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Your Theme Asteroids

pin up carEach person will have  several Asteroids which are his Themes. It is very interesting and very telling. When I do a professional chart and hit on them, the person is taken aback. It is as if the person finds his home. His soul breathes a sigh of relief . There in black and white is his life story. It is a very profound experience.

If you don’t have a professional look at your asteroids, look at them yourself. If anyone posts a chart on my Forum, I will help him. There is no charge. All I ask is that you post the chart.  I have a list of over 200 asteroids that I use. The numbers of each asteroid are there. You just need to plug them into and you will find their location on your natal chart. I will link my Asteroid Article at the end of this article.

The asteroid profile of each person is very different. One could not predict what a given person will have. However, the Asteroid will put into words, his unnamed struggles and his unnamed pain. I love doing Asteroids for this reason. It is, always,  a profound experience.

Speaking for myself, I have Eros, Echo, Jung, Circe, Astrowizard, Young and Dejanira prominent. I have Eros conjunct Venus. I think I have a feel for what is erotic. I express it in my pictures on here, from which I get no end of criticism 😀

I have Echo conjunct Saturn. What conjuncts Saturn makes for an obsession in that asteroid. Hence, I am obsessed with finding my authentic voice.  That is why I may be more direct than many people like. My passion is to find and express my true voice. It is not always graceful when one finds oneself. I am sure I fall into this category

I have Dejanira conjunct the Child Asteroid, exact. The Child Asteroid shows our inner child. It shows what we dealt with as a child and what we take with us into life as our very present inner child. Dejanira conjunct Child shows childhood abuse.. It is not as bad as Moon conjunct Dejanira, which is the worst childhood abuse. This,  usually, fractures  the personality.

I have Jung and Circe conjunct the Sun.  I resonate deeply with Jung. Circe can transform mundane things into magic. I think I can do that.

I have Astrowizard and Young conjunct my Ascendent. If Asteroid Young keeps me young, I am all for it  😀

Astrowizard shows my pure passion for Astrology and my facility for it.

I have shown you some of my Themes. One will understand oneself much better if one diligently looks for his Themes.

Lets put asteroids with planets to understand the combo better.The Asteroids conjunct one’s Sun will be part of one’s ego. They would not show when one was in love, as much as when one was at work. Asteroids conjunct Venus would show when one was in love. Asteroids conjunct the Moon would show when one shared one’s deep feelings. Asteroids conjunct Mars could show when one had passion or aggression. This would include goal setting and achievement. Asteroids conjunct the ASC and MC would be the most obvious of all. Asteroids conjunct the DSC would be what we would look for in a partner. Asteroids conjunct the IC may have been part of our childhood or else, resonates deeply with our soul. The Asteroids that conjunct our North Node are our learning points. We will know these asteroids inside and out, whether or not we like it.

Hence, we can see that an Eros conjunct Venus would be different than an Eros conjunct the ASC. The same would be true for Lilith or Dejanira. Dejanira conjunct the ASC  would be victimized in her daily life, shall we see. Dejanira conjunct Venus would be victimized in love. Dejanira conjunct Mars would have a victim mentality when seeking goals.  Dejanira conjunct the NN would have to  learn what it means to be a victim from the inside out.

Once again, I stop and wonder if I should continue but where does one stop. Shorter articles are easier to digest than long ones, so I will stop here and await your wonderful comments, as always!





65 thoughts on “Your Theme Asteroids

  1. amiannmarion


    In my chart, asteroid ‘Poor’ exactly conjuncts my MC and asteroid ‘Bounty’ exactly conjuncts my DC. Funny! Will i be rich or poor?

    It is true that my career has not generated much income or riches as it ought to, given my education and skill levels. It is also true that my partners have provided me with significant material comforts FOR THE WHILE THAT I AM WITH THEM. But i have left with nothing when i divorced (twice).

    My current boyfriend’s ‘Abundantia on his IC’ exactly conjuncts my ‘poor on my MC’. Will his abundant home provide me a base to make more money out of my own career?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, I never used Poor and Bounty. How interesting. Poor on the MC does not sound good lol Bounty on the MC sounds like you will find rich partners lol For your current b/f, he may bring your riches. That looks to fit. What do you think? Tell me about this relationship?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I need to know your opinion: Sex outside marriage. Acceptable for the “Born Again”
    Christian or not?
    I don’t believe that Christ had in mind the phrase “You shall be “fishers of men”
    by baiting the hook with trallops to reel people in. The “Children Of God” cult utalized
    those methods. Children had sex at a very young age. They were rampent with disease.
    Surely, God is opposed to extra martial sex for the Christian. Don’t you agree?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, I do not believe in sex outside of marriage for the Christian. I have a strict adherence to the Bible. However, I don’t preach this unless people ask me, right out. I don’t feel the need to preach on anything unless asked. I try to give love to people. God draws people through love. God cleans up people, too. I don’t feel it is my job to clean people up, so to speak. Once people get saved, their desires change. God does that. People turn away from their former ways of life. Prior to this time, preaching does no good. It just alienates people. That is how I feel anyway, Lon.

  3. amiannShen

    How’s about
    – Moon conj Hades (2 degrees different)
    – Juno conj Pluto (exact)
    Sounds like it makes a woman hard to find and be happy in love/& marriage life? : (

    And in my chart, Sirius conj Vesta as well.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I never worked with Hades. Do you know about it, Shen?
      Juno conj Pluto may be a passion for loyalty, devotion and other Juno qualities of a devoted spouse. Does that fit,Shen? I never worked with Sirirus, either. Can you tell me about it?

  4. amiannShen

    From surfing internet, Hades is about WIDOWHOOD (terrible for me), not smooth, garbage rubbish, poorness, … not good meanings. SSS

    Devotion. Yes, I am a kind of that. (+ maybe because of my vesta conj my sun/moon midpoint, and also my vesta sextile sun and moon)

    and here, it’s a copy from other sources for Sirius
    Sirius, the small action of the individual has a large effect on the collective. The individual may be sacrificed to this collective expression, or may gain fame and glory. It is a blast of energy.

    Here are both negative and positive aspects:
    Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Moonie. When you look at all the asteroids, some will be prominent by their placement on very personal parts of your chart such as the ASC, IC,MC or DSC. Also, some will be placed on personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mars, mercury, Venus. I use Saturn and Jupiter, too, but second to the personal planets.I look at the close conjunctions as these are the most powerful. I love for exact orbs up to 2 degrees. After all this, 3-4 asteroids will stand out, It could be 5-6 but that would be all.

  5. amiannMoonChild

    For me,

    Cupid sits on Mercury, and Lilith in close CONJ with Mercury, and Alma CONJ Mercury in Sagittarius.
    Ceres CONJ Mars in Scorpio.
    Poseidon CONJ IC.

    For my partner:
    Ceres sits on her MC.
    Pallas in close CONJ with DSC.
    Poseidon CONJ Moon in Capricon.
    Eris CONJ Jupiter.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You have a mind which is super oriented to sex. This is not a judgement, just how your mind works but you are very warm and nurturing, too. You are a person with a lot of insight, too. You have been this way since a child

      She is very giving and warm. She wants a partner who is wise. She has a lot of insight too but she could be super annoying lol

      Does that fit?

      1. amiannMoonChild

        Yes Ami, I have a mind which is super oriented to sex, ever since an early age it was so, but in my mid teens, till mid twenties, I was a hardcore idealist, and always held up my ideals. But after 27, somehow I turned a realist, so definitely there was this flow of sacral energy with wrong focus. But the 30’s have been a great experience to me so now I have more balanced vision, and this energy is channeled in right ways, and is empowering. Ever since I was a kid, people considered me “different” I still do not why, because from where I see it, it is natural to be compassionate, and spiritually inclined.

        As for my partner, she is wise, she is nurturing, but she is annoying, but in a good way, I mean, she touches the very part of my inner self, where i dare not dare, though she manages to poke my weak points, she doesn’t leave at that, she has managed to be with me, stay with me, dealing with it, sorting out whatever she has managed to flare up. 😉 It is a nice curve of learning.

  6. amiannLesley

    Well, I don’t have to mention Nemesis again, but I do have Apollo conj the Sun in Cancer by 2 deg. and Echo conj the MC by 2deg also.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow, this is not a good one. When you love, you kind of give your soul. Dies it feel that way, like you pour out when you are in love? if so, it is this aspect.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am thinking that this is the ultimate co-dependent aspect. A person cannot help his chart especially with Kaali as your body energy smooshes into the other person when you are in love. Is that how it feels, Lesley? xxx

          1. amiannLesley

            Yes, I know that with my ex-husband, I could only be happy when he was and when he was depressed I felt that way, too. Would this make it difficult to leave a bad relationship, and there be a tendency to go along with whatever he wanted? This could have been dangerous if I had gotten involved with the recent guy. Is that what co-dependency is?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Kaali is a very hard one. I do not envy people with a strong Kaali because it is as if their energy goes out. They can’t help it. The chart is a Physical reality. It is what it is. God can overcome it but that is all and it has to be the real God, Jesus! Other than that, we are fated to have our charts, for better or worse imo

      1. amiannLesley

        Pain just dominates my chart. I don’t think that many people understand how deeply I feel certain emotions. I just can’t explain it.

          1. amiannLesley

            It just keeps coming back to the Moon. But, being so sensitive gives me some ability in reading people. It’s like I don’t look at people, I look into them. I pick up nonverbal cues all over.

  7. amiannMelanie

    I am still looking for prominent asteroids! It’s a lovely scavenger hunt!

    Lucifer conjunct Moon in Leo, exact, 10th house
    Poseidon conjunct Sun in Aquarius, exact, 4th house
    Eros conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (2 deg apart), 2nd house

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Melanie

      Lucifer conj Moon–spiritual pride in terms of not bending your knee to God. Do you feel you have this?

      Poseidon–super insight

      Eros conj Pluto makes for a super powerful ERos!

      1. amiannMelanie

        Conservative Lutheranism wasn’t my thing. I’m happy to be second best, as long as I can call myself Morning Star. Seductive manipulation comes easily- albeit, not a priority.

        Yes. People frequently tell me this. I have a talent for wisdom and advice. I tend to see right through things. No one can ever guess my correct age, they assume I’m much older.

        Uhm…ask my exes? I’m memorable, I think that’s the most politically correct way of putting it lol. Someone once told me that I seemed like a sex goddess. I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. I give off something that certain people pick up on. I’ve learned to notice when they notice. You can see it in their eyes.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            You may feel like your raw sexuality kind of leaves your body, almost as if you cannot hold it in. It is hard to explain but Kaali makes your body boundaries kind of porous. Does that resonate at all, Melanie dear?

          2. amiannMelanie

            Last one!
            Adonis conjunct Pluto exact (Scorpio)
            Medusa conjunct Venus exact (Pisces)
            Abundantia conjunct Neptune 1deg (Capricorn)
            Alma conjunct Sun (and Poseidon) 1deg (Aquarius)
            Talent conjunct Mercury 1deg (Capricorn)
            Maniac conjunct Reiki 1deg (Taurus)

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            You have may a great kind of magnetism about you

            You may be betrayed by women and get bitter lol

            You have great soul and great insight.

            You are talented intellectually and this may be writing and/or speaking

            I was not sure of the 3rd and last one, my Friend.

  8. amiannvendla

    Ami, I have experienced the interaspect of Neptun on partner’s NN first hand, maybe it might interest you? I also have Sedna on my Venus in 7th house which could explain (or reinforce) my truly difficult experience. My Neptun is right on my husband’s NN in my 2nd house and in his 8th house. He’s been verbally and physically abusive, violent and negligent for most of our marriage. He’s never taken responsibility for our family and joint finances, so I’ve been the sole caretaker for our kids and our finances. He’s clearly damaged from childhood and has a number of psychiatric illnesses. He’s on medication now, so is less abusive, but still avoids any responsibility. I left a year ago to take care of my alzheimer mother (I have Sun-Ceres in 7th house), I thought distance would do both of us good and I needed to start from scratch to build up my personal finances which are in ruins. When I discovered my Neptun on his NN I realised somehow I “take part” in his extremely negligent behaviour, so it can be a good thing for us to be apart. I have developed PTSD and he needs to find his NN. I identify strongly with my Sedna, and my Psyche is also part of my journey towards my own NN-Pluto in my 12th house. I have developed a platonic crush on my actual neighbour who has his Sun-Sedna conj my Venus-Sedna. There are lots of interaspects from my Venus-Sedna to his planets and from his Sun-Sedna to mine. I am very victimized in my relationships by my Venus-Sedna, so I wonder if he is victimized, too, and in what sense?

    While my Psyche is inconjunct my Eros (not a good thing), his Merkur-Psyche (conj my Venus-Sedna) is sextile his own Venus-Eros (conjunct my Psyche). So there’s something there, but what is it? Lastly, can you give me the list of asteroids to get a better overview of my core issues?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Vendla! Thank you for sharing so honestly and openly. I will link my list. I, also, have a Forum on which people can put their charts and we can discuss them. I really think you should be careful of this guy. I think it will be more of the same and that would be further trauma to you, my Friend. How close is yout Venus/Sedna conjunction?

      Here is the list of the asteroids I use, my Friend.

      1. amiannvendla

        Thank you, Ami. I decided to tell you my story because you were apparently searching for more information on Neptun – NN interaspects (re Lindaland), and I thought my experience could be useful. My natal Venus-Sedna is close, just one degree apart. I will be careful with my neighbour. He’s not really my friend. He’s married, I am married. But there’s something, and I’ve found this “secret source” for birth date information … I look it up when someone intrigues me, just to learn more about myself. I learn a lot. I would love to know more about the Sun-Sedna natal aspect if you have. Why exactly do you think our conjunct Sednas would be harmful ..? (Well, I can see it, too!).

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          LOL Well Sun/Sedna would be a person who was betrayed severely by the father and then other men from then on. If you have venus/Sedna, you have prolly been severely betrayed too but what happens is that you may MIX abuse and pain. Someone with the same kind of energy resonates with you and you mix all this up with love. I learned this from experience when I learned that I mix abuse with love. I have deja conj Child.

          Love should not be mixed with betrayal or abuse but we love in the way that is familiar to us 🙁

          Thank you again for coming on my website and telling me your story. I have a Forum on which people can post their charts, too, if you would like.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          LOL Well Sun/Sedna would be a person who was betrayed severely by the father and then other men from then on. If you have venus/Sedna, you have prolly been severely betrayed too but what happens is that you may MIX abuse and pain. Someone with the same kind of energy resonates with you and you mix all this up with love. I learned this from experience when I learned that I mix abuse with love. I have deja conj Child.

          Love should not be mixed with betrayal or abuse but we love in the way that is familiar to us 🙁

          Thank you again for coming on my website and telling me your story. I have a Forum on which people can post their charts, too, if you would like.

  9. amiannEllie

    Hi Amiann, great site! I spent most of last night reading through loads of your articles. I read somewhere that you have a 28 gemini sun, well I have a 29 gemini moon so maybe that explains why I like your style!

    As for asteroid themes, I have astrowizard exactly conjunct my pisces sun in 9th (5 minute orb). I’m not surprised really, but still in awe at how spot on astrology can be! Needless to say, I live and breath astrology…it’s on my mind all day every day!

    I have young, lilith and proserpina all at 19-20 aries conjunct my venus 19 mars 20 aries conjunction in the 10th house.

    Ceres exactly conjunct north node in 11th.

    Cupido exactly conjunct ascendant.

    Child and valentine conjunct saturn in 5th house.

    Eros and psyche conjunct MC.

    These are all very exact aspects. But do you count asteroids as being important if they conjunct angles, or do those aspects need to be triggered by transits or other people to become active?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I can tell you that the wonderful people I counsel bless me as much as more as I give to them. God is so wonderful how He made us like that. Last night, I brought some veggies from my garden to my neighbors. I got more blessed than they did at their surprise and happiness. This way, we don’t need to be as dependent on people to “love” us. If WE can love, then we can have lots of love in our lives.

  10. amiannti**********@gm***.com" class="url" rel="ugc external nofollow">Astraea

    I have found this to be true. I’m more in my element if I’m giving and serving. I can get too focused on tangible results though. If I put energy into talking to someone, I want to see change. I know that isn’t how the psyche works. I know seeds can be planted seasons ahead of when they sprout. But as you already know, I have a need to be needed and if I don’t see results, I feel I wasn’t needed and therefore, I failed in my duties.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I know lol

      Where is your Moon?

      One cannot help one’s chart. Let me say that. Only God( and the one true God and Jesus imo) have the power to overcome charts. This can be done but without it, to me, it is hopeless.

  11. amiannMimi

    Hello Amiann 🙂

    I have a good and bad news about me. The asteroid bounty is conjunct the MC by about 2.5 degrees in Sagittarius.

    But the asteroid Poor is conjunct my ascendant at the difference of 5 degrees in Pisces.

    What does that say? Thanks x

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