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The Signs on the IC

The IC is the Angle of the chart which relates to one’s early childhood. I would like to explore each sign on the IC.

Aries–the home may have had a rushed, harried feeling to it. Things were not pushed under the surface as in many homes. However, the Aries home may have been insensitive to feelings. Children may have been told, “Get Over it. Only babies cry”

Taurus—the home may have felt safe. The child may have felt as if he had a warm, comfy nest. There may have been creature comforts such as home cooked meals and comfy places to watch TV etc

Gemini–the home may have been intellectual. Word games such as Scrabble may have been a frequent activity. Books may have been an important part of the child’s life.

Cancer–the home may have felt nurturing. There may have been a feeling of belonging.

Leo–the home may have been a place of fun, games and lots of affection. The house, itself, may have been a showpiece. If not, it was made to look as elegant as possible as there was a lot of pride taken in the home.

Virgo–the home may have paid too much attention to detail. The native may have felt picked on and criticized. He may have felt as if he could not nothing right. There may have been an attitude of perfectionism.

Libra–the home may have been well decorated with an artistic flair. Fights and raised voices may not have been allowed. Things may have been swept under the rug. People may not have been able to tell the truth.Instead, the native may have had to show only the nice side of himself.

Scorpio–there may have been deep passions and emotions going on in this home. They may have stayed under the surface or may have been spoken. At any rate, there was a sense of loyalty.One cold never betray the family.The family may not be open,to the outside world, about their family business.

Sagittarius–there may be a spirit of adventure in mind and body. The family may travel. Reading about faraway places and different religions and philosophies may be encouraged. The family may spend a lot of time talking about these pursuits, as well as doing them.

Capricorn–hard work may be encouraged. The child may be encouraged to set goals and taught how to meet them by delayed gratification. Reputation and one’s place in society mattered a great deal. This family may have been successful due to hard work and struggle such as in a small business or a profession

Aquarius–the home may have been cold. It may have been intellectual but with little affection.Intellectual pursuits may have been encouraged.

Pisces–the home may have valued spirituality, mysticism and spirituality. There may have been values which encouraged helping less fortunate others.

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