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Elemental Voids

There are four elements which are used in Astrology. The world is made up of these four elements. One can look out one’s window and see the elements and their interplay. The chart mirrors the earth because God made both. The earth is balanced with the four elements. The oceans are bordered by the sands. The water is contained and stopped by the earth. Fire is used for a fuel. Water can extinguish it. Air can fuel it. If one studies Chinese Medicine, one can see the interplay of the elements making up the Universe and being mirrored in the body. That is the theory behind acupuncture and how and why acupuncture works. The elements are very real things. They function in the human in very real ways.That is why when there is an element void in a chart, it becomes a major focus of the chart and a major part of that person, for better or worse.

I will discuss each Elemental Void so you can have an idea how they function on a personal level. The first one would be an Earth Void. The Earth Void does not feel as if he is a citizen of the physical plane. He may struggle to feel grounded and able to handle the personal exigencies of life. He may be poor with organization. He may have a home, a desk or a pocketbook with things stuffed within, in no order. Earth deals with the practical building blocks of every day life such as bills, money and making life go from disorder to order. The Earth Void struggles with such things. However, as with all Voids, the earth void may be very successful, materially. There seems to be some magic with the Voids. If they try very hard, they seem to master their Void and achieve more than someone without it. Conversely,if they do not, they seem to struggle for their entire lives. It is the unusual person who can overcome his Void.It takes a great deal of struggle against a mountain, which is the force of the Void. However,I have seen it happen.

The Air Void may have a hard time stepping back and detaching.One could see this when the Air Void is insulted. He may punch first and ask questions later. He may be quick to jump into a fray.It seems as if his whole being is attacked when a person hurls an insult his way. That is because Air is the element which allows us to pull back and assess. Air gives one logic. Logic allows one to jettison out of one’s emotions and take a logical stance. A person low in Air or an Air Void may have to be very careful not to react at the spur of the moment. If one reacts without thinking, one will pull trouble to oneself. There are always people who will test one’s patience. The person high in Air is gifted in these settings. The person with the Air Void must know, beforehand, that he is susceptible to react, first, and ask questions later. That will provide a needed buffer for him.

Fire is drive, optimism, get up and go, and enthusiasm. People high in fire have a natural optimism. They have a natural desire for adventure. They want to experience life. They feel a childlike sense that everything will be alright. The power of their natural optimism makes it to become the case, often. The Fire Void does not have fire traits( unless one adds houses which are beyond the scope of this article.) For the purposes of this article, the Fire Void has to struggle with what comes naturally to the person high in Fire. As such, the Fire Void must push himself, doubly. The Fire Void must overcome the inertia of wanting to give up. Think of an actual fire. It’s warmth goes into one and gives a natural sense of well being. The fire void may have to search within the deep recesses of his will to compensate for the lack of natural fire. However, as with wealth coming to the Earth Void, many highly successful people are Fire Voids.

The Water Void seems to be the hardest, in my personal opinion. Astrologers may vary in this. I feel a precious kinship with my own water. It seems to keep me strong when I want to fall. My water makes me feel connected to others. This connection makes me feel that I can reach my hand out to another person and he will reach back. My water makes me feel as if I am one with the human race. I feel that I connect through the element of water, which is my feelings, my heart’s responses. As such, I feel a certain gasp when I see a Water Void. Truth be told, I still don”t quite understand the Water Void. As I said, a Void can propel a person to develop the element very strongly due to the sheer overcoming of it. I have seen a Water Void be the most sensitive person in the room. However, it seems as if the typical Water Void cannot connect emotionally. The Water Void may put his foot in his mouth as he cannot step into another person’s shoes. I have seen one Water Void fight to the death that she was sensitive, all the while insulting everyone within ears reach. I do have to demur in the area of the Water Void as I do not understand it from behind it’s eyes, which is always my goal.





8 thoughts on “Elemental Voids

  1. amiannSelenite

    I have an air void. No planets in air whatsoever. I can relate to this, as I am mostly fire and mostly get myself into trouble. I have learned everything I know from life experience; the hard way. I absolutely cannot learn by listening. Someone will be trying to give me directions and I will be observing the way they speak instead and I’ll end up getting lost. It’s all fun but the more serious types don’t usually think so. 😉

    I also can’t force myself to act like the people around me. Either I feel like it or I don’t, there’s no small talk and forced compliments if I don’t mean what I’m saying. I REALLY DISLIKE superficiality. Seeing it really turns me off. I have a lot of friends, but I have to keep my distance sometimes or I find myself seeing through them too harshly, forgetting that we are all human. People who are really airy tend to get offended by me. BUT I am starting to develop a keen sense of logic and detachment, and I can do airy social events without wanting to die. Mostly.

    With love,

  2. amiannGB

    It was just a thought I had when my daughter who is a water void was describing how she experiences emotions. She has never said that she experienced sexual abuse, but when she was an elementary age child she had spent some time away from home with some relatives and later she would try to describe something that happened and it just seemed like she couldn’t articulate exactly what it was. I would try to ask questions to get a clearer picture of what she was trying to say but it just never seemed to make sense. She had a cold at the time and that was mostly what she talked about but it always seemed to me like there was more to it. I also have a friend who is a water void and she has told me she thinks it is possible she was sexually abused as child but doesn’t remember. So I was thinking may be its possible water voids could be at risk for something like sexual abuse because they cut off their emotions or disassociate from them. It was just an idea that popped into my head and was trying to get more info on it. Thank you Ami:)

  3. amiannGB

    I am loving the warm summer weather! And I continue to love your website, it is so encouraging to me. I hope your summer is going well and that your garden is growing beautifully:)

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