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Men Woman Can’t Resist

Three Astrological placements can render a man hard for most woman to resist. There are some men who can knock woman down like bowling pins, figuratively speaking. The first would be the legendary Mars in Scorpio. This placement is so sexy that a man can have it in an otherwise dull chart and still be a superstar of love.

The second Astrological placement would be a prominent Ceres. Ceres is the asteroid of unconditional love. All woman want to be loved like a baby doll but desired like a goddess. Ceres loves you with the most tender of loves. It is the love of a mother. It is unconditional love. Ceres without a sexy mars may indeed feel like a mother or worse, a grandmother. However, the man who can combine unconditional love with primal unashamed sensuality has most woman at Hello.

Let me add the most potent charm aspect–Venus trine Moon. This aspect is pure charm. This man makes a woman feel special. The reason is that he loves woman in a genuine way. This man can go clothes shopping with you and not lose a smidgen of his masculinity. He can be your best friend and not lose an ounce of his animal magnetism. Venus trine Moon is a gift of the gods shined down on little old man.

So, if we put all of these together in one mortal, we have a man that is not really a mortal. Pssssstt—-he is a god.

16 thoughts on “Men Woman Can’t Resist

  1. amiannBlackbird

    … and then there are the Men That Are Screwed Up:

    Moon square Venus

    Moon square Mars

    Venus conjunct Mars

    Venus opposite Jupiter

    Mars opposite Jupiter

      1. amiannBlackbird

        I don’t mind, but that may not be a good idea from your point of view, or your son’s. I am crazy, cagey, withdrawn, depressed, a psychological train wreck. Do you really want a me talking to your son?

    1. amiannLiz

      Please note, I do not know his birth time, but I believe you can still get the signs and aspects of things, which still gives you alot of information…. Thx.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Well, I am going to ask you to find your way to the Forum if you want me to look. It is hard for me to look in the Comments section, so if you cannot find your way to the Forum, then I will not be able to look. I am sorry for all the mix ups. I don’t want to start doing charts in the Comments sections. Hope to see you on the Forum, Liz.

        1. amiannBoswellia

          Hi Ami,

          Hopefully, I did find my way there today. Under the Forum, General Astrology, I posted them again. Topic is Charts Requested from the the 8th House Men Woman Can’t Resist article. Aside from the Ceres conj. Venus, I think he has Sun, Moon, & Mars in a big Trine. I would suspect this is in his favor as well as being an excellent communicator. It just all seems so genuine…., but I may be facing a seasoned player along with some synastry aspects that are drawing me in.

          Thank You, Liz

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