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How To Analyze a Yod

The Yod can be intimidating. I was forced to confront it when a client came to me about her Yod. I am forced to stretch myself when people need help and that is one reason I love doing charts. Once I did a few Yods, I came to really enjoy doing them because they are like a brightly colored present, wrapped in beautiful,shiny paper with lots of bright ribbons. The Yod is calle dthe Finger of God. God gave the person a gift. the person must unwrap it. That is what the Yod is like, to me.

I will begin. I am doing Judy’s chart because she asked me for help and a Yod takes quite a long time, as you will see. I thought I would help her and help others who wanted to analyze their own Yods. that is the purpose of this article. In Judy’s chart, the apex of the Yod is Chiron. That means that the Yod is acted out in such a way that Chiron is the main player. Chiron is the planet of pain. It shows our greatest wounding, by house. Chiron is overlooked by many Astrologers who give it short shrift next to the other planets. I think Chiron is pivotal and gives information that is a gold mine. Lets look at Judy’s Chiron. Then, we will fit it into the Yod.

Judy’s Chiron is in the 4th house at 10 degrees Pisces. Chiron in the 4th shows a hard childhood. Usually, the mother is the hard relationship not the father which would be a 10th house Chiron. Once in a while, these can be reversed but not usually. So, we can assume Judy had a hard childhood and her relationship with her mother was hard. That wound stayed with her, as Chiron wounds do, in my opinion. When one looks at a Yod, one looks at planets, aspects and houses. Later one may incorporate the Yod into the whole chart but the Yod can stand alone, too.


I just noticed that Judy does not have a Yod because POF was one of the planets she thought was part of the Yod. It is not a planet and hence, we don’t have a Yod. I will leave this article as it has some things you may find of interest but Judy’s Yod proved to be a no go LOL



I will be back

One thought on “How To Analyze a Yod

  1. amiannBoswellia

    Thanks for sharing this Ami. I am attempting to understand the Yod in my chart & this is the beginning part. I appreciate your perspective & almost always value it.

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