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Sadism in the Chart

I am on a roll with Malignant Narcissists and Sociopaths, so why not go the next step and talk about sadism. It is an uncomfortable topic but hiding behind niceties never helped anyone, so I will jump in. The Mal narc and Sociopath are said to be sadists. I have had experience with the sadism in both of these groups of people, but can’t say if every single person who is a Mal Narc or a Sociopath is sadistic. I can try to find evidence of sadism in the charts, though.

In any topic of this nature, one must start with the moons. The moon is the heart. A man’s heart is his essence. That is my opinion. Hence, we would expect to see a moon that is hardened. I don’t think a person could be sadistic without it. Hence, the moon has to have problems, by sign and aspect. The problems have to be extensive enough to harden them to human suffering. I have seen sadism in a Libra Moon. It was opposed to Chiron. Chiron is a major player in all problematic human conditions. It is the planet which shows our greatest wound. That place is bound to have ramifications. We may turn our pain inward to depression. We may turn it outward to bullying and sadism. Pain has to go someplace. That is as true as any physical law.

Purely by sign, I would say that Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn and Scorpio would be the first to consider in sadism. I think the moon would have to have some afflictions, though. Afflictions are hard aspects such as the opposition and the square. I don’t think any of these moons without afflictions would be sadistic. They may be cold, but sadism is much more than coldness.

The Moons least likely to be sadistic would be Cancer, Aries and Taurus. Cancer is tender. Taurus is kind. Aries is the champion of the underdog. However, if any of these moons are afflicted, you could have sadism.

The Jupiter has to be afflicted to be a sadist. That is my opinion. I have seen Jupiter oppose Uranus in a sadist. I think Uranus and Jupiter in hard aspect would be classic in a sadist. The reason would be that Uranus is out of the box and Jupiter exaggerates what it touches. Uranus can be very detrimental in hard aspect. It is the planet of electrical shock. People with an afflicted Uranus like to shock people. Sadism is a form of shocking because the joy is the surprise. That is a big part of it. Sadists seem to love to prey on the innocent, whether it be children or innocent people. The sadist likes to attack a person when the person least expects it. Sadism loses much of it’s fun if the person sees it coming. Jupiter would have to have very hard aspects to it in order to numb the conscience enough to hurt people.

I want to mention Mars. Sadism is calculated action. Hence, the Mars will probably be go- getter vs a “do nothing” Mars. The quality of your Mars will determine the quality of your drive. your drive will function as aggressive or passive no matter if you are doing something good or bad. I speak about mars in that light, here. Cancer and Pisces Mars are the most impotent. Cancer Mars is passive. He sidles up to a situation, sideways. His hallmark is passive aggression, so he is not likely to lash out in a straight forward way in sadism or anything else. Pisces Mars is too poetic. He is more likely to be lying on his mother’s couch reading poetry than being mean to someone. Pisces does not like to be mean, anyway. The two Mars I would implicate in sadism would be Capricorn,who gets the job done and Scorpio who will pursue a goal to the ends of the earth.

Pluto in hard aspect to Saturn is said to be cruelty. I have not talked to anyone, personally, about this as it is a hard topic to broach and an even harder for someone to admit. It does make sense. Saturn would cool the primal nature of the person. The person would be angry and resentful and could lash out with cruelty. Since I have not seen it in a chart I have done, I will relate it and leave it at that.

The Cardinal Ascendent is thought to be the most capable of cruelty. This is due to the fact that the cardinal sign is more likely to take independent action. The Quadriplicities are cardinal( the leader), Fixed( stubborn) and mutable( anything goes 😛 ) For sadism, one would expect a Cardinal Ascendent. These would be Cancer( cardinal water). Libra( cardinal air), Aries( cardinal fire) or Capricorn(cardinal earth) Would all sadists have a cardinal ascendent? No, but they are more apt to.

House wise, I would think that a 1st house stellium would be the most likely for sadism because this stellium can be the most self centered. If not, one might consider a 12th house stellium because this oen can be the most suppressed. The 12th house is the House of Suppression and this is truly the case. I have seen first hand people with double lives( Pluto in the 12th). In this case, it was truly a case of Superman and Clark kent as one side was sweet as sugar. The other was as wild as Dracula’s daughter. I would be surprised to see this kind of polarized double personality without 12th house planets, but I could be wrong. Uranus in the 12th house is hidden kink. This person may have fetishes that he keeps a secret. This would not be sadism but anything suppressed can come out in strange ways, so I put that here for your consideration. I would not expect sadism from Mars or Moon in the 12th because these planets usually turn their anger inward into depression.

I am picking the brains of my ace Astrology friends on They are giving me insights into aspects that I will share with you. People are bringing up a few aspects that I will add to our discussion.

Moon square or oppose Saturn

This would not be a major aspect for sadism, imo. I will tell you why. This aspect would more likely result in depression. The person is more apt to turn depression inward. Moon/Saturn can result in depression because Saturn can make the person’s heart feel rejected and unworthy. Saturn is a harsh planet. When it touches the Moon, one will suffer from self doubt and low self esteem. However, one bright light with Saturn is that time will heal it’s pains if one sticks to basic, sound values such a shard work, responsibility and maturity.

Moon trine Saturn

Some people mentioned this aspect but I think it would provide the opposite effect of sadism. This aspect is grounding and centering and makes for self love and acceptance. I have it at 7 degrees, which is wide, but I can feel it’s beauty when I am upset and need to dig my roots in like a giant oak tree. If you have this aspect, you are blessed. Write to me and tell me what you think if you have this. Sadism is rooted in self hate,as is all bullying. People may not admit this but I think it is true. People who love themselves do not bully. They offer a hand up to those who are in pain.

Moon square or opposed to Pluto

Someone mentioned this but I don’t think this can be linked to sadism. It can be linked to emotional intensity. It can be linked to possessiveness that could result in something like stalking. I say that to give an understanding of the level of intensity that a Moon/Pluto person has. if one wanted to stretch and say that this kind of intensity could result in sadism, I think it would be too great of a stretch, so I cannot add this aspect to our discussion.

To me, to summarize sadism, I would expect a harsh moon, an afflicted Jupiter, a go -getter Mars, perhaps a harsh aspect between Saturn and Pluto and a Cardinal Ascendent.

This is one man’s opinion and experience, so please take it in that vein.






12 thoughts on “Sadism in the Chart

  1. amianncatman90

    Your articles are really starting to get quite dark and juicy i like it.I agree with your thoughts about the Scorpio Moon being sadistic.I think the Aquarius Moon could be prone to being ice cold and unfeeling.I think Libra could definitley be a cold Moon.I think on rare occasions because Libra is an air sign and may not have deep feelings and be detached that it can be brutal although i don’t necessarily think Libra it is one of the most sadistic Moon signs.

    Im surprised you didn’t mention Capricorn and Aries Moons as being sadistic.
    I think Capricorn could be sadistic because it could be obsessed with rules and regulations and obtaining power and status.Perhaps there could be an emotional need to feel powerful and to be seen as better than everyone else.Plus the Ruler of Capricorn is Saturn it is quite a gloomy planet.

    As for the Aries Moon i don’t always think they are defenders of the underdog.I think sometimes they do defend the underdog but i don’t think that automatically means they are less sadistic.Their positive traits would probably be that they are ambitious,bold,confident,extroverted and assertive.However something i feel people forgot sometimes is that Aries is ruled by Mars.Mars is a planet about aggression and taking action.Its even named after the Roman War God.I also think its annoying the way some people seem to think Aries would be less likely to be a sadistic bully because it is powerful and confident. Also because some people think that because Mars rules Aries that it automatically means that because Mars is in its own domain that it is less likely to be aggressive,bully others or start fights or wars.I think people forget that Aries embodies aggressive personality traits and is about kicking ass more than it is about helping humanity.In my opinion Aries is out to help itself.On odd occasions it may help others but i think it does that mostly because it love to play the role of the white knight and make its self look good.I think it also gets satisfaction from being able to boast it did all these great things to other people as a way to try and to be superior to everyone else.It probably also likes to make its self look like the hero so it can make out that because of its brave heroic deeds it couldn’t possibly be the bad guy.Also i think Aries thrives on aggression and turmoil and fighting for power.I think no matter how good or noble Aries can be it would be probably be incomplete if there was no aggression,violence or trouble and strife in the world.I think a lot of Aries destructive is overlooked and ignored because it has a lot of power,is confident or to be frank it would slaughter you if you object to it or try to point out it is wrong.I think because Aries has power it is like it gets to step on weaker signs it doesn’t even have to be right or even moral.

    I honestly think Aries,Scorpio and Capricorn are the three top signs that will try to dominate the rest of the Zodiac.They probably have the strongest egos and sense of self.Their world revolves around them and its more than it does other people.I think it makes them less likely than other signs to do good in order to help others.I think they are more prone than other signs to do good things if it benefits them.I think they are far more likely to be sadistic even more so than any Libra could possibly be.Although there may be some may be pretty evil Libras they probably could never outmatch Aries,Scorpio and Capricorn when they are evil.In are my opinion they are original Kings and Queen of darkness.Compared to these signs Libra would look like Jesus.

    Although i should point out that that there are good and bad people in every sign.Also that the world needs all sorts of people and personalities to make it great. It would also be incomplete without Aries,Scorpio,Aquarius,Capricorn and Libra.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great post CM. I appreciate you so much. I was so touched when you did that girl’s chart and posted it. You are such a delight. You give back so much. Do you know that about yourself? I am feeling I need to add more meat to this article.

  2. amianncatman90

    I think i can be delightful if i wish to be or if im in a harmonious loving mood.Although if im honest im sure you have picked up on the fact if im off balance i would make Dracula’s Daughter look like a Vestal Virgin.I have to work hard to control my darkside. By the way i loved the bit about some people how some have dual natures.

  3. amiannjesse

    If you were looking at Transneptunians, I’d recommend Ceto. Ceto is the planet of monsters. TL66 is also a planet of destruction, noted for its presence in the charts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Solar oppositions) and in the charts of Hitler and 9/11 (loose Solar Trines, within 7 degrees). Hitler’s Moon was closely conjunct TL66 (25 minutes), Square Sedna (1deg09), OPPOSITE CHIRON (12 minutes), conjunct Jupiter (1deg37, parallel 22 minutes as well). Hitler had Eris and TL66 in an exact quartile, Ceto and TL66 in a quartile as well, Ceto and Eris conjunct. Monsters, chaos, and destruction. sounds about right. but that aspect lasts for a very long time, right? it does, but a Moon/(Ceto+Eris)=Saturn midpoint and Moon/Neptune=(Ceto+Eris) picture is powerfully evil.

    1. amiannjesse

      Hitler had other powerfully vicious Moon pictures as well: Moon/Sedna=Nessus, Moon/TL66=Chiron Moon/Jupiter=(Chiron+TL66). these factors are powerful and negative.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Do you want to put up the chart of Hitler. However,as is the case now, the society has to get sick for one man to take over. There are thousands of Hitlers, now as there was then. Germany allowed Hitler.

  4. amianndemet aydin

    Aquarius or Libra Moon as sadists?? Either you’re kidding or we talk about a very, extremely, different kind of astrology.
    Personally mine is a cancer moon; but I wouldn’t call it tender but vulnerable instead. I’ve been collecting astro data for years; have more than 300 Libra Moon, more than 200 Aquarius; sadism would be the very last word that I would use in the same sentence with them. Aquarius and humanism (maybe detached but never ever something harmful), libra and politeness (fake or not; but always kind)… i’ve not noted anything else; even if their moons are afflicted.
    And finally Taurus Moon and being kind !! I’ve never ever seen such a thing! Actually capricorn, taurus and virgo signs make almost all personals more mean and at least serious…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You have to look at the whole chart, Friend. Libra moon is a cold moon. Does that make him a sadist? No, but a sadist has to have a cold heart. We differ on Taurus being kind as I think Taurus moon is. It is in the exaltation, which is a position of strength for the moon, which is the heart.

  5. amiannDina


    My Saturn conjuct Pluto in my 1st house. I can show you my chart if you’re interested in. But I’m not cruel nor resentful. At all. And I’m Cancer with Libra ascendant.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks for writing, Dina. If you want to put your chart up in my Personal Reading forum, I would love to look. I bet you have a sweet, kind Moon. What is your Moon and what does it do?

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