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Trying To Be Perfect

531199_336749043073423_1466986029_nI have strange things happen to me. I, always, have. I have strange people come to me. I always have. I seem to get what I need and it seems to come from unexpected sources. My Jupiter makes only generational aspects. It makes a conjunction with Uranus and a square with Neptune. It may be an Unaspected Jupiter. I am not sure. I can’t find enough information to figure it out. When Uranus and Pluto make generational aspects, they are still considered Unaspected. This brings me to my point that the Unaspected Jupiter has good luck. Things seem to fall into place for him. The purpose of my article was that I learned about not having to be perfect by someone trying to make me feel badly because I was not. Some people were born to prey on your weaknesses. This can be a good thing such as bacteria, which is necessary for fermentation. If bacteria was not broken down, we could not have some of the foods that we love like saurkraut( sp) By the same token, when someone hassles, you might just say screw it and realize that you are OK . You are messed up like the Velveteen Rabbit. Was he not loved more with his eye dangling and his fur worn away with tears?

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