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Yods For Dummies

Yods are quite complicated. That is because they have several parts. The beginner must understand each part before he can make a whole. None of my beloved readers are dummies. I just like to use humor when I write my articles because humor is the spice of life. Let’s see if we can take apart the Yod and then put it together into a whole.

The Yod—Parts

1. One Quincunx

2. Another Quincunx

3. A Sextile

The Yod Shape

1.The Yod is an isoceles triangle. I hated Geometry but it comes in handy once in a lifetime. An isoceles triangle has two equal sides and a base. Each quincunx makes up a side. The sextile makes up the base.

2. The tip of the triangle is called the apex. This planet is the most important planet in the Yod. This planet will take the action needed to make the Yod work. This planet is the driver of the car. The other planets are the passengers.

The Quincunx

1. A Quincunx is 150 degrees. To make it simple, find an opposition and go to the sign on either side. That sign is the quincunx sign. For example. Aries is opposite to Libra. Hence, Aries is quincunx Scorpio and Virgo. Gemini is opposite Sagiattarius. Hence, Gemini is quincunx Capricorn and Scorpio.

2. The Quincunx is a struggle. It can be likened to a struggle to lose 50 pounds. It is hard. It is an effort. It takes persistence. It takes time. It takes patience. However, at the end of this process, you are a new person. The person who lost 50 pounds needs new clothes and usually has a new attitude. The quincunx is the only aspect of transformation in ALL of Astrology. Hence, it is important and special. Many people do not even have one quincunx, so the person with a Yod is rare indeed.

3. The Quincunx involves 2 planets, obviously.

4. The Quincunx involves 2 Houses, obviously.

5. One must understand what each planet represents.

6. One must understand what each house represents.

( I have many articles on what each planet represents. I have many articles on what each house represents. I won’t weigh down this article with that information but one will not be able to do a Yod if one does not have a working understanding of planets and houses)

The Sextile

1. The Sextile is a gift.It is like a trine but a little harder to dig up. The trine is like a diamond lying on the ground. A sextile is like a diamond hidden under a bush.

2. The sextile will show you gifts that can be used to help you act out your Yod.

3. The Yod has to be seen in context of the rest of the chart. The native has other gifts and struggles that will help or hinder her Yod. However, in terms of the actual Yod itself, the sextile will be the gift that can be used to make your Yod work. It could be the gas in the car. The quincunxes could be the car.

The Planets Which Make Up the Yod

1. One MUST know what each planet represents before one can understand what is the “call” of the Yod. The call of the Yod is the call of the purpose of that person’s life. The native with a Yod was made for a purpose. The Yod will show him his purpose, so the Yod is worth understanding.

2. I have a Beginners Series which gives a brief description of each planet. Check that out for a simple guide for the meaning of each planet. I will give a few examples of the key words for planets.The planet Mars is always action. Venus is love. The Moon is heart. The Sun is identity. Pluto is primal power. Neptune is the realms of the mystical and creative. Mercury is the mind.

3. You have three planets to deal with in the Yod.

4. The apex is the most important.

5. You have one quincunx— the apex and a planet of the base

6. You have the second quincunx with the apex and a different planet on the base.

7. You have the sextile which is both base planets.


The Houses Which Make Up the Yod

We are dealing with 3 houses. The planet at the apex is in the most important house. The other two houses will struggle to meet the needs of the apex planet and house. I hope this is clear. One must really understand the Houses to understand the Yod. The Houses are the SPHERES of life in which the planets will play out. We need time of birth to generate Houses. If a person does not have the time of birth, he will lose about 50% understanding of the Yod.

I have many articles which explain the sphere of life controlled by each house. To make the wheel easy, we look at a person from the womb onto death. The wheel is very logical. Hence, one can begin to understand the houses by looking at the human life cycle. I will not weigh down the article by describing the domains of each house.

Example Yods

I just wrote 2 articles on Yods. I will link them. I put a lot of time into explaining each step of the Yod. I hope they will help.



You can ask any questions on my Comment Form!



6 thoughts on “Yods For Dummies

  1. amiannViolets

    This was entirely clear, thank you for writing it. 🙂

    Interestingly, I noticed that although I am the only person I know who has two yods, many people in my family have them. My husband, my dad, my step-mother, and my brother–and two of my husband’s close childhood friends.

    What I have noticed is that we do seem to “grow” more in life (I’m not bragging, but there does seem to be an emphasis there with all of us)…as you mentioned in your comparison to someone losing 50 pounds, we need new clothes, we are different people than we were decades ago–in many examples, drastically different people for the better.

    I’ll take a look at my yods now that I’m finished obsessing over my son’s chart (lol) and see how that works for me.


  2. amiannNyx

    Hm, I have a yod: Apex is Venus in Gemini in the 4th house with Neptune and Uranus(nep and uranus is conjunct) in Capricorn in the 11th sextile Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th. Idk what to make of these aspects really. Help, please 🙂

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