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Unaspected Venus

I talked about the unaspected planet, in general, in another article. To summarize, briefly, the unaspected planet is like a feral child. He has to find his own way as he has no parents i.e. aspects. As such, he may, either, retreat from life or emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Venus is the planet of love. Venus is not erotic, as some people may think. It is pure love. Eroticism may be added to Venus by other planets and asteroids, but she, on her own, is not. Venus is a receptive planet, as is the moon. Venus is all about giving and receiving love. That is her function in the chart and consequently, in one’s life. The unaspected Venus is rare. It’s owner will need to deal with the concept of how to love. The unaspected planet has no parents, as I said. As such, she must be an intrepid explorer. For Venus, the area of exploration is that of love.

The unaspected Venus will, usually, be a charming person. Charm is rarer in our society than in times past, when it was more valued, it seems. Now, society encourages people to take all they can from the world, which includes other people. The person with the unaspected Venus may be a person more reminiscent of past times. The person with an unaspected Venus will be popular, usually, as she understands love and the fact that we, as human beings, need love. The unaspected Venus understands that, at the core, all men are alike. The heartbeat of life is love. This Venus knows that, as she has had to find it out, on her own. All good and lasting lessons are learned by personal exploration. What better exploration than that of human love.

4 thoughts on “Unaspected Venus

  1. amiannMads Elung-Jensen

    Thank you for this beautiful article. I have an unaspected 1st house 8 degree Libra Venus, and it made me understand her ways much better. At the moment Pluto is squaring my Venus and come summer Uranus will oppose her too. It is a very exciting time!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so very welcome Mads. I have an unaspected Gemini Venus in the 9th House. Guess what? Our Venus’ are trine! The Unaspected Venus is a beautiful gift but is a hard and solitary journey to figure out how to make it part of your life in a emotionally balanced way.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you. Well, an Unaspected Venus is it’s own person, irrespective of house. IOW, I see it as a force to be reckoned with due to it’s Unaspected nature. I see the house as secondary when we think in terms of Unaspected planets. Venus in the 2nd would need material security. He would never feel good without it. Please come and join my Forum. It is free and you can bring up this topic and any others of interest to you! xx

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