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Mars in Libra in a Man

Someone asked me about Mars in Libra.I have a Libra detector, and not in a good way.My apologizes to Libras, of which I do like some placements, but many make me cringe. Libra has the unfortunate inclination to think when it should feel. Libra is at it’s worst in the moon and mars. With a Libra moon, he thinks when he should feel. With a Libra Mars, he thinks when he should act. The Libra is indecisive in his thinking. Don’t be so foolish as to ask a Libra if you should have Chinese or Tex-Mex. By the time he figures it out, you will have lost your appetite. The Mars in Libra male will be disconcerting for the woman who wants a “take action” man. This man needs you to pull him in one direction or the other, or you will be deliberating the situation until you want to pull your hair out. For every indecisive man, there is a decisive woman who fits the bill perfectly. Calling all Aries woman! We have a Libra man who is stuck in Park.

4 thoughts on “Mars in Libra in a Man

  1. amiannSofia

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I was searching for an answer forever because I KNOW this guy isn’t a bad guy and I KNOW he has a good heart but damn is this on point. Had these exact two placements. He is a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Venus though. I am a saggitarius woman iwith a pisces rising and moon.The connection is good but I keep wondering why it takes so much time to get things roling and so far he always wants to hang out and tells me he likes me so much yet can’t seem to figure out what to do or just blunty ask me to do something. LIke, hello… dinner? etc? He’s sweet though and this isn’t an attack on him becauseI want to and am trying to give him a chance but as a sagg I clearly talk about something and then I’m ready to go to it. For example if something is suggested that’s fun , and I’m free that Saturday , I’m like hell yes let’s go do this.
    I also have my venus in capricorn so I’m attracted and need a certian amount of real solid actions ( like any woman) to feel secure about the intentions of the man. Who knows mabye I am just infauted but all my intuitive water feelings tell me it’s something more and that he really means no harm and in fact does seem a bit scared to get deep but more than anything I’d say when it comes to the romancing and making decision in the realtionship, he seems to be a willing participant, seems to want to yearn for those things but doesn’t actual take an agressive approach ( libra moon, libra mars) but when we are together he is certianly very diplomatic, friendly and VERY Passionate ( Scorpio/Libra blend) I suppose.
    Now, I can become that “Aires” decisive woman because even though my “piscesness” tends to want to pull me into several directions, especially in my imagination and I want to explore all that life has to offer ( saggitarius sun), I am at the end of the day very determined and even possesive of what I want ( Him), I am a Scorpio Mars/Scorpio Mercury. But if he needs me to be that way I can. I suppose having such emotional sensitivity and haven’t let go completely of past hurt that I want to feel the man being the person to really be decisive on what we are doing and where we are going because it tells me he is a strong person and someone who really wants to be with me.
    This guy by all means in kind and won’t leave me alone. lol. Even in te beginging when it was really slow he would never stop contacting me. We haven’t been completely intimate yet and I want to but I know that I have to have more security with him and this will come in time because or life perspectives are so diferent. The desire is there and growing everyday, I just look to this astrological insight not only for hope but to understand our differences. I know I should probably just move on and look for someone less complicated but I know that he doesn’t know this about himself and I know him better than he does, which is why I know he needs me, my love and he himself is such a loving person that he too will return it once he trusts me more. It’s quite interesting really and beautiful. It’s easy to get upset with someone when you don’t understand thier nature but I do and that’s why I’m still gonnan give it a shot. ( blindly optimistic – true saggitarius right there). Plus I’m being stuborn, don’t want to let go of my desire ( scorpio mars). I hope to let you know how it goes. Postive energy**

    O and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Sofia. Why don’t you come on my Forum and post the charts, or just ask the question. If not, I will have to come back and ponder your question, as I have massive eye fatigue 😛

      1. amiannSofia

        Haha sorry about that!! Thanks for even responding to that mumbo-jumbo!! I’m new to this whole online forum deal but I will go ahead and try to do that now. 🙂

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