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Unaspected Moon

The Unaspected Moon may be one of the hardest unaspected planets. Pasteur was thought to have one. The moon is our deepest heart. It rules the mother, and, also our connections to others. We bond with our moon. The unaspected person is very raw in his sensitivity. This is a hallmark . One can understand the unaspected moon if one thinks of exquisite sensitivity such that the world simply hurts. This native cannot hurt others. He feels another’s pain,as if it is his own. His tremendous empathy is a hallmark. He makes an exceptional friend, but he suffers greatly, as he is almost like a sunburned soul. You know how much a sunburn hurts, as the skin is not tough enough. This describes the life of an unaspected moon. He may achieve. He may be in the limelight. However, it is always a little too strong for him, as he is a creature made for a gentler world. I don’t know if Micheal Jackson had an unaspected moon, but he has that quality as too sensitive a soul for the harsh demands of the world.

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