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The Quincunx

The quincunx is a 150 degree aspect. You can find it by going to the opposite sign and then moving over 30 degrees to either side. For example. Aries is opposed to Libra. So, Aries would be quincunx Scorpio and Virgo as these signs are next to Libra.I love the quincunx. It is one of my favorite aspects in the natal chart.I like it in synastry, too.

The quincunx is like an unwrapped present. The two sides of it do not blend such as a peach and a tangerine do not blend. However, they can be out together to make a nectarine(I think the fruit is lol)

The quincunx takes two very different things and gives you the opportunity to blend them. It takes a lot of work, attention and patience to do so. However, at the end you are rewarded with a new creation you could have never have foreseen ime

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