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Asteroid Child


This Asteroid is what is says. It is our inner child. This Asteroid is closest to the Moon, in terms of it’s nature. If one does not have good Moon aspects in synastry, one could check the Child Asteroid. I had it conjunct someone’s Moon. I could feel my inner child relax in this person’s presence. It was like he had known me, forever. It is a powerful Asteroid in synastry. It is a powerful Asteroid in the natal. Let’s talk about it for a bit.

We all have an inner child. No matter how hard bitten is a man, he has an inner child. It could be layered over with pain. However, there is something that can touch his inner child. People who have shut down their inner child, from abuse, open it to animals or children. In the presence of these defenseless creatures, a stony heart can melt. That stony heart is the inner child.

The Child Asteroid tells us the nature of our childhood. Wouldn’t we all want it trine the Sun? I have seen that in the chart of someone with a good childhood. On the other hand, one can extrapolate to a hard childhood. In the latter, the Child Asteroid will show the exact nature of the childhood.

In my doing of the charts, I have found what I think is the single hardest placement. That would be Moon conjunct Dejanira. This seems to result in Borderline Personality Disorder. If not this, then a severe fracturing of the personality. It seems to show sexual abuse. The Child Asteroid conjunct Dejanira is a lesser form of this. There is abuse. It may be sexual. It results in some fracturing of the ego, but not to the extent of Deja conj the Moon.

I would love you to check out your Child Asteroid and tell me what you find. We can learn together, as always! The Child Asteroid is 4580.

68 thoughts on “Asteroid Child

  1. amiannJas

    Hi there, I ve only just started looking at Child asteroid, and what i have found has got me, putting it mildly freaked out.

    My partner has his Nessus conjunct my Child asteroid, AND his Nessus conjunct my North Node.

    And for the first time, I can ‘see ‘ where the ‘aweful’ stuff is coming from..

    In contrast, friend of mine has his Moon conjunct my Child asteroid, and it’s exactly how you mentioned it above.

    My question if I may is: how do I deal with/survive this Child/Nessus/North Node conjunction?


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow J
      I am always honest,so let me say that. I would not marry this person or make any permanent commitments with him such as buy a house, have a child etc. The asteroids will play out imo.

      1. amiannJas

        Hi Amiann,

        Thanks for replying, and your honesty.

        I moved countries, to his country. And things have gone from bad to worse, when we were in my country I never saw even a hint of this ‘dark side’ to him, and I along with my friends are pretty cluey about people (so we thought, that will teach us ! ).

        Is part of the Nessus dynamic great acting?…because that’s exactly what he has done…

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, I don’t think Nessus is easy to hide. When one has grand passion, one may not want to see it but I bet it was there, below the radar. What do you think?

          1. amiannJas

            Ive thought over and over about this, and I never sensed or saw any behaviour even vaguely that you could describe as Nessus.
            Im quite sensitive to abuse in relationships have seen 2 of my closest friends go through it, so I (thought) knew the signs, etc.

            And would definately have stayed clear of anything like this, and would never especially changed countries and left myself isolated and stranded as a result.

            Over night I also checked his mother’s and daughter’s chart, they too have been very difficult to deal with , and I put it down to just jealousy or over-protectiveness, however his mother has her Nessus conjunct my Mercury, and his daughter has her Nessus conjunct my Sun/Mars.

            Have u seen anything this collected in one Centaur aspect before? It’s all a bit too much for me to handle to be honest.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Things do run in families but let me ask a few questions. Are you in a Muslim country where women do not have rights? Lets go from there.

  2. amiannJas

    Im just confused as to why you have gone down the track of the Muslim culture…so I thought your comments were to do with the Nessus/Child energy…

    the original post had my question if I may is: how do I deal with/survive this Child/Nessus/North Node conjunction?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I need people to remind me of things sometimes because the Comment Section has all the comments and they are not in order. However, I brought up the Muslim culture because many, many Non muslim women go into a Muslim country for a man and then cannot leave because a woman has no rights there. At any rate, that is not your situation, so we can move away from that. To answer your question, directly, I think it will be ab abusive relationship. I don’t think you can do anything to change that. The only thing that overrides the charts is a true relationship with Jesus. Other than that, you must decide if you want to stay in an abusive relationship because that is what you will have, in my opinion. This is one person’s opinion, Friend. I am sorry to give it but I have a commitment to honesty and I will not renege on that.

  3. amiannJas

    Any good/positive sides to Nessus energy? Where is the balance and healing found, if any..? These are questions that popped into my head when i read your last reply..

  4. amiannLesley

    Hi Ami, My Child asteroid in Pisces is in exact conjunction to Chiron retro in the sixth house. I also have it trine my Sun in Cancer (6deg orb), Mercury in Cancer (2deg orb) and also trine my Neptune in Scorpio (2deg orb) . Would the exact conjunction be stronger than the trines, as I didn’t have an exceptionally happy childhood?

  5. amiannLesley

    Hi Ami,
    Again, the more I learn about astrology, I am feeling so strong about the importance of the asteroids. They explain what the planets leave out. With having Nemesis conj my Moon and the Child conj Chiron, I am now understanding the depression that I felt at a very young age. But you are correct about the trines. Whenever I am down, my sense of humour kicks in and lifts the bottom up for me. And it is funny that my joy only truly comes out when I am away from my family. I believe that my family (esp. mother) don’t know the person I really am.

      1. amiannLesley

        Sharing helps and writing it gives me additional insight. I gotta say that nothing has been as accurate for me than astrology. So now I know what to tell people when they say I have to become less sensitive. I`ll tell them I have an unaspected Moon and see how they react (LOL).
        Yes, I really like the Kundalini Yoga, I currently alternate it with my belly dancing(which I love also) and feel younger and healthier than when I was in my twenties.
        I am now 52 and plan to stay active, as I now have a fitness regime that I love and really look forward to.

  6. amiannRachel

    Lovely article! I have Maniac conjunct Child. What would I make of this?? I am trying to understand.

    On another note, I am also attempting to make sense of Sedna, Lilith, and Chaos being conjunct my Taurus North Node of the 2nd house. I don’t like the sound of it!!

    Venus conjunct Nessus and Hylonome.

    Altropos conjunct MC. Ekk

    Alkes conjunct my Virgo sun is nice 🙂 as is Astrowizard conjunct IC

    Ami, you have opened up a whole new world of astrology for me!!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Rachel! that really warms my heart so much. Maniac conj child may be someone whose moods go up and down in a bi-polar kind of way. I found this asteroid to actually show up in the charts of people with Bi-Polar issues. Strange, isn’t it? What do you think, Rachel?

      venus conj Nessus may mix up love and abuse. Remember that these asteroid conjunctions really need to be 2 degrees or less. Sometimes, I will fudge to a 3 degree, but that is very wide for an asteroid.

      Sedna, Lilith and Chaos conj the NN in the 2nd. Yikes. Remember, the 2 degree rule, though.If they are 2 degrees or less, Sedna is great betrayal by men. This is not an easy asteroid, at all. Lilith is raw sexuality, which is good. Chaos may be a life that is full of chaos, which we could not want.

      The fact that it is in the 2nd House would make it play out in the arena of money.

      I never worked with Atropos or Alkes. If you want to come to my Research Forum, come and put up info on them.

      Astrowizard conj the IC would make you a super, natural for Astrology. You, obviously, love it! 😀

      1. amiannRachel

        All aspects are within 2 degrees. There are interesting stories for each of these and I’ll attempt to condense them. Maniac conjunct Child (1deg.). I personally am not bipolar as I feel that I can control my emotions and that I have power over them on the most part. I live within a family where everyone is wounded with this disorder. My maternal grandmother was institutionalized for a few years when I was about 2 years old as she was bipolar and my grandfather felt as though he could not handle her. She was an eccentric woman. I enjoyed her company although she had bouts of rage when I was watched by her. She would be so angered and would yell at me about things that were not my fault regarding her marriage. I would lock myself in the bathroom and clean for her as she was not good at maintaining a home and lived alone. I was about 7 years old at the time.
        My mother and my aunt are bipolar. My Aunt even became severely depressed and diagnosed with PPD and had to undergo shock therapy in an attempt to help her. The thing with my aunt is that she wasn’t raised by my grandmother (her mother), and she was institutionalized.
        I also have Dejanira 3 degrees from Child and a history of sexual abuse. I know its a wide orb but I figured I would mention it. Also, my entire family of step siblings were sexually abused by their mothers and ended up moving in with their dad, my step dad.
        Venus conjunct Nessus(1 deg.). Hmmmm. I’ve had some riveting experiences with my ex of 6 years. He cheated on me with strippers and had some issues with drugs and self esteem. Those were rough times. Moon conjunct IC double whammy in synastry made it feel impossible to leave. I am currently in a great relationship. I doubt it would go the abuse route but I’ve read somewhere that this aspect can denote a love of kink. I’m not obsessed, but I’ll let intimacy go there for entertainment sake 😉 He seems “obsessed” with me though. With Hylonome, I’ve read it is where you will make the ultimate sacrifice.
        Alkes makes me love water. I am like a fish. Thought this was attributed to being a Pisces Rising individual. I find water to be rejuvenating and almost spiritual. Bathing refreshes me in more ways than one. I almost feel it removes all the negative energy that attached to me and I emerge with a fresh slate.
        The North Node thing makes me want to cling to my south node!! I’ll take my dark Scorpio in the 8th please 🙂 Perhaps I know so much about Chaos that I could help others not make Chaos in their lives. I know I used to make my own Chaos, but I think I overcame it by learning control of myself. It’s a long shot…should I help people in adult entertainment?? Many I have met have a history of abuse and issues with men. I’ve never had that aspiration but the thought popped in my mind connecting Lilith, Sedna, and Chaos plus the 2nd house.
        I’d love to get on to your forum but I had such a difficult time doing it last time and I still can’t sign in. Perhaps I’ll give it a whirl though as it seems worthwhile.
        Sorry for the lengthy’s nice to tell this all to someone who may understand plus it may help you understand some placements. I’m not afraid to lay it all out there, either. Plus, it’s rare that people currently around me get my astrology rants. I have only recently began talking with others about astrology online.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          This comment is one of the most amazing comments I have ever received. Thank you for all your personal sharing! It will help others, too.I have Child conj Deja and have been through the same. You sound very centered for all you have been through! Thank goodness for that. Astrology can really help one accept what it.As to my Forum, it can’t be that hard because over 100 people are members 😀 I always tell myself that when I have to learn something new on the computer. The only better thing for you is that you can put up your chart and also look at the charts of others etc.

          1. amiannRachel

            Well, Thank you Ami!! I’ve enjoyed learning from you by reading your articles. The last time I attempted to get on the forum my email was coming up as a bad guy and I contacted you via FB to sort things out. I had you concerned that someone was trying to compromise your forum! Perhaps I’ll make a new email and see if that works.

            I am quite centered but I have my moments! Life will always be a learning experience, and can be quite the balancing act. Astrology seriously saved my butt 🙂 I began researching when I was going through the tough time with my ex. It is unfortunate that people go through these things. I am grateful that you take the time to help others as I sure that you have a great understanding of other’s turmoil. The exchange will always be twofold.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww, the bad email lol I have about 4 people a day try to break into my website. Everyone does. It is standard operating procedure. Well, do you have another e mail address you could use?

          3. amiannReianni

            I made it on effortlessly this time around!! Woohoo! I’m not sure what to post but I’ll lurk around and see if anything stirs me.

  7. amiannRaphie

    Hi Amiann, I was just wondering if you’d know what Valentine conjunct Child in a synastry means? It’s my partners Valentine on my Child, exact orb (20 aquarius) many thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Raphie! It is lovely. You will feel safe and beloved with him. He will feel very protective of you. You cannot do much better than this. My Friend!

      1. amiannRaphie

        Oh my God!!! Thank you so much Amiann!!! You are just SPOT ON. Seriously if he sees me even a little upset he’s the first there to look after me!! Than you so much! Could his Lachesis conjunct my Moon (again exact orb- sorry if I’m asking too much of you but I’m really happy from your answering me) have anything to do with it? Many thanks again!

        1. amiannRaphie

          I know there’s plenty of other aspects we have (tonnes, but I won’t post them all that wouldn’t be fair on you :s) but those two stick out the most to me.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          I am happy to answer questions, Ralphie. Thanks for your great comments! They mean a great deal to me! I don’t use Lachesis. Want to look it up and bring the info back or try to summarize it for me.

          1. amiannRaphie

            Lachesis: Something made in the past life brought to the current. We have Karma conjunct Karma (both Pisces) by two degrees. I’ll get our charts onto the forum in a minute, just have to figure out how to.. :s

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I don’t believe in past lives, per se. However, I do use asteroids for this life. Hmm, I will need more research on Lachesis in order to apply it. For my Forum, you have to put your chart in a Photo bucket kind of account and then upload it. I can do a better job for you there than here.

          3. amiannRaphie

            I couldn’t get the picture to upload, however I do have the key aspects that have me intrigued the most written out, apologies if you needed the chart but my laptop likes to fight with me :s I seem to annoy technology.

  8. amiannRaphie

    I put them up in the forum, like you said.Thank you for calling me sweet 🙂 You’re very kind for helping me out, too 🙂 thank you, again. x

      1. amiannRaphie

        Thank you so much, I love your website, I’ve been looking around for weeks for a good astrology site and I felt v. drawn to yours, you’re very informative and concise, with some astrologer’s it’s like they’re speaking in code (haha) but you write so clearly and comprehensively. Again, my thanks!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Aww, You made my day Ralphie. That is exactly what I wanted to achieve with my website. When I was learning Astrology, I would pull my hair out with all the esoteric mush out there. I wanted someone to speak in a direct way and not be afraid to take stands. That is me 😀

          Please, feel free to ask any questions on any articles which interest you, Ralphie dear!

          1. amiannRaphie

            Also on my forum post I’ve put up my interpretation to the Eureka asteroid, and the history behind it, if that helps too. Also another aspect (or two.. sorry again!! I suppose I’m just glad to finally be getting some help to interpret my chart with my love instead of making wild guesses and pondering) I need your expertise on if you know of it and it’s action in composite. again, many many thanks! xx

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            It is my pleasure to help you. You are so charming Ralphie dear. You have a strong Venus. It may be a Libra one but I think it is more than that. IT may be Unaspected. Put up your natal and let’s see 😀

          3. amiannRaphie

            Venus in sagittarius!! I think my Aura may be in Libra, I’ll have a look, thank you for calling me charming. 🙂 I’m blushing, honest :L

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            Aww That is big love. I have an article about a friend who has this and she has big love that showers people with it.
            I love when I make the right call 😀

          5. amiannRaphie

            I’ve put the rest of my natal aspects up with my forum posts, in case you’d like to look further at anything. feel free! x And also I agree with your article on Venus-Jupiter, When it comes to family and friends and people I get a good kind of vibe off I have nothing but love to give, and it makes me feel good when I make someone else feel good too. 🙂 x

  9. amiannRaphie

    Here they are aswell, really hope you don’t mind my asking all these questions but I can’t help myself! Sorry!

    His Mars conjunct my Vx and Alma (both 1 degree).
    His Neptune conjunct my Eros (0 degree).
    His North Node conjunct my Eureka (3 degrees, a little big I think.)
    His Vx conjunct my Atlantis, and my Pluto (both at 0 degrees).
    His Atlantis conjunct my Moon, 0 degrees again.
    His Valentine conjunct my Child (already covered, thank you) and also his Eros conjunct my Child (within one degree).
    One last one, sorry about it but it’s very puzzling/intriguing, His Psyche exactly conjunct my Destinn.

  10. amiannVulistaja

    Still a bit confused here about asteroids in synastry. I just randomly checked the Child asteroid and discovered that we have his Child conjunct my Sun. My Sun is unaspected otherwise. Unless there are some other asteroid aspects I haven’t discovered just yet.
    We also have my Child conjunct his Venus exact. So what exactly does it mean? Is it like a Moon-Venus conjunction?

    Thanks for all the information you have provided, Ami! I keep stumbling on your site when searching astrology related stuff.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, V! Yes, the Child is like the Moon but better, in a way. It is just what it appears to be, the innocence, magic and love of the child. Child in synastry is very, very warm and very binding. Think of the magic of childhood best friends. That is what you find here!

  11. amiannAure

    Hi Amiann,

    came across your website when I was looking for information on the asteroids. I found your post on the asteroid Child and checked it out, I have it exactly conjunct asteroids Eros and Juno 25 degrees Leo in 8th House (7th if you use Placidus). Does one degree orb from Vertex and two from my Sun (conjunct Lucifer, yikes) still count and what exactly would that combo do? I think Juno and Child have probably had some effect on my appearance as I look quite childlike still even in my 40’s… and despite my 5th House Gemini Saturn, I’m a bit of a joker and love wordplays (but I’m blaming that on Mercury Virgo).


  12. amiannQyuan

    Hi Amiann,
    I have always been inspired by many other of your writings and this time thank you for giving me clue about astroid Child.
    With a sense of surprise I discovered many similar common natal placements between me and a close friend, such as, we both have in our natal 8th house:
    Child conjunct Mercury conjunct Part of Fortune , his conjunction in Aquarius and mine in Aries.

    From the second/third time we met there happened so many crazy things that just made us laugh in public space like it’s no one’s business. When we talk about our childhood we realize that there’s many similar things we enjoy back then. We also have done odd adventures together like randomly exploring an odd ruin in a city.. totally out of the regular social norm.

    Aside from asteroid Child, we also have my Psyche conjunct his Ero, his Psyche conjunct my pallas loosely conjunct my ascendent. His Lilith conjunct my Sag.Moon and my ero, His Amor exact my sun and my Valentine on his Venus.

    So far we have been all Platonic, perhaps it also has to do with the Childlike connection, with my Mercury and Child opposing his moon and many other stars.An adult relationship gives me a feeling that may ruin something, although I do feel deeply attracted to him )

  13. amiannAquaBoi18

    I have a friend who is very bright, but his life is spiraling out of control as a result of a failed long-term relationship and drug abuse. In his chart he has Moon/Venus/Child/South Node all exactly conjunct in Capricorn. Opposite, he has North Node conjuncts Nessus at 6′. How could this be interpreted?

    He has revealed to me that his parents divorced due to affairs his father was having. He also revealed to me that his father would not be likely to accept his sexuality coming from a Middle Eastern background.

    We have a lot of strong aspects in our synastry, including the North Node conjunct Vertex. This pass year has been a rollacoaster ride with him, but he seems to be coming around after introducing him to Astrology.

      1. amiannAquaBoi18

        Yes, he definitely does not deserve any kindness from me. I don’t even know when I bother with him, after all of his lies. I debate in my mind if all of this is a lesson in learning to let go. My North Node is in Pisces after all!

  14. amiannAquaBoi18

    To add a little more about our synastry, other aspects include:


    Ascendant conjunct Sun
    Venus sextile Sun
    Moon trine Sun
    Anti-Vertex conjunct Moon/Venus
    North Node square Sun
    Moon square North Node
    North Node conjunct Valentine
    Mercury conjunct Moon/Venus

    We also have a few earth grand trines involving his Moon/Venus/South Node/Mars and my Jupiter (my chart ruler)/Mercury and Midheaven axis.

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