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Unaspected Planets–A Look at Contemporary Theories

I have studied unaspected planets in all the literature I can get my hands on. I have an unaspected Venus, so I can intuit the workings of an unaspected planet from the inside. There is a dearth of information, as to what the unaspected planet ACTUALLY does in the life of the person. One needs practical information when one does charts. A lot of airy fairy or overly intellectualized info is virtually worthless when you have a chart and a person, in front of you. My goal is to make asteroids and other planetary issues easy to understand and easy to use. If I err in the process, please forgive me, in advance.

All astrologers agree that the unaspected planet is like a feral child, free from the usual constraints. The aspects constrain, restrain and modify a planet. Without aspects, the planet is unfettered. Some Astrologers say the planet is flighty and a wild card, forever searching for the traits of the planet, in a frenzied kind of way. The holder of the unaspected planet is like a person in the ocean but thirsty and desperately looking for drinkable water. I can see where Astrologers get this. However, I think this stage would be the first one toward digging up the unaspected planet. All Astrologers see the unaspected planet as buried and it’s expression being latent until it is released i.e expressed.I agree that this is the first stage to unearthing the unaspected planet. I do not see it as the end point. It may be if the person does not develop it. In that case, I agree 100%. However, I do nor believe it is the end of the story.

The holder of the unaspected planet does have a frenzied approach to the planet at the beginning of the maturation process of the unaspected planet. It must grow up from infant to teen to adult. The key thing to remember with an unaspected planet is that the person must figure out how to express this planet, by his own trial and error. It will produce a frenzied feeling, as it is pushing for birth, as an actual birth process. In that sense, the person may feel obsessed with what the planet represents. The unaspected Venus may be too social in a frenzied way. The unaspected Saturn may be obsessed with discipline ,responsibility and doing a good job. The unaspected Pluto may be obsessed with power and it’s workings. The unaspected Mars may be obsessed with his drives, his goals and his passions, which includes anger.

Many of the writings on unaspected planets stop here. This is where I will try to add what I have studied with my own journey to express an unaspected Venus. One does feel frenzied in the area of the planet. That frenzy can propel one to go to the next stage. The next stage is to take that passion and “mania’ for that planet and try to face what it is doing, in your life. Then, to ask the question “How can I incorporate this planet in to myself, and make it my own. At this stage, one goes beyond the typical explanations of the unaspected planets.

The holder of the unaspected planet sees that he is indeed obsessed with the planet’s domain. At that point, he needs to go forward in to the inner workings of the planet; to dive IN to the wave, rather than run from it. Then,the planet will open up to the native in a totally unexpected way, as a flower blossoming.The native will see both the power and the humility one has in the gift of this planet.One will feel both humbled and exalted, as one has a very special gift, but it must be used with maturity and humility or it will NOT express itself. There is a strange paradox inherent in an unaspected planet. Hence, the native matures as he comes of age with his unaspected planet.


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