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Asteroid Nemesis—-128

The Asteroid Nemesis signifies an enemy. Does the chart ever lie? No, so one should take this asteroid seriously. In the natal chart, Nemesis conjunct the Moon is a mother who was an enemy. Should this happen? No. Does it happen? Yes. The female with Nemesis conjunct the Moon may feel estranged from women, in general, and her own feminine side. She may prefer the company of men. She flat out may not trust women.I have not seen the Asteroid Nemesis play out in male charts. I have seen it play out between mothers and daughters quite a bit. In all cases, the mother was an enemy “Sigh”

I will take this asteroid into all the charts I do from now on and see how else it plays out. Check yours. Tell me what you find. Does Nemesis conjunct the Sun signify a father who was an enemy? My guess is yes. Would Nemesis conjunct Venus signify lovers turning into enemies? I would expect so.

You tell me what you find as the charts are the teachers, as always.

74 thoughts on “Asteroid Nemesis—-128

      1. amiannLaura

        I have no idea. I thought about this before. And yes, MC. It’s in Aquarius. Society is my enemy? Or society sees me as an enemy. I suppose I am rather controversial. but not important enough to come close being a threat, lol.

        1. amiannLaura

          Ps: It’s an orb of 3 & its trining my part of fortune exact & trining Jupiter by 1. Rest is squares. So whatever it’s doing there, it’s bringing me good luck, yet ruining me? Very confused. Good luck & a career is my enemy? My “mission” is to be an enemy… I don’t know Ami, not sure if it’s that promising… 😉

          1. amiannLaura

            Hey Ami,

            Thought about this some more. I definitely think it’s actually my ‘society-opposing’ opinions. Or that’s how they areperceived by other. So I think it relates to Nemesis being ‘society norms’ here. It’s often seen as too much out of the box, while in reality (or as how I see it), I just point out the middle road in regards to (often sensitive) topics. Trying to point out both sights of a story/situation, but this is often perceived as very threatening and/or offensive even. Especially if it touches topics that are ‘taboo’, or touch people’s perception of things being either ‘right’ or being ‘wrong’. I think this also matches because my MC is in Aquarius and my Uranus & North Node are conjuct.
            Would this make sense to you? 🙂

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I really don’t know, Laura. You can come and post your chart in my Personal Readings Forum and we can discuss it. I don’t want to give a flip assent if I can’t really feel it in my heart.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Alvin, Sweetie. With Asteroids. the orb must be not more than 2 degrees especially in anything other than a conjunction. I don’t look at house alone, just at what touches the asteroid. What are the orbs, Alvin?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Alvin dear
          I am upgrading my website so it will work better and faster. I have lost some posts in the process. I did answer your question but please ask it again if we lost the data. I am very sorry!

          1. amiannAlvin

            So that’s why… Lol!

            Ok! I’ll ask again:

            What does it mean to have Nemesis in Leo in the 11th house, sextile the sun and mars? I have no idea what this means. Both orbs are less than 1 degree… 🙂

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Well, Alvin. I am not really sure with the sextiles. Perhaps, you felt like men were an enemy but you managed to get beyond it.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Starish. It has been a long time, Friend. Well, I am thinking that Nemesis conj Pluto may be generational, so not as applicable to each person. How close is it to your Sun. That would be personal. I did not know you were still around as we have not talked for a long time, like over a year. Am I right?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Linda! Well, I had it on the North Node of a friend. It kind of unnerved me. However, the chart never lies so I would say that you would be his enemy. Relationships are complex, as you know. You may want to undermine him. I see Nemesis as the man who brings his wife a cheesecake when she is on a diet lol. To be serious, I would take it seriously. Tell me about the relationship. You can come on my Forum and put the chart up, so we can see the whole chart and not just one aspect.

      1. amiannLinda

        Hi Ami,
        Thanks for your quick response. I can assure you that the relationship is very complex. Sometimes I am getting so tired that I want to run away from it. I would like to put the chart on your forum but I am a digital dummy :-)…

  1. amianntmo

    would nemesis in the 12 house be the best or worst placement ? and square mc , oppose true node by 1orb semi-sextile eros and sextile asteroid lust and now it squares my natal sun n i think i have a enemy

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hmm, everything in the 12th house would be the worst house placement but I really have not used Nemesis enough in the charts to come to real conclusions about it. I wish I could help you more but I need to add it to all my charts and then will be able to help the people who ask me. Thanks for your comment, Friend, and please keep them coming!

  2. amiannMarion

    Very Interesting indeed!

    My nemesis is exactly conjunct my Sun. Yes, I do strongly disapprove of my father, though i dont consider him an enemy.

    My 4 year old son’s nemesis is exactly conjunct his moon and his anti-vertex which is also my anti-vertex. Very upsetting for me. At the moment, I am doing my best to be the best mom possible. But really worried about this placement….:(

    My boyfriend’s nemesis is exactly conjunct my Descendant. What could that mean? My opponents become his enemies or his partnership with me will become his enemy?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Wow Wow Marion

      I bet you wish you never read the article lol

      I really can’t go against the chart and mitigate things. I know some Astrologers do but I respect Astrology too much. The people I have seen with Moon conjunct Nemesis have an adversarial relationship with their mothers. The people with it conjunct the Sun would have the same with the fathers, I assume. I have not seen it in actual charts, though.

      As far as your b/f, that is really something. I hate to say this but I think he is your enemy, at some level. Relationships are complex. I would think long and hard about marriage if I was in your situation. I wish I could say differently and some people would but I must say what the charts indicate to me, Friend.

      You can come and post your synastry in my Personal Readings Forum so we can look at the whole chart, if you want!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Sarah
      When there is a generational aspect such as 2 asteroids, it does not carry the same weight as an asteroid conjunct a personal planet or an angle. However, it does carry weight as I have seen in charts. I am not sure how to interpret this though. Why don’t you tell me how you feel it? Let me throw out a few ideas for you to consider. Do you have enemies that victimize you? Do you tend to get into these kinds of relationships before you know it?

  3. amiannMarion

    Hi Ami,

    I tried registering on the site. But it keeps saying ‘username not available’. Please help.

    Yeah would be really thankful if you could look at the synastry which seems otherwise good…with Eros conjunct Psyche double whammy and all.

    I thought my DC is my enemy/partner and his nemesis is his enemy. So shouldn’t it translate as my enemy/partner is his enemy. (like say if i had a different partner, that partner would be this guy’s enemy)

    Please tell me how/where to register.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Marion

      I get about 20 people a day trying to spam my Forum. Right now, I have to delete them by hand. I check if there is a valid e mail box. If not, I delete. This may be what happened. You have to have a valid e mail box and an e mail that was not hacked etc so it comes up bad.
      This is driving me crazy. I need to get a program that does it and I will next week.

      Check and see if your e mail comes out bad. There are e mail verifiers on the web. Here is one.

  4. amiannMarion

    Hi Ami,

    Yes, i tried the link and my address was clear and verified as ‘a valid deliverable email box’. So how do i register now? Or should i send the synastry charts via ‘contact Ami’ page?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What is your user name gonna be. tell me and I will look for it. I would prefer you put the charts on the Forum. It is much better for discussion and your questions!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok Friend. I will look and I will delete this. I have soooo many spam fake people registering that I am going crazy. I am going to get a program tomorrow to get rid to them

  5. amiannRachel

    I know a pole dancer who has moon conjunct nemesis (exact) in her 6th house. She has a close relationship to her mother now, but I think it was stressful when she was younger. But she does seem closer to men, although she is bisexual. I have noticed that she does have a lot of issues with her female friends and with some ladies at the club she works. Those places are highly competitive anyhow and the women can get very catty. Is there any way she can work towards resolving this, or should she just keep women at an arms distance?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Rachel. My thought is that she should avoid women until she could/if she could get a real heart change with God. I know people give platitude kinds of answers about how to get over things but I am not like that lol

    1. amiannRachel

      And what would mars indicate? My fiance has Mars conjunct Nemesis 1 degree apart, I literally just noticed. I hope I haven’t asked too many questions :p

      Hope you are having a lovely day!

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Thank you, Rachel. I feel very happy today. How about you? 🙂

        About Nemesis conj Mars. I wonder if he relates his drives to having to get power over people in order to win? What do you think?

        1. amiannRachel

          I’m glad it’s going well for you. It’s a great day for me too ! I’m having a date date later today that is long overdue 🙂 Holy moley, that all rhymed….

          He’s not an overly aggressive type as mars is in cancer. He doesn’t seem to want to win more than others. He does bodybuilding and fitness is a huge passion for him. He is a former Marine and has great leadership skills. Right now, he does personal training. He hopes to become a police officer, get on with border patrol, or perhaps customs. He is big on transformation and changing people’s lives for the better.

          He has mentioned to me in the past that he likes to break the ice in a group setting as it is a way to take control of the setting. It makes everyone more comfortable to speak. But it is a way of taking charge because he sees it as if others will look to him as being more of a leader. I always thought that fell along the lines of his Aquarius Rising, as he will say outlandish and surprising things to break the ice in a quiet room.

          I think something to urkes him is that he never feels like he gets recognized for all the hard work that he does. And really does deserve it. I try to make sure he knows we appreciate him at home.

      1. amiannRachel

        I’d have to ask her. My friend as the Mercury conjunct Nemesis aspect. She’s generally friendly and is a bit of a social butterfly but you never know what could be underlying in the depths of her mind. I know her better than most people, she doesn’t let her large group of acquaintance know much about her, and she even makes up stories to throw others off of who she is. In high school, people talked negatively behind her back.

        1. amiannVictor

          Would nemesis conjunct the sun and moon midpoint in the natal chart mean that the person is an enemy to themselves. I have found that aspect in my friend chart and time and time again they have proven to be their on worse enemy.

          1. amiannVictor

            The sun and moon midpoint is the real inner you. That point between your sun and moon that resonates to your true inner core. Basicly its how you’re really are consciously (sun) and unconsciously (moon) merged into one.

  6. amiannKassandra

    I have a curiosity on how Nemesis works on progressed charts.
    Ex.: My progressed Nemesis conjuncts at the grade the other’s
    natal Sun, Pluto and Lilith in Libra. My Natal Vertex also forms
    a strict conjunction with the Libra stellium of this person.
    Now my progressed Vertex conjuncts his progressed Sun in
    Scorpio. I have a double feeling of unique attraction and it is simply
    perfect when we get to meet, as if we are cut of the ordinary world,
    pure misticism and ecstasy but I also feel anger and resentment when
    he gets distant for months… He is married w/an 13 years older partner.
    Something tells me it is a karmik matter and in bad and good is not over.
    It’s just in his hands. At his disposal since he has a family to look after.
    Opinions are more than welcome! Thanks.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Friend
      I have never worked with Progressed charts in this way, so can’t really say. I am going to give a psychic sense to this. Take it how you would like, Friend. I don’t feel good about this relationship. That is one person’s opinion. If you would like to post the synastry in my Personal Readings Forum, I would be happy to look. We can start there. I could look at the Progressed later but the synastry would be the basic building block so one must start there, in my opinion.

      1. amiannKassandra

        Hi and thank you so much for both your answers!
        How can data be sent to you in strict confidence?
        Thanks for your attention and interest in this case!
        Peace and Light.

          1. amiannKassandra

            I can see.
            I just said that because there is a “third” part involved.
            I think I could finally post but the link size is too small.
            I try to post a better one. Thanks for being so kind to me.

      1. amiannKassandra

        Excuse me, where can I find the Personal Readings Forum?
        Thanks again for your attention and wish to look at my case.
        🙂 Peace and Light!

          1. amiannKassandra

            Thanks and excuse me if I just answered today.
            I had no notification of your previous replies or
            I would have answered before!
            I look for ‘Personal Readings Forum’ on the front.

          2. amiannKassandra

            I need a favour from you.
            Could you please link me the right path to get into your ‘Personal Readings Forum’? That will be largerly appreciated.
            Mean while, 2 separated birth charts are ready for you.
            Just need to know where exactly I can post and you will see them!

  7. amiannTiffany

    The degrees of the trine aren’t close at all. Would it being in retrograde indicate anything?
    There is this woman I am seeing, my nemesis is conjunct her moon by one degree and her nemesis is exactly conjunct my north node degree. Would this indicate a lot of trouble?

  8. amiannLorenzo

    Several asteroids (angel, nemesis, Ganymede) tightly conjunct my Virgo northnode in 9th house Leo. I don’t have a clue how this will manifest. Any takes?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Lorenzo

      Yes. You will have to learn the lessons of being an angel which would make you feel compelled to be an angel to others. Nemesis would present the lesson of betrayal. You will prolly be betrayed and will betray others in your process of learning imo

      1. amiannLorenzo

        Thanks Ami. That’s sad because my north node exactly trines my moon too, so I guess anyone whose personal planets will touch my moon will also trine these good and bad asteroids together with my northnode. Kinda learning the hard way :p

  9. amiannLorenzo

    Follow up question Ami: do we get to interpret asteroids that conjunct one another? If so, angel conjunct nemesis in a natal chart will manifest something like “Maleficent” (the movie)? Hero and villain thing?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      yes, we look at conjunctions. For that one, you may have to learn the lessons of both asteroids and the combinations of the two. You may be an angel and be betrayed in the process. You may be an enemy and learn to turn into an angel. You may have people do this to you. However, it plays out, you will learn these lessons imo

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