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Why Do I Love Him?

orange gown girlPeople don’t love whom they should. They love whom they do. The charts show all. They show how and why we love. Some loves will not turn out well. Some will turn out well.The chart will show the nature of the relationship just a surely as a blueprint shows the nature of the house.

One  aspect that seems to overwhelm people in the manner of a tidal wave  is Nessus and Dejanira.When one sees an  obsessive relationships, such that people cannot keep their hands off each other, it may well be Nessus/Deja. The pure  power of this relationship exceeds any  aspect in synastry. If any aspect will make a normally sane person go nuts, it would be this one.

If you think about people who threw away everything to be with a person, I bet it was a Nessus/Deja relationship. To describe it with a picture, these relationships are a conflagration. Do you know the Pointer Sisters song”Fire”?   That would be one song for the Nessus/Deja relationship. There are many others such as The Sugarbabes song, “Lost in You”.

At any rate, if the Nessus/Deja bug bites you,  you best hold onto your hat. Listen to your friends who will be able to see what you can’t. It is obvious to those around you that you are not  crazy in love but just plain crazy.

These relationships, which start with fireworks, seem to end with a thud. When they end, the  love often turn to revenge. When you see the woman smash the man’s car windows with a golf club( which I have seen), it is most likely Nessus/Deja. There seems to be one of these relationships  that is one to a lifetime. Perhaps, the people learn. Perhaps, one to a lifetime is all one gets. I don’t know about that but I do know that the traits of this relationship can be ascertained once one has experienced it or seen it enough in others. To sum it up, I would say that it is close to impossible  for a person to resist a Nessus/Deja relationship.

If we leave Asteroids for a moment and go to planets, there is nothing like Moon/Pluto. It is second to Nessus/Deja. Moon/Pluto does not have the level of abuse of the Nessus/Deja relationship. I think Nessus/Deja relationships are unique in that they almost  exactly mirror past childhood abuse. That is why they are so intense. That is why they are so magical, too. That may be why they don’t  work. One cannot go back and make right that which was wrong. That one sentence sums up the sturm und drang of the Nessus/deja relationship.

On to Moon/Pluto,  which is equally magical in  it’s own way.  These do not seem to last either, but I cannot make a doctrine of that because I have not seen enough. Moon/Pluto has the magic of the most primal of loves, the love of a mother. The mother’s love is combined with  sexual and  romantic love. There is probably  nothing as intimate as this, nothing as breathtaking. This relationship does seem to be one to a lifetime. If one does not understand  a romance novel, such as Wuthering Heights, one has not  had a Moon/Pluto relationship. If one has  had one,  one will never forget the person.

Third in line for primal love would be Pluto/Venus. This is a tamer love than Moon/Pluto but not tame, by any means.

There are other aspects for pure attraction such as Uranus. If there are no  soul aspects, however, the relationship probably will not last. Uranus heats up what it touches but it  may cool it down, just as fast. Uranus is a wild card like electricity, which it rules. If Cupid bites you such that you want to be with the person day and night. Then, one day, it is all over, check out  Uranus.You will likely see that it was prominent.

Planets are the main structure of the relationship and asteroids are second. This can reverse when there are very strong asteroids and they are exact. Nessus and Deja would be a perfect example of that. However, generally speaking the planets are the core of any relationship. If the planets are the soup, the asteroids are the spices.

Certain asteroids are pure hot pepper. One would be Lilith. Lilith is raw sexuality. If one person’s Lilith touches another person’s ASC, Sun or Moon, there will be fireworks in the manner of Uranus. Lilith does not connote staying power either, in the manner of Uranus.

Apollo makes for worship. The planet person will worship the Apollo. One cannot help whom one looks at as a Greek god. The worship may not last. We would need to see if there is true soul in the chart. True soul would be Moon trine Moon, for example.

I have left a lot unsaid as it seems I do in everything I write. There is so much to say but I will stop here for this article and await your Comments, as always.





27 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Him?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Are you famuliar with a song called “Love The One Your With?” by Stephen Stills?
    It’s just one of many songs exorting and advising lonely people to commit adultry.
    One of the worst ways the world brings people down is through sex. Drugs can be
    resisted with difficulity, but sex is very hard to resist.
    As long as people confuse “love” with “sex” all the life-destroying problems associated
    with promiscuity will persist!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, I just wrote the exact thing to one of my e mail clients! Did you see that CM gt saved, Lon? He needs people to disciple him. How about you and me?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    You can see that catman has the ability to think for himself. He seems like
    something of a “Lone Wolf” type of person. I doubt he follows popular opinion.
    It’s questionable whether he can find many authentic Christians where he resides.

  3. amiannRonnie Valentine

    A very interesting read and very much appreciated. I was interested in the Pluto/Venus connection because I have noted that when Venus is in the 8th. House it often causes love at first sight and intense feeling which are never forgotten, under the skin.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    I can certainly attest to that! I have Venus in Pisces in the 8th. That, and many other
    of my placements make me NOT OF THIS WORLD.
    When I see a woman that strikes my fancy, I don’t just “love” her in a lustful way,
    I ADORE HER! How sad about the bastard Pluto in the 1st house. Mars and Chiron in the
    7th, and F—–N Saturn in the 5th. God, why did You invent such a unique form of torture
    for me?

  5. amiannShen

    Moon/Pluto Aspects, are u include of Composite chart? what if moon oppose pluto in Composite chart?
    Anyway, when compared individual natal chart, synastry shows Moon trine Moon (and plus man’s moon trine woman’s sun as well)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I trust the synastry more than the comp. However, Moon/Pluto in the Comp would be powerful. Moon trine Moon is the best aspect in synastry imo. Moon trine Sun is a wonderful, warm friend aspect, too. Who has this, Shen?

  6. amiannLon Spector

    They say that Venus in the 8th house will recieve inheritences and legacies as long as
    there are no “afflictions” in the chart? I don’t understand what “afflictions” mean.
    Does that mean that you get the exact opposite of what you should expect to get?
    For example, Jupiter in the 7th house would mean prosperity through marriage, that
    once could find a spouse with realitive ease. But would an AFFLICTED Jupiter in the
    7th house mean that one would have a HARD TIME finding a “good” marrige prospect?
    How is an “affliction” (Which brings the EXACT opposite of what you ought to get) defined?
    Since the 8th house is the “death and transformation house,” having Venus there would mean
    an attraction to these “otherworldly” things. Google up a song called “Strange Things Happen
    In This World.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Afflictions are hard things to the Venus such a squares and oppositions or perhaps a Venus in it’s Detriment or Fall. With Jupiter, it is an easy planet and so even it’s oppositions and squares are not that bad. The person tends to excess and that can be bad but it is not major bad, shall we say lol

      Yes, a Venus in the 8th would have an attraction to otherworldly things, for sure, Lon, like you with Casey Anthony ^^

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        The affliction does not bring the exact opposite of what you want. That is too linear a way to think about it. It stresses the planet and makes it not work easily. Let me give an example. Two people I know who are sociopaths have every planet except one in a square or opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter is conscience. Hence, they have an impaired conscience. You see? If a venus was afflicted, the person may not be able to love, but would only lust. If a Moon was afflicted, the person may have cold emotions. I have seen this with Moon opposed to Chiron. Those are just some examples to explain afflictions, Lon dear.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    It’s true, I am attracted to weird, unearthly forms of expression. Oddball music
    and more-then-meets-the-eye interputations of things that most people overlook.
    I have Uranus in the 12th after all.

  8. amiannLon Spector

    Uranus in the 12th (Aquarius in the house of Neptune) certainly affects one’s wavelength.
    You want to “read between the lines” of EVERYTHING. You never take anything at mere
    face value. You draw connections between seemingly unconnected events. When you have
    Neptune opposite Sun, it’s even worse. Did you ever see bumper stickers on cars that said:
    “Beam me up Scotty!” (Taken from the old Star Trek series) or, “I’m just visiting this planet.”
    (Actually, ALL of us are “only visiting this planet,” but Uranus in 12th is more aware of it.)
    You should listen to songs by a group called “Super Tramp.” They resonate the Uranus
    in 12th mindset. An especially good song by them is “Take The Long Way Home.”
    It’s probably about a Uranus in 12th or a Neptune square or opposite Sun person who lives in
    a dreamworld.

  9. amiannLon Spector

    I don’t know a thing about the “new fangled” Astrology on computers. I just know
    about the “old fashioned” stuff in books circa the 20th century, or earlier.
    Did you ever read, “The A to Z Horoscope maker” by Alan Leo? “Astrologers Handbook”
    was also wonderful!

  10. amiannMimi

    I just saw wuthering heights. The 1998 version movie on YouTube. I cried after every 5 min. in the movie and I’m still crying since 1 hour after watching it. It made me understand more about the power of pluto. Pluto is a really intense and destructive planet. I now understand. There were so many deaths, love, fear of losing someone, destructiveness in the movie. That movie has a very strong pluto theme in it. I will never forget this movie.

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