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Unaspected Planets

This is another fascinating topic. An atypical chart makes for an atypical person. The unaspected planet is like a feral child. He must raise himself. He was not given societal and parental dictates i.e aspects from other planets. So, he is free to develop as a unique creature, free to sing his own song, do his own thing. Sometimes, this freedom is too daunting and the planet hides under the bed, thus extinguishing his unique light. However, with guidance from wise others, he can take that creative potential and learn about the treasure which he has buried, inside. The unaspected Sun can shine in the manner of a star. The unaspected Mars must be careful to control his anger as it could be his downfall, very easily. The unaspected Venus has a natural charm with draws people to it. The unaspected moon feels so very sensitive that everything may hurt, every interaction, every situation. This may be the hardest one. The unaspected Jupiter has exceptionally good luck. The unaspected Pluto is,often called to greatness such as both Castro and John F. Kennedy. The unaspected Uranus is my favorite. This is the true creative genius. He makes up his own ways.Others are privileged to know him, as this one is one of the rarest. Mozart was thought to have this.

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