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Ten More Foods and Activities for Beauty, Mood, and Relaxation

under water girl*Organic White Tea—–This provides natural flouride to your teeth. It does not stain your teeth, as does green and black tea.

Salads with every color on them—–put as many of the colors of the rainbow as you can Beets, tomatoes and red onions give red. Yellow squash gives yellow. Carrots give orange. Purple cabbage gives purple. If you think color, you will get most of your nutrients.

*Organic Tumeric Powder—This will raise your mood. I tried it for several weeks before I wrote about it. I am not sure how it does it but it help with low moods.

Kundalini Yoga—This is not a food, obviously, but breathing exercises are part of it. Try to work them up as long as you can. This will give a sense of well being and a beautiful, natural glow that people will notice. Try it and see. When I do Kundalini breathing every day, I can feel my lift in energy and natural glow that no blush can attain.

Filtered Water—Try to get a water which takes out Flouride, as well as other toxic substances. Try to drink a glass before breakfast, before bed and a half an hour before meals.

Kombucha—This has all the benefits of yoga without being a milk product. It gives you healthy bacteria which makes digestion and many other processes better. Your outer beauty will reflect this, too.You can buy it already made or buy a culture to make it yourself. They are sold at Amazon, I am told.

Baths with Dead Sea Salts or Epsolm Salts—This is an external beauty measure. Dead Sea salts are amazing. They take Epsolm Salts up a level. You will have to try it to see what I mean. They are the Rolls_Royce of bath salts. If you cannot find either, use Kosher Salt as it is the most pure of the commercially available salts. Soak until you are really sweating. If you want a real spa experience, shower with cold water and get back in again. If you do this a few times, you will be very, very relaxed.

Self Love—This is a hard one, especially if you were programmed not to like yourself. There is a beauty in confidence. If you can truly understand that God loves you, you will see that you can love yourself, too. This will show in your expression and will be a spiritual beauty that translates into physical beauty.

Get Out of Your Own Head and Think of the Other Person—-This inner beauty may make you the most beautiful of all. People will appreciate your caring for them and they will give you love back. It is a nourishment for both people. It works because it is God’s system.










* Try to get all the foods organic

9 thoughts on “Ten More Foods and Activities for Beauty, Mood, and Relaxation

  1. amiannPadre31

    Having a problem with #10, my Brother has had a dog who died, and he loved, REALLY loved that dog.

    Meanwhile, his daughter, smart, witty, plays sports, stopped by unexpectedly and b/c he cannot stand her mother, he would not give her the time of day. Poor dear wound up talking to me the entire time.

    How can I have sympathy for the death of a dog (after 13 yrs together) with the lack of any real interest in his own daughter?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Excellent advise. But in many respects you’re fighting a losing battle. Most people
    undergo a lifetime of “programming” in making the wrong life decisions.
    Not the least in their health habits.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    People are “difficult” because the durive a sense of idenity from being difficult.
    All they need do is STOP, then they can be free.

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