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More On The Bad Boy Ixion

james-deanIxion does not like to follow rules. Picture James Dean with the cigarette  hanging from his mouth. He is oh so sexy and oh so free. Men with a strong Ixion vibe sexuality. We should not like the bad boys but we do. We like a man who beats to his own drummer.  We may be afraid of him but he attracts us, too.

A man with Ixion conjunct the ASC, MC Sun, Moon,Venus or Mars will have the outlaw vibe.

Ixion is not an asteroid, per se, so doesn’t have a number. There are many different planetary bodies and only the Asteroids are numbered. One can find one’s Ixion on on the available list under the chart options.

If a person has Ixion conjunct the ASC, MC, Sun or Mars, Ixion will be more obvious than the Moon or Venus. You may have to know him a bit to see the bad boy when in love( Ixion conjunct Venus) or the bad boy at heart ( Ixion conjunct the Moon)

The predominant trait of Ixion is utter lawlessness.  He does not care for any rules. He is not held back by rules. He will do what he wants when he want. If your guy has a prominent Ixion, you best look it up now and find out.

Of course, the above applies to women, too.

Look up your Ixion and see where it resides. Add house, too, as I am trying to incorporate houses into my asteroids, now. They do give amazing information. Sign is less important because Asteroids and similar planetary bodies stay in the same sign for several years, often.


I found some interesting info on famous people with powerful Ixion placements. I think you will be interested.

1.Lyndon B. Johnson —-Ixion conjunct the Sun( exact)

Conjunct Mars( 1 degree)

Conjunct ASC ( 1 degree)

2. Marilyn Manson–

Ixion conjunct Mars( exact)

Square Mercury( 2  degrees)

3. Albert Einstein

Ixion oppose Mars( 1 degree)

4. John Lennon

Ixion conj Vertex ( exact)

Conjunct Mars and  North Node( 4 degrees)

5. Shirley Maclaine —conjunct ASC ( exact)



40 thoughts on “More On The Bad Boy Ixion

  1. amianntombone

    Scorpio Ixion in 5th House:
    Opposite Moon and Lilith (cant read degrees, tell you later)
    Semisquare Neptune
    Square Vesta and Nessus and Nut
    Trine ASC (-1) and aspects MC but dont recognize symbol.

    Yea James Dean has nothing on me!!!!

      1. amianntombone

        ‘Handsome’:P This def relates to me. If I wasnt called ‘crazy’ I was called someone with a bad boy exterior with a heart. It’ll be cool to see who else has this

  2. amiannMarion

    In the composite chart between me and my man, we have composite Ixion conjunct composite Sun by 2 degrees.

    Could this mean we would have a ‘lawless and carefree’ relationship…………….:)?

  3. amiannShen

    I’m think of him, Justin Bieber.
    from Google search, he was born March 1994, but it’s not specify his date.

    and Lady Gaga, the 1st thing many people think about her, is how she dress today. she’s very different

  4. amiannEnaid

    Hi Amiann!

    Thanks for this article 🙂

    I have been looking up my Ixion and it is tightly to conjunct to my Sun in Scorpio in the 2nd house.

    What does it mean according to you ? Thanks in advance for your answer

  5. amiannLon Spector

    I must have been away a long time.
    When did this emphasis on asteriods begin? In my day Astrology was about the “main”
    planetary placements, plus Chairon , Ceres, and maybe Agol. When did these 100’s of
    Asteroids develop signicance? When better telescopes were developed?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Asteroids are more recent, Lon. However, they reveal themselves to be true. Check out my article on Name Asteroids or I will link it for you. Astrology shows God’s order. That is why I love it so much!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You prolly have a part of you that is lawless at heart. This is not a bad thing. It can make the person independent and creative. Of course, one wants to stay out of jail 😀

  6. amiannmarion

    I really dont know yet. I am not officially in relationship with him yet.

    Looking deeper, there is in fact more than Comp. Sun conj. Ixion. Between 2nd and 8th degrees of SCORPIO we have the following.

    His natal mars, my progressed mars, my sun-moon midpoint, my progressed venus, his natal Ixion, my progressed Sun, Composite Ixion, My natal Ixion, His Venus-Mars midpoint, Composite Sun.

    Too much action for a small 6 degree patch of sky?……..:(

    That degree range is within his 12th house natally. And they are within my 6th house natally. In the composite, they are in 3rd house.

    I am worried too now..

  7. amiannTiffany

    My ex husband had ixion conjunct mars in his natal. He has his ixion conjunct my Venus by 3 degrees and his ixion conjunct my ascendant by a 5 degree orb. He also had ixion oppose Venus natal not sure what that means. I felt he was always trying to hurt me in secret ways. His ixion is in his 11th house but his ixion is in my 12th house. Then both his Venus and mars is square my tight mars conjunct dejanira. I almost feel I was his victim. His Pluto is also square my mars. Could you give me details of how this would play out? The more details the better. I feel I am mentally & emotionally stuck since he stopped talking to me. His mars is also in Scorpio in my 12th. Everything is in fixed signs so you can only imagine how broken I feel. I always felt he was trying secretly destroy me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I just wrote a long reply and lost it. Grrrrr This sounds like it started like pure magic and ended like pure hell. Were you wildly attracted to each other and thought you found your soul mate like so, so happy. Was it so passionate that it was off the wall? It stayed this way for a month or so and then it turned into a hellish nightmare?

      He was your enemy by the Ixion on your Venus. Do you have a 12th House Venus? I wish you could post your chart in my Forum. I could do a much better job for you.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      His natal opposition of Ixion and venus may make him see love in a lawless way like he can do what he wants and it doesn’t matter what it does to the other person. His Ixion conj your Venus made him able to do what he wanted to you and not care, perhaps. That would fit very well. if you have Mars conj deja, you are gonna be prone to be a victim. Only god can change charts imo. Pluto sq mars is an aspect for possible violence. This sounds like mad,mad passion gone down to a deep hole with even revenge etc

  8. amiannTiffany

    Yes it was…I have moon conjunct dejanira by 2 degrees. Mars is in the same sign as dejanira but the orb is 15 degrees. There was a lot of romance, passion, raw sexual energy, & mental & emotional violence …at one point I thought he was going to kill me. I have natal Venus conjunct Pluto and he has Venus oppose Pluto. I always felt he wanted me for status and to control but not to genuinely love. We also had composite sun in Leo in the 8th house square Pluto, mercury was square Pluto. There was a lot of intensity.
    I would post our charts but I really don’t know how.

  9. amiannTiffany

    I have Venus at the end of the 12th house so I guess it can be interpreted in the 12th and 1st. The answer is yes I have been sexually abused and taken advantage of. Could you explain to me how to post my chart in your forum?

  10. amiannEva

    Very interesting article about Ixion! My little son has it conj his Sagittarius Sun less than degree and all this is conj my ASC. Hmm, now I understand why it is so hard to discipline him 🙂

  11. amiann8ofHearts

    Hey, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn this way.” ;}
    What orbs do you use for Ixion conjunctions? I have Ixion at 6 Scorpio conj My Eros (7’33) & Moon (12’11) and opposite Mars (8’48). I also have Lilith conj my North Node. Ruh-roh. What does this mean for a female? I was definitely “sweet” (Moon conj Venus) but a handful & love & live by my own rules for sure.
    In my progressed chart, I have sun at 16 Scorpio and yes about 7 years ago I abruptly left my established life behind and entered a very wild phase lifestyle/romantically, etc. At the same time, Uranus was conjunct progressed ASC, Pluto crossing natal IC & a bunch of other elements. Wooh – wild time! More to come? My progressed ASC is now 3 Scorp?? ;}

    I have an old friend with Sun at 8 Scorpio and it is true – when we’d get together we’d get really wild & party like crazy out of nowhere. I think we both wondered where the heck that energy came from.
    I have a female friend with Moon 6 Scorpio, Mars 2 Scorp and we also get pretty raucous when we chat.
    A male friend of mine who is typically the proverbial “nice guy” has Ixion at 10 Scorp conj his own psyche & my Eros and Moon & opp my Mars was rather rough w/ me sexually when we hooked up and later when I confided interest in something more. We have a lot of other aspects which are quite empathic and gentle so it was weird for him to flip that switch but interesting. Like an alter ego. Hmm…Maybe this explains it?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome 8 of hearts! I use a 2 degree orb for conjunctions. I am having a hard time following the verbal description. Do you want to post your charts in my Forum?

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks for the GREAT comment, 8! Some of your aspects are too wide. I would accept Ixiion at a 2 degree conjunct. A 3 degree would be pushing it but ambient. With the trine and other aspects, one should really only accept one degree imo. Two is pushing it but ambient, perhaps.

  12. amiannScorpRising

    Okay, maybe a little when I was younger! :p

    But I am 20 now and considering the 1 degree, I don’t feel this way about myself. I definitely respect the law and rules, but I have sun in Libra, 5 degrees. That might have something to do with it.

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