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Venus Trine Venus

white gothhigh spikesThis seems to be an aspect in which people find each other attractive. It is a sense of liking the person’s “way”. Certain things are attractive to each of us and it is very personal. This is base don our Venus sign.

This is the case for all that what we find attractive: from a person to what we find attractive in home decor,clothes, music , literature and art.

I have seen charts that will have a good aspect with the Moons and a bad one with Venus or vice-versa. It seems that one can’t get both when it comes to Moon trine Moon PLUS a positive Venus/Venus aspect. I could be wrong. I have seen this pattern.

If I could have Moon trine Moon( my favorite synastry aspect) or Venus trine Venus, I would take Moon trine Moon. This is the deepest simpatico you can have with another person. This is a person with whom you cannot stay angry. It is a person with whom if you have a fight,you can’t look at him because you will both laugh. It is the person with whom you cannot look across the room because you will both start laughing at something inane. Moon trine Moon does not come along often, in any synastry.

Certain Venus signs are known to have certain peculiar issues. Here are a few.

Libra Venus is the most refined. It does not like coarse humor. It will be disgusted with what will throw Gemini or Scorpio Venus into fits of laughter.

Saggi Venus loves legs and all that have to do with legs such as boots and shoes, in general.

The way to a Taurus Venus’ heart is through his stomach. Don’t skimp oh the gooey desserts, either. Let him eat them with his hands and he will be all yours.

Scorpio Venus may be shy about how intense and passionate he is.

Aries Venus reverses roles in men and woman. The woman chase and the men need to be chased.

Gemini Venus flirts in a light, playful way. Scorpio Venus flirts in a more overt, sexual way.

Cancer Venus will be the cheapest date because she will be happy to stay home and cook you a good meal.

Leo Venus is the most vain, perhaps. She likes all things that glitter from diamonds to sparkles. She( or he) likes a partner who looks good on his arm.

Virgo Venus is very sensitive to foods and smells. Make sure you know what particular things he likes. I have a Virgo Venus friend who will actually get sick if he tastes a drop of baking soda in his food.

Virgo Venus likes women who smell good, too. They like a fresh smell such as a natural body wash.

Capricorn Venus is the most spoiled, if we talk in terms of material things. She wants the finest restaurants and clubs. She will not order from the dollar menu, so don’t even try it.

Aquarius Venus likes space. Don’t do PDA( public displays of affection) He will feel uncomfortable.

Pisces Venus is the most romantic. He likes poetry, usually. He is the most sensitive Venus, so give him a little extra TLC.



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