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More On The Vixen Lilith

light cig girlLilith can be quite confusing because there are three forms of her. I stick to the Astro,com one. It comes up on the charts. Lilith is an interesting character. To me, she is raw sexuality. Lilith does not denote soul. Lilith does not denote dark sexuality such as Sado/Masochism etc. That would be for the realm of the Asteroids Sado and Nessus. Lilith is simply an animal sexuality.

Lilith conjunct the ASC or MC is a very sexy person. I ask these natives to send me a picture. Without fail, they vibe raw sexuality. This is the same for men and women. They have a come-hither feel. They attract attention due to this, whether or not they want it. Some natives want the attention. Some natives don’t.

In synastry, one should look for the Lilith of one person aspecting the personal planets and angles  of the other person. Then, there will be raw sexuality shared between the two. The Lilith person will bring it to the planet person( just in considering this one aspect only)

I am not sure how Lilith conjunct the IC works. It seems like there may have been sexual abuse with this, just from the look of it. However, I would need you to provide personal reports, so we all can learn.

Lilith conjunct the DSC would be a native who looks for raw sexuality in the partner. The native nay have blocked his own raw sexuality. One cannot say that, for sure, just from this one aspect. However, what conjuncts the DSC is often blocked in oneself and looked for in the partner.

To give some specific examples of Lilith in synasry. When I see a man’s( for example) Lilith conjunct a woman’s North Node, I know that the Theme of the relationship will be raw sexuality. This can be very good if there is soul, too. If there are no aspects for soul, I would expect it to be a fling.

If a man’s Lilith conjunct a woman’s ASC, she would feel an overwhelming feeling of the man as a sexual being. He may make her weak in the knees. That would be the best way to describe it.

If a man’s Lilith conjunct a woman’s Venus, she would feel much the same as the ASC. However, she would feel it more as that she was desired for her beauty and sexuality. She would most likely feel as Carole Kings song, “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”. I think all women know how it feels when a man makes you feel very desired . This would explain Lilith conjunct Venus

These are a few of the placements in synastry that I have noted as I have done charts. Please, chime in with your own and we will learn together!

24 thoughts on “More On The Vixen Lilith

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Some deluded Devil worshippers believe that Lilth was the name of a feminist that
    existed in the Garden of Eden prior to Eve. She wanted to get “on top,” or, some
    other nonsense, and was “nutralized,” and a more compliant Eve took her place.
    She comes back at night as some temptress/blood sucker. It’s amazing the nonsense
    that the unconverted believes in.
    There was a film titled “Lilth” from the early 1960,s. It starred Warren Beatty, who was a
    male sex symbol. He works in a mental hospital and a patient named Lilth works her way
    into his head, in a Neptunian way. He is so taken and deluded by her, that he violates all
    his principles and KILLS for her! He ends up a little boy, saying “Help me!”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I have heard that bout Lilith, too. It seems there is more nonsense on Lilith than other asteroids. That makes it hard to hone down, Lon dear, as you said!

  2. amiannmarion

    My Man number 1 (my flatmate) has his fourth house Lilith exactly on my IC opposing my own lilith which is on my MC. He is HIGHLY sexually attracted to me….me to him too but to a lesser extent.

    He is a die hard introvert who has been largely sexually docile most of his life. He claims that he never had sex with anyone except his ex-wife whom he had married via arranged marriage. Also claims that no woman aroused him sexually as much as i did, in his entire life.

    The way he set about to ‘get me’ or ‘be close to me’ was by offering/inviting to share house with me. He, me and my son (from my ex) have a sort of a made-up-family scenario right now.

  3. amiannMoonChild

    Her Lilith CON my Moon
    Her Lilith CONJ my DC (OPP my ASC)
    Her Lilith Squares my MC
    Her Lilith OPP my Pluto
    Her Lilith Trine my Mercury

    My Lilith Sextiles her Mercury.
    My Lilith Sextiles her Mars.
    My Lilith Trines her Saturn.
    Also has aspects with her Jupiter and Neptune.

  4. amiannTiffany

    His Lilith is conjunct my Jupiter and POF conjuncting my IC by a tight orb. His lilith is also conjunct my Child by about 10 degrees, not sure if it means anything. Lilith is natally in his 3rd house in Pisces.
    My lilith and Chiron in Gemini is in his 7th house. My lilith is also conjunct his NN but not by a very tight orb. I would say about 16 degrees. His lilith is also conjunct my NN but its off by about 15 degrees.
    Could you give me an overall description of how this would play out?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, first of all, we have to back way up to the issue of orbs. A 3 degree orb. tops, can be used for a conjunction and a 1 degree orb for an opposition or square

  5. amiannTiffany

    His Lilith is conjunct my Jupiter and POF conjuncting my IC by a tight orb.
    My lilith and Chiron in Gemini is on his 7th house cusp.

  6. amianncatman90

    It is really important you read all of this to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes and you haven’t accidentally contradicted yourself or confused any readers.

    Ami First of All I need to ask a question
    Do you use Asteroid Lilith or at least think your Using Asteroid Lilith ?

    The Reason I ask is because their is already a lot of confusion about the Liliths and makes things even more confusing.

    There is Asteroid Lilith (1181)

    (H58)The Hypothetical point Known as The Waldmeth Moon or Dark Moon

    and Finally the Hypothetical Point Black Moon Lilith
    The Black Has a Mean Version and A true Version much like The North Node

    The Mean version is shown in the additional objects box and is Labelled Lilith

    (H13) Also Known as Osc.Lilith or the True Black Moon

    T complicate things More I think there is also Another Hypothetical point (H21)Also Known as the Interpolated Lunar Apogee or Natural apogee .I think this This Point is an alternate way to calculate the Black Moon or Alternative version of the Black Moon.

    You have to be very clear about which one you are claiming to use.When you say you use the one uses you still are not being clear enough as to which one you are using and could confuse people.Here are some reasons why.

    If you create a chart using the default drawing style then she will not appear unless you choose include her.However if you decide to change the drawing style to the option
    Astrodienst w.asteroids. She will appear.However some people may get confused by the title of the drawing style Astrodienst w.asteroids option.They may think they have been shown Asteroid Lilith when they see the the little crescent moon with a cross symbol they may wrongly assume it represents Asteroid Lilith when I fact it represents the mean version of Black Moon Lilith. makes things confusing because if you type (1181) Asteroid Lilith into the search box it will show as up Lilith in your Chart Image.They confuse people because they labelled the Mean Black Moon Lilith as Lilith in the additional objects box.Also to further confuse others (h21) will also appear as Lilith in your actual chart image even though you type in (h21) in the search box.
    If you don’t know the differences between them or about the other Liliths its very easy to muddle them up.

    I do want to say that people wouldn’t know about (1181)Asteroid Lilith if it wasn’t for the Lilith Myth.
    By the way Asteroid Lilith wasn’t actually named after Lilith at all she was named after
    Lili Boulanger

    (H58) Dark Moon Lilith , Black Moon Lilith Mean Version ,(H13) True Black Moon and (H21)
    Where all clearly named after Lilith’s myth and her symbolism and that is the way it should be.
    You don’t have to actually believe Lilith Existed Or be angry at her Myth when it comes to Astrology.After all we use Planets,Asteroids and Hypothetical points named after Pagan Gods and deities and accept the symbolism associated with them and don’t bat an eyelid.Why should Liliths Symbolism get trashed and unaccepted when we accept the all the other symbolism

    One final point.
    If Ami has accidentally thought she was looking at Asteroid Lilith aspects when In reality she may have been looking at the Black Moon Lilith while discrediting the Lilith Symbolism it wouldn’t have much real astrological content or meaning.It would be like saying the Sky is Green.I think it would be a shame to discredit the Black Moon which has its own already clearly established symbolism and lessons to teach in order to promote asteroid that has a deceiving title and is only famous because of the LIlith myth .If we ignore Lilith’s symbolism and what she represents then we may as well not pay attention to our Venus,Mars or Mercury or any other planet,asteroid,fixed star or hypothetical point. In astrology what is relevant is the symbolism it doesn’t actually matter if the person/creature/God or whatever the Planetry Body was named after actually actually existed or if we like the symbolism or not.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    So it’s obvious I have offended you in someway. Why, because I think you’re STILL
    working for Goodman? Who cares about that? Have I activated some “soft spot?’
    Or, has some slanderious talk taken place behind my back as is often the case?

  8. amianncatman90

    Perhaps this would be a good Lilith Song

    These here are some nutty songs my troubled could think of lol

  9. amiannsoliloquy

    The man I am currently with has his Lilith opposing my Sun and Juno and conjunct my Ascendant, Jupiter and Psyche, while my Lilith opposes his Venus and Juno and conjuncts his Pallas (all small orbs) in synastry. In addition, my Moon is conjunct his Ceres. How can this play out?

  10. amiannEve.Marie

    Good morning Amiann,
    Its very hard to find an interpretattion about Lilith opposite Lilith in synastry !! yet many people on Internet really seem to look for an explanation about this .
    What would you say about this interaspect ? is it good or bad in synastry ?
    is it karmic or what ?

    in Gemini : Female Lilith(conjunct ASC in her natal chart ) conjunct male North Node 2 degrees
    in Sag : Male Lilith conjunct female natural interpolar Perigee (Priape).
    I would be tempted to think that this is not good to have Lilith opposite Lilith ! because Priape is not a good point in one’s chart, it represents the point where we deny our Lilith values and desires, and where we struggle against them, don’t you think ? . So I don’t know …. But I know I ‘ve never been sexually attracted with a man as much as I was attracted with this man with his lilith opposite mine. I was ready to call the firemen for help after a single kiss . OMG

    (yes I have ASC conjunct Lilith natal, but No No I wont send a photo of me, I’m much too shy !)
    Anyway, I am not so sexy… But I used to be , when I was younger :))
    in fact, I always attracted men , but frightened them at the same time !! maybe because I did not use classical feminine venusian/charm/frailty/female grace/ etc values so attract men, but on the contrary when I was a young woman I had a strong tendency to “hunt” men exactly as men do themselves with women ! I am not certain this is a positive thing to have ASC /lilith :((, especially with a Leo Sun , and Mars in Leo too , sextile ASC /Lilith , moreover ! it makes a woman slightly agressive in sexual approach to men. When I was a young woman, I always had to struggle against this natural tendency of.mine to take the commands of the sexual intercourses and have a directive behaviour. I always had to control myself strongly not to do this .
    love from France !

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Eve! LIlith oppose Lilith may be like a sexy fighting kind of aspect like those people who fight in a raw sexual way. If a woman’s Lilith conk a man’s NN, she will bring him raw sexuality. Wow about the Lilith oppose Lilith. Well, the oppositions are tension and Lilith is raw sexuality, so there you go 😀

      Thanks for sharing about your Lilith and your chart. That is so very interesting but makes sense, Eve.

  11. amiannEve.Marie

    Hello Amiann, thanks you for your answer !
    If I try to remain in generalities, I would say that I think it’s quite hard for anybody on this old Earth, in general, to get emotionnaly detached from the memory of a person who has given you a very strong moment of sensual/sexual/transcendant emotion , don’t you think ? its not typical of me
    But maybe in my personal case it is just even harder, and impossible to get detached from a Lilithian meeting/memory , because Lilith is something prominent in my chart ? I don’t know.
    my natal theme lilith aspects :
    Lilith conjuncts ASC (gemini) ,
    sextiles Mars (leo) ,
    trines MC (aquarius) + trines Part of Fortune on MC (aquarius) .
    Lilith ( 6 gemini) also Squares Vénus ( 6 virgo) , and squares the awful H58 Lilith Maldemath
    ( 7 pisces) the nasty H58 being, of course, opposite virgo Vénus
    Really seems like the hidden awful scary bit-h in me struggles hard against the saint mother and wife lol ! sometimes it is not easy to find inside harmony lol
    But I try, I try ….
    😉 😉 😉

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