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Unaspected Uranus

Each unaspected planet has it’s own beauty, and beauty it does have. There is something otherworldly about these natives. They have climbed a unique mountain, if they have unearthed their unaspected planet.The unaspected planet is like a piece of coal, which must suffer the elements to become a diamond. It is hard to say which is my favorite unaspected planet. Uranus would be in the running. The adjective ” unique” does not describe the native: wonderfully creative, breathtakingly creative would be better. The unaspected Uranus native is like a Picasso, a Hemingway novel. To identify the native with an unaspected Uranus, see if you have a silent gasp as to how he perceives things. He is a creature whom one wishes to take home and put in a box. Truth be told, one wants to have him close, as he is like no other. Uranus is like no other planet. It is wildly unpredictible. The unaspected Uranus is very rare. Mozart was said to have one. If he did not, he was the quintessential example, as the creative expressions of himself were unimaginable to us, of lesser mortal status.

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