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Natty’s Yod

Natty from asked me to do her Yod. I hope I can make it simple, so you can do your own Yods. Yods are very important for the fortunate people who have them. The Yod is called the “Finger of God”. It is an aspect which shows your destiny and your purpose.


The Yod consists of 2 Quincunx and one sextile. The apex of the Yod is the most important planet. It will ACT OUT the Yod. The natives need to take this planet and go out into the world and make it shine. How that will happen is shown by the 2 quincunx and the sextile. Let’s begin.

Mars is the apex of the Yod.Mars is at 28 degrees Taurus in the 9th House. One quincunx is Mars quincunx Moon at 29 degrees Libra in the 2nd House. The other quincunx is Mercury at 25 degrees Saggi in the 4th House. The sextile is Moon sextile Mercury. Here we have our players. Let’s see how they operate.

Natty’s Mars is at 28 degrees Taurus in the 9th house. She must find God. She must find the spiritual reason for her existence on this earth. The 9th House demands this, in my opinion. The 9th house asks the question of why am I here? The native with strong personal planets in the 9th will make a quest to answer that question. I have a 9th house stellium, so can attest to that. The Moon is at 29 degrees Libra in the 2nd House. The 29th degree is a frozen degree. This tells us that Natty feels stuck with her emotions. She probably feels that she can’t go backwards and is afraid to go forward, so stays where she is–frozen. This is in terms of her emotions.. I bet Natty has angst due to the feeling of being stuck. The Moon is the 2nd House tells us that Natty needs material security to feel safe and sound. The Moon in the sign of Libra tells us that she can out head over heart. I am not saying Natty will marry for money but THIS Moon could. This Moon can divorce feelings from actions.


Now, onto the first quincunx. The quincunx is a struggle, always. That is the nature of the quincunx. For the first quinunx, Natty will struggle between her passion to find God and to go wherever that takes her and her desire for material security. She is afraid to make any moves because she wants security. Her journey to find God may be physical, involving long distance travel.The journey may be intellectual. It may be both. However, Natty will not be happy until she makes it. She will not rest until she does.

On to the second quinxunx. It is Mars quincunx Mercury at 25 degrees Saggi in the 4th House. So, this second quincunx is the struggle between Natty’s desire to find God and her need to communicate that struggle. Also, the struggle will be between finding God and UNDERSTANDING what that all means to her because Mercury is the mind. Natty needs to reconcile her spiritual needs and make them fit with her intellect. Her mind is warring with her spirit. Her spirit may tell her to find God and jump up and down for joy. Her mind may tell her that is silly and intelligent people don’t do that. That would be an example of this quincunx.

I will make it personal from my own life. I am an intellectual person. I grew up in a Jewish household where intellect was revered above all else. Sometimes when I post FB posts about loving Jesus, I feel silly like I look ignorant. I know I DO to many people. The point is that this is an example of my spirit wanting to shout out about my love for Jesus and my mind telling me I look like a fool and silly.

We have to look at Mercury’s placement in the 4th House as the Yod is about Houses, too. Natty has a strong mental connection with her home. My guess is that when she finds God, it will be a God different than that of her childhood. Hence, her struggle breaks down to Houses as well as signs and aspects.

Now, onto the sextile. the sextile is the engine of the Yod. It gives the gas to deal with the Yod which could be looked at as a stalled car. . We have our 2 quincunx’ kind of hanging out in the wind and what are we going to do? We take the positive traits of the Moon in Libra in the 2nd House and we blend them with the positive traits of Mercury in Saggi in the 4th house. How do we do this? The sextile is a mini trine, in that a trine is a free, effortless gift. A sextile is the same way but needs a little effort to unearth it. However, remember it is a gift and this gift will release the Yod. So, in the sextile between the moon and Mercury, we have a person whose heart is connected to her mind. This is very special, in that many people have their minds divorced from their hearts. For Natty, she can explain her feelings even though her Mercury is in Saggi, which is in the Detriment. The sextile is a power aspect.

To put the Yod together. Natty needs to find God. She won’t stop until she does. She will seek God wherever it takes her. Nathy will probably be called on to communicate what she finds. I don’t know how this will play out. She may write a book. She may do public speaking. She may be a missionary. She may just help friends and family.Her struggle will be between wanting material security over spiritual discovery. In other words, she will want to take the route that provides her material security because she wants to feel safe. I am sure that she feels almost locked into the task of providing material secuirty for herself. Yet, she dreams of soaring intellectually to find God. This means really using her intellect and her spirit to go to new places. She will have to leave behind the God of her childhood, most likely. If not, He will have to be modifiedThen, she must communicate her search to others. She will be called upon to do all of that. I think that is the purpose of this Yod.




















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