, provoking angar from the father.

  6. amiannMoonChild

    I have a three planet Stellium (Sun, and Neptune CONJ Mercury) in Sagittarius, my Third House.

    Have planets placed in all Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed sings, as well as in Fire (maximum), Air (second most), Water and Earth elements. Three Masculine houses and Two Feminine Houses have planets i them.

    No unaspected planets.

    Chiron in House 7, Aries – CONJ Moon.

      1. amiannMoonChild

        No Ami, not the pain as we usually associate with, but I have made some decisions, to appease her emotionally, which all have backfired. So in effect, yes pain for me with wrong, untimely emotional decision, to comfort her emotionally.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    If a person has the Sun and Mercury in the 8th house of death, does this indicate that
    they will engage in some activity that will DIRECTLY bring about their own death, like
    excessive risk taking?

  8. amiannLon Spector

    The 8th house tells us of the likely conditions of our death-peacefull, or violent.
    The fourth house tells us about the interment of our bodies after death-the kind of
    mormorials we will have.
    If one had Saturn in the fourth, would this indicate burial in a “potter’s field?”
    If one has Sun + Mercury in the 8th house, what is the likely form of death?
    I have Venus in the 8th. I read that death will likely come from “functional derangement”
    like a disease affecting the systemic functiong of the body (Digestive issues, kidney function,
    etc) I have good reason to suspect this.
    Venus in 8th means a “peaceful” death, I suspect, during a coma. I intend to be
    cremated, and have NO planets in the 4th house. There isn’t going to be a trace of me left!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      LOL cremated is not in the Bible, Lon. You should be buried imo

      I heard the ruler of the 8th is important and what the ruler does( squares, oppositions etc)

      I did not know that about the 4th House. That is interesting, Lon. You are a wealth of knowledge!

  9. amiannJL

    What do you think of an unaspected AND intercepted Sun at 0 cancer in the 11th?

    Detrimental or sheer will? I can’t decide if it the best aspect in my chart or the worst. Lol!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t really understand the workings of the intercepted planets very well. Maybe, you could teach me. I think they are supposed to lose power. Right? I am not sure HOW much of an influence they have. The Unaspected Sun is big. This would be the aspect of someone who was born to shine and born to be a star but he would have to unbury his Sun by striving to make his own imprint on life. It is a matter of finding your individuality. When you do,you will be a star imo

      1. amiannJL

        Hi AmiAnn!

        I’m just beginning to understand intercepted signs myself (and I have a LOT of them!). But from what I could glean, the house ruler dilutes the purest expression of the intercepted planet.

        I’m going to say that in the spirit of your question (Themes in Your Chart) my theme would have to be “Light Under the Lamppost”

        Allow me to explain. My chart ruler is the Sun. Yay-happy, happy, joy, joy. Except that my Sun is intercepted in the 11th house at zero degrees Cancer. Womp, womp, woooooomp.

        The 11th house ruler is in Gemini. The ruler of the 11th is in the 12th–granting more watery deep theme!) So the Sun, largely unaspected (save for an out-of-sign and kind of wide 4′ orb trine and sextile to IC/MC axis)

        How did that manifest? The earliest part of my childhood was akin to being submerged. I wasn’t autistic but I feel like I could have been. I was unable to relate to my surroundings nor to the people around me. Even comprehension of another’s words didn’t sink in –it was like listening to somebody speak while underwater. 😛 I was extremely introverted and had speech delays and impediments until I was in the 2nd grade? I was active “underneath” but nobody could see that. So “they” (those around me) thought I was slow.

        But one day, my environment changed, I arose and bam! Nobody saw it coming. I went from flunking to excelling at everything -sports, academics, arts, socializing. My potential seemed limitless and even peers would get my autographs saying “You’re going to be famous one day!” Teachers would proclaim: “I can’t wait til you’re published!” I was always ambitious and accomplished in the workplace. (Mars AND Chiron in 10th)

        Due to a slew of other life circumstances (outside of my control, largely) –I’ve since hidden that potential again under the lamppost. I prefer to be remain largely closed off though I can “feel” that lying dormant.

        Every now and again–I can see the glimmer of it but I think I have lost faith in myself over the years. :/ I’m afraid of public exposure at the moment? Maybe it is Saturn transiting my 4th or Jupiter in the 12th. Who knows? I think I’m being forced to strip away all that is superficial in favor of a more authentic expression of that Sun. My progressed AC has just begun to conjoin progressed NN this past few months while the current NN/Mars will be transiting my IC in the next months.

        God is chipping away at me. Like a jeweler attending to rough stones. So we’ll see. Maybe. 😉

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am sorry if I mixed up charts but do you have the Unaspected Sun, JL? 0 degrees is the best though, so it may make up for the interception or at least balance it.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            The IC/MC does not count. How lovely. I know I saw the chart but just describe your Sun to me by House and degree again so I have it all in this post, JL.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            You will feel greatly a part of the house in which your Unaspected Planet resides. When we want to talk about it, we want to make sure it is in the right house

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            No, not bad at all but it will be the house in which you will shine so we have to start there. Ok–You have a gift. You need to try to learn to feel your own identity. It is not easy if you lost it. I know cuz I did but the Unaspected Sun was born to be a star!

          4. amiannJL

            I also have Venus in the 11th. I have always related to my friends better than my family. My unaspected Sun has left me alienated by my father, who preferred his friends and lovers to the pressures of parenthood. But his influence on me was huge, even with the little time I had with him. For better or worse, I am like him. Lol

          5. amiannJL

            Sometimes I feel it. And when I express it, nobody expects it. Like the underdogs winning the championship. I’m trying to find it again and I know I’m on the precipice of it. But it’s been a very long and arduous journey.

            So, another ginger ale for the road ahead! 😉

          6. amiannamiann Post author

            Have you read my articles on Unapsected planets. I studied them a lot cuz I have an Unaspected Venus. I think I understand them. There is little info out there on the web, so I had to figure out a lot by myself.

          7. amiannJL

            Funny you should ask. I was actually just reading the forums where you’d posted before about these with snippets from your articles! Lol.

            Unaspected Venus? Ouch! Well, you’ve come a long way and you’ve given me inspiration to dig deeper. So thank you for that!

            I’m not interested in fame or being a “star” but I’m itching to immerse myself fully in missionary work and/or in even pioneering new causes for the betterment of humanity (11th). These are dreams that have been on the docket for a long time, waiting to be fulfilled but thwarted by insecurity. You’ve helped me realize that it is more within reach than I thought!

            Thank you! 🙂

          8. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww That is classic 11th house. You will do it. No, Unaspected Venus is wonderful. One must learn the lessons of love. It is a gift, not a hardship. The same applies to you and you Sun, JL!

  10. amiannLon Spector

    God can raise up bodies regardless of how they have been disposed. God can do
    EVERYTHING and WILL JUDGE us all. So he will reserect our bodies whether they have
    been “buried” at sea, or have been vaporized 1 foot away from “ground zero” in
    It is no more difficult for an all powerful God to bring back our bodies, then it was to
    create them to begin with!
    The fact that man can’t concieve it, doesn’t mean that God can’t achieve it!

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