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Poseidon Asteroid

If I could encapsulate the Asteroid Poseidon, I would say a “Jung Asteroid” Why do you say that, you may ask? Jung seems, uniquely, gifted in bringing to light that which is hidden. He seems to be the Father of the “a-ha” experience, if one could say there were a Father. Jung has led countless people deeper into their psyches. What is the outer trip, if one has not done the inner ? The Poseidon Asteroid seems to confer otherworldly ability to bring others to the light. The light is the light of one’s inner being. Outer light dims if inner light does not support it. All true light is inner light. Poseidon knows this, as he feels with something deeper than the logical mind. He seems very gentle as he holds the mirror of truth up to the weary soul. He seems to confer a strength which allows the seeker to face himself, more easily. If it were not for this, who could do it, at all?

6 thoughts on “Poseidon Asteroid

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are super perceptive. This would show bad abuse, to me, and sexual abuse( Deja conj the Moon) When you love, you may be kind of hard hearted and not care if you hurt the person. Does this fit? xx

      1. amiannAmazing_Love

        I’m very sweet by nature until I’m crossed; only then do I inflict pain. I’m very sensitive ruler of the 1st in the 12th so I can be a little mean at times but I always apologize (if my fault) & I’m very forgiving in my own way as long as I know the person in genuine in their their efforts to apologize because no one is perfect.

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