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TOP Ten Beauty Foods

under water girlYou can spend all you want on expensive cosmetics but you will NEVER get the glow you will get from natural foods. That is my opinion and my personal experience. I think you can get great bang for your buck with the following ten foods. I have no vested interest in recommending anything. They are just items I use.

1. Avocado—– this makes your skin as creamy and smooth as the avocado meat itself.

2.Coconut Oil— this will whiten your teeth and freshen your mouth. Hold it in your mouth for 15 minutes and spit out. Do it daily.

3. Any home grown mint such as spearmint, peppermint —these will whiten your teeth, as well. You can grow them in a window sill.

4. Perfect Food by Garden of Life–this tastes terrible. I will say that straight out. I mix it with pineapple juice and can barely drink it. However, it is wonderful for nutrients. Nutrients equal natural beauty.

5. Maca Powder—this is cheap and tastes OK. It is wonderful to balance hormones. If you have hormonal issues, for the male or female, you may find that it does the trick. It is inexpensive, as well. It is an Aztec super food.

6. Wheatgrass–I have a hard time making myself drink this every day but it cannot be beat for super, super nutrition

7. Any greens–These can be parsley, collard greens, kale, spinach or any of the many others. If you can juice them, all the better. Juicing allows for mega nutrition which translates to mega beauty.

8.Garlic–Raw garlic is the best but any garlic will help you in any condition you have.You may have to build up your tolerance because it is a strong detoxifier. I find it to be a miracle in God’s pharmacy. It is high in selenium which is a beauty ingredient.

9. Aloe vera–I juice the whole leave. I found that they made my hair beautiful. Now, I have a whole orchard of about 60 plants. They are easy to grow and populate very well. If you can grow your own, do it. If not, get a high quality organic aloe juice. Mix it with a fruit juice, so it is not so bitter. I am used to it now and don’t need to mix it much. It is wonderful on your skin for a daily moisturizer, in my opinion.

10. Oxygen drops–I get them from a company I trust. You mix them in water and they give you a natural lift. They are made from a high grade hydrogen peroxide.


I have more tips and will do more articles in this series, if you like it. Share your own tips, too!

8 thoughts on “TOP Ten Beauty Foods

  1. amiannT

    I LOVE greens! They are awesome and tasty! I tried the aloe vera juice – drinking it, that is. Nasty tasting thing. My grandmother use to have an avocado, at least, once a week with salad. Her skin was/is flawless. I don’t care too much for avocados though.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Do you think there could be “a point of no return,” regarding health, in the same way
    there is a point of no return in “spiritual matters?”
    I try. I really try. But I can’t completely shake my need for junk food. I have too many
    stressors in my life, and never had and never will have love. So while I try, I always end up
    I do notice that I am reaping less and less positive affects even when I can hold out.
    Soon, I won’t be able to muster any effort at all!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      To me, I think eating is habit, to a large degree, Lon. I used to eat so much sugar. I loved sugar. This was when I was in my 20s. Once I got off sugar, I don’t even like it. It is too sweet and kind of sicky, to me.

      I could get hooked on it again, as man loves sugar, as do animals ^^

      However, I eat raw and am happy with that. I am used to it and it gives you really good energy. Also, my stomach is what gets stressed a lot, so I can’t really eat junk because it is heavy.

      At any rate, my point was that any habit can be changed in 3 weeks. At the end of that time, you prolly would not crave junk food anymore.

  3. amiannmelanie

    These are good.
    Yes, I have tried green smoothies. Couldn’t get past taste and texture. How could I get my boys to drink that if I can’t. Love coconut and coconut oil. I find local honey is very good for health. It builds up immunity. I have had friends that cured their “seasonal allergies” by using it.

    Lon, I believe there is always hope. I understand you. We are here for you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Melanie. That is sweet. Yes, honey is wonderful for seasonal allergies. As far as the green smoothies, I have to force myself to drink “Perfect Food” by Garden of life. It is gross. I am used to all sorts of gross things and this is right up there. However, if you want that super green nutrition, there is no other way. If you wanted to compromise for children, you could put a few pieces of brocolli in a juice with the rest mango. Mango seems to mask the greens the best. For a child, you would have to start small like apple and carrot juice. Then, add brocolli or spinach, little by little.

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