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Valerie G—- VA

I am SO glad I chose to come to you for the help you offer, as its targeted approach is, as you say, way more specific as to WHY we have issues and helps us figure out strategies for our weak areas…as opposed to counseling which I just didn’t want to do.  (plus this was a lot less expensive than years of counseling, thank God! ;D)
I love the advice that we try to talk heart to heart; it confirms what I’d felt God telling me several days ago, and you’re absolutely right about us both being sensitive and defensive and that contributing in large part to our tension and ups and downs.  I am REALLY gonna try, and I think  my husband  will too. 
I will soak on this for awhile and let you know when I have more thoughts. 🙂 🙂 THANK YOU for your hard work and HOURS/(days) spent on this!! 🙂  the value received has been unbelievable and I will read these OVER and OVER; things like this are like huge pillars in my life that solidify me and ground me; things I look back upon that keep me steady and keep my faith strong no matter what happens….
thank you so much Ami!!!!!