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12th House Planets

Some respected Astrologers shirk when they see planets in the 12th house. They shirk with empathy for the person who must deal with planets placed here. The astrological chart is the wheel of life. It goes from birth to death. The 12th house represents death. As such, the person is not your typical earth bound person occupied with earth bound pursuits. Some part of that person lives in the next dimension. As you can imagine, it makes the sphere of life represented by the 12th house planet harder. For example, if Venus, the planet of love, is in the 12th house, love comes harder for this person. This person may see other people falling in love, seemingly effortlessly, and wonder “Why, me? why is it so hard for me?” Venus in the 12th house wants love, as much as any other Venus, or person, but the 12th house makes Venus not in step with the ways of the world, almost awkward and self doubting. If one has Mars in the 12th house, one’s anger and drive may turn inward to such a degree that the person may boil with anger, but be afraid to express it. This would be a classic aspect for passive-aggression. The Sun in the 12th may make one insecure about shining one’s light, standing out and standing up for one’s unique identity. Saturn in the 12th may want to join in a group, but will wait on the sidelines, for fear of rejection. Pluto in the 12th may push his primal emotions in to the realm of fantasy and be driven by sexual fantasies that seem to propel him to places he does not wish to go. Uranus in the 12th house may, similarly, have fetishes and unusual ways that may cause him to feel he is different in a way that may feel hopeless. Jupiter in the 12th house may make the person feel as if luck is elusive. Other people seem to get all the breaks while he watches from the sidelines. Jupiter in the 12th may protect the person from near miss accidents . It is called the Guardian Angel placement. Neptune is the easiest planet to have in the 12th house, but it is not easy. No 12th house placement is. This person may be psychic. I have this.

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