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The Nature of Pluto

Pluto roils up what it touches. Think tidal wave. Pluto will take you up into the wave and deposit you where he will. One thing is sure. You will not be the same. The other thing is that you will not be able to see the end while you are in the middle. Pluto has certain rules that one must learn through intimate association. Pluto is the lover you can never forget.It was such a strange and tumultuous ride. Then,he tossed you out and you had no idea what happened. WHO was that masked man? It was Pluto. The house in which Pluto resides will be up and down. You will ride the roller coaster until you learn Pluto’s lessons. Can one ever learn Pluto’s lessons and have peace in the house which holds Pluto? I don’t deal in platitudes. So, I don’t know the answer.


7 thoughts on “The Nature of Pluto

  1. amiannBlackbird

    Pluto is the ultimate skeptic, the quintessential investigator, the senior quality assurance engineer of the zodiac. Pluto asks “how?” and “why?”, over and over, relentlessly, and no answer is ever satisfactory. Pluto is doubt and uncertainty and the unknown. Pluto will let you — will force you — to look deeper, to get to the bottom of things; to tear through and break down weak beliefs, weak morals, weak communications, weak relationships, weak desires, weak ego. Pluto isn’t satisfied by concrete reality which can be seen and felt directly; it isn’t satisfied with the underlying molecular structure; it isn’t satisfied with the individual atoms; it isn’t even satisfied with the subatomic particles, the electrons and protons and neutrons. Pluto wants the quarks, the tiniest building blocks, the core, the root, the indivisible essence. Pluto wants strength and structure; it wants the truth, the ultimate truth of the universe, of life, of existence. Pluto is the search for that truth, a truth beyond any doubt. It will drag you through fear and pain and hell and darkness while searching for the answers; and it *will* kill you in the process unless you find some inner strength, and maybe some faith in the universe.

  2. amiannBlackbird

    Maybe this is why relationships based on Scorpio placements (Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio, Venus or Mars in Scorpio) are so volatile and powerful and consuming. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is always digging. Pluto always wants more; Pluto wants it all, and even everything might not be enough. Pluto tests the strength of the relationship, probing the depths, pulling the partner farther in and deeper down, bringing the partners ever closer, until they are as close as they can possibly be; until they are *truly* united. Or until a weakness is found, and the Pluto person gives up and dismisses the other person. Or until the other person panics and flees.

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